How To Apply for Korean Visa if You’re Unemployed

Having a stable source of income raises your chances of getting approved for a Korean visa. It’s a plus point for you, as it shows you can fund your trip and are less likely to get an overseas job illegally.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a Korean visa if you aren’t employed. In fact, the Embassy has a list of requirements specific to non-employees such as housewives, students, and retired senior citizens. This means it accepts (and in some cases, even approves) visa applications of unemployed Filipinos.

To boost your likelihood of visa approval, make sure to submit all documents required for your category.

Housewives, for example, should be able to prove that their spouse can financially support their trip through their spouse’s financial documents. It helps if the spouse has stable employment and is traveling with the applicant.

The same thing goes for students and their parents, as well as retirees and their children.

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