Can I get a Japan visa without an ITR?

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Yes. In fact, there are Filipinos who got approved for Japan visa even if they didn’t have an ITR.

If you’re in a similar situation, submit a cover letter addressed to the Embassy of Japan explaining the reason you can’t submit an ITR and what you do for a living.

For example, you’ve just started out as a freelancer or entrepreneur, or you’ve just registered recently with the BIR. You can also mention any countries you’ve visited (to establish your travel history) and why you wish to get a Japan visa.

Using an online template for your cover letter makes writing it easier for you, but it’s better that you create one from scratch.

A personalized cover letter describing your unique situation may convince the consul better than a templated letter.

Aside from the cover letter, submit also other proof of income such as a certificate of employment, payslips, or business registration papers from the DTI or SEC.

Not confident about your reason for not submitting an ITR? You may get a guarantor whose latest ITR you’ll submit for your Japan visa application instead of your own.

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