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121 thoughts on “How to Get Korean Visa in the Philippines: A Complete Guide for First-Time Visitors

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  2. Hi, I have a question po regarding sa bank requirements. Kapag po ba example may history ka sa bank na “nagipit” like nag zero balance sa isang month tapos next 1 and half month nabawi mo ung ipon for like 32k. May chance ba na ma-approve pa din ang visa? (4days)

    Please reply. 🙁

    1. You just need to prove two things:

      1. You have sufficient funds to cover your travel expenses
      2. You have an active bank account and have been using it consistently for several months before your scheduled trip

      So unless your account is just 2 months old, you still have a chance of getting approved

  3. Hi. Thank you for your detailed guide for traveling to South Korea. I have a few questions regarding this:

    Update: Starting September 9, 2019, the Korean Embassy in the Philippines will no longer accept Korean visa express application³ due to an overwhelming increase in visa applicants. However, in another announcement4 they released subsequently, the following applicants can still apply for an express visa and get the result after 5 working days:

    Applicants with official request from the Philippine government office

    My question is: What type of request and which government office will they acknowledge?

    Thank you and kindest Regards

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  5. Hi, I will be stopping by Seoul on my way to Manila from Tokyo. I plan to stay there for around 2 days (48 hours) so I fall under the third exemption (Foreign transfer passenger), but I wanted to explore the city without taking part of the transit tourist program. Will I still need a visa for that?

    I tried asking the Korean embassy in the PH through email but their reply didn’t answer the question. Hope someone can help.

  6. Hi, anyone can help kung ano pwede namin gawin. We plan to travel in Korea on Jan 1, 2020. My and my husband are ofws and we manage to get our visas in the country we worked in in just 3 working days. The prob is our daughter. (11 yrs old). The embassy just received her application last Nov 14 and tentatively it would take 32 to 36 working days to release her passport. The agency na sinubmittan namin refused to provide an exact date na nakalagay sa claim stub (3rd party agency lang kasi) .
    Any advice na pwede namin gawin? Nasstress ako dahil everything has been planned for almost a year na.

  7. Binigyan ako. Visa 8 28 2019 up to 11 28 2019. Single entry 59 days validty Travel ako Korea nun sept 27 at umuwe ako Oct 17 2017. Pwede na ba ako mag apply ulet NG Korean visa dis Nov 2019?

  8. what if i have unused korean visa? coz my travel didn’t pursued due to their longer processing time now… my schedule didn’t catch up to the 3 month validity of my visa… and if i applied again… will it be a problem? is there a possibility that i’ll be denied?

    1. I think it’s ok to renew a Korean visa, albeit you’ll pay a fee and provide a reason why it was not used.

  9. Hi! Employed po ako sa isang school pero bihira kaming magkaroon ng estudyante kaya wala masyadong naibibigay na sahod sa akin. Pwede po bang sabihin na unemployed ako at i-sponsor ako ng magulang ko?

  10. I just want to ask if affected ba yung Cebu embassy sa delayed processing days?… kasi I checked their site, it seems like wala silang announcements regarding it na 30+ days na yung processing time sa kanila except for Manila embassy site. Please let me know 🙁

    1. The official announcement came from the South Korean Embassy so it doesn’t matter if it’s located in Manila or Cebu.

  11. would you know if we are applying in person in the korean consular office in cebu,i f i can bring the documents of my brother as well without him appearing at the consular office?

    1. I’m not sure if they allow representatives to apply on the applicants’ behalf. To confirm, you might want to contact the Consulate via email at [email protected] or phone at (032) 231-1516(-9).

  12. Hi! I submitted two bank certificates but only 1 bank statement. They did not accept my passbook so i dont have a bank statement for my other bank account. Unfortunately, the bank account with bank statement is the one with lower amount, only half of what i have declared for my budget. Will my application be okay since i still have another bank certificate showing a sufficient amount for the trip?

  13. Any recomendation for a travel agency that can assist us in our visa application?

    date of depart 12/8/19
    we bought tickets na

    Can we still get a visa

  14. anybody can help u pull out our passport in korean embassy?
    We filed Sep. 23 tentative relase date is on Oct. 22
    but we have an official business to thailand on Oct. 20
    we already sent request letter but still release will be on Oct. 22

  15. Allowed pa rin po ba ang visa-free entry t
    for Frequent Traveler to Korea if having visited Korea at least 5 times in 2 years, or at least 11 visits in total. In my case I’ve been to Korea more than 25 times since 2008. Last travel traip was Aug 29-Sep 1, 2019. My 5 yr multipe C-3-9 expired last Sept 19, 2019. Ano ba best option to travel entry to Korea on November 9, 2019 if wala ng express processing na Embassy in Manila and Cebu woth release date before Nov 9, 2019?

    1. Hi there. We have updated our guide to include the 2017 notice which announced that frequent visitors to Korea can no longer be granted visas on arrival. They are now required to apply at the Embassy to be granted a 5-year multiple-entry Korean visa. Check out the “Tips and Warnings” section above for more info.

  16. Hi. May Korean friend ako na may hostel, considered ba na company yun so I can apply for visa express? Thanks!

  17. Hi,

    Just wondering if you can help us or someone can help us what to do.

    My friends and I will be traveling to Korean on Nov 20. However, one of my friends is on a business trip in Netherlands and will be back only on Nov 4. Initially, we thought it is fine. But due to the new processing days, it will be impossible for us to get her a visa. We called the Korean Embassy in Netherlands but they say that they do not allow it. Is there a European country that allows Filipino to process their Korean Visa there?

    Thank you.

  18. Hi, isa sa mga kasama ko, is a Law student, who will be sponsored by her brother. Will she still need financial docs? Aside from affidavit of sponshorship, bank certificate ng brother niya, and birth certificates nila ng brother niya, will they need anything else?

    Thanks very much!

  19. Hi! My employment ends this August and I plan to look for a new job by next year. I have a scheduled trip to Korea this November. Would I still be able to apply for a visa even without a COE? I have enough money on my account so bank cert and statement shouldn’t be a problem.


    08/16/2019 at 8:41 am
    Will you not be issued a COE by your employer?


    08/31/2019 at 4:23 am
    I will be given COE but as former employee. By the time I will apply for my visa, I’m already unemployed.

    Hi is there an answer for this already? Thank you

    1. You can submit an explanation letter where you’ll provide a detailed explanation of your situation.

  20. Hello, po. Question, can I submit 2 bank certificate and 2 bank statements for two different accounts? I guess I just want to show that I have enough savings and I’m consistently compensated on a monthly basis. Please advise. Thankyou! ?

  21. Hi.
    I am working in UAE, I have a plan of going to South Korea during my annual vacation next year. Can I apply for a Korean visa here in UAE then I will fly from the Philippines going to Korea? Thank you.

  22. Hi po,pwde po ba na coop savings account ang isubmit for this –“Bank certificate: Must include bank account type, current balance, account opening date, and six-month average daily balance or ADB”?
    I have coop account for 2 yrs now ,they can provide me certificate naman and I have my passbok naman.
    Baka may nagsubmit na din dito.

    1. 4. Philippine official and diplomatic passport holders.
      High-ranking Philippine government officials and permanent government employees have visa-free access to Korea any time, whether for a temporary visit or an official assignment.

      My question is: I am a permanent government employee, from Court of Tax Appeal does it mean I am visa free?
      Thank you.

      1. We have corrected that part of the article. Government workers are not exempted from the Korean visa application, although they will have less requirements than regular applicants:

  23. My agency filed my visa application today and my entry is on Oct 31,2019. The embassy did not accept the application and asking to change date to Nov because starting today Sept 24 the visa processing is 25-30 working days. The problem is that I already have ticket. OMG!!!

    1. Anong travel agency nagaasikaso ng visa application ninyo?

      Anong ok na travel agency pwede mag asikaso ng visa application namin

      Reli tours – ayaw na mag accept

      Date of departure namin is Dec 8 2019

    2. We have the same problem.. 1 month prior din kame nag process ng visa because we initially thought it would only take 10-15days processing. Now we’re in danger of missing our flight for November kasi 4 ung flight nmin, Nov. 12 pa ung tentative releasing date. ?
      We’re hoping for a miracle na sana ma process earlier in time for our flight.
      Meron ba dito nkapagtry apply after the embassy changed thier processing time yet had their visa’s released within 10-15days pa rin?

  24. For item#1, it is inaccurate. I visited today the Korean Embassy in Taguig. They don’t process visa application for frequent travelers. You still need to apply via travel agency

  25. Hi there thank you for the informative and detailed account on how to get SK visa. My friend already has a multiple entry visa that will expire in 2021 pasted on her old passport. She has a new passport now, will she still be going to the agency and have the new passport submitted together with the old one for the visa? Thank you!

  26. Hello. I have a trip to Korea on the 1st week of Oct and was granted single-entry. But I need to go back last week of Oct. Bec of the new visa processing time, I won’t have enough time to re-apply for a new visa unless I meet the qualifications for an express visa which is if I am invited by a Korean company, school, or govt. If I am invited by a Korean company, what does the letter of invitation need to say? Does the invitation have to be related to my line of work or can it be a simple invitation to tour Korea? Thanks!

  27. Hello ask ko lang aug 14,2019 ako kumuha ng mga requirements like bank cert and bank statement and sept 18 lang pinasa nung agency ko yong mga documents ko.. okay lang po ba even if umabot na ng 1 month yong mga requirements ko? Kasi po aug 14 mga nakalagay na dates dun? Thanks po sa mag reply

  28. Hi. I just would like to ask – is it really must to apply for Korean Visa thru travel agency? Or pwde lang walk-in direct ka na sa Embassy? Do they entertain walk-in SK visa applicant? Kasi if agency it will take 15 Days ang processing, whereas kung direct ka na 7 Days lang ang processing, esp. if urgent na kasi October 23 na ang travel date namin. Thanks.

    1. hi, according sa friend ko na kakakuha lang ng visa yesterday, inabot ng more than 15 days sakanya… and ung embassy na pinag applyan nya, for November na ang tinatanggap na application since sobrang daming applicants ngayon…

  29. Hello po, ask ko lang po kung meron na po kayo na experience na nag punta muna nang SG tapos pagbalik saka kumuha nang korean visa na na approve po? Natatakot po kasi ako sa friend ko. Kasi hindi na siya nakapag file nang visa ngayon kasi nextweek na po ang alis niya, eh 10-15 working days po pala ang pagkuha nang visa. Salamat po sa makakasagot.

    1. Sa manila po ba sya nag apply or sa cebu? Medyo drastic nga ung changes nila… From 10-15days… Bigla naging 26-33days the next week. ?
      Daming affected travellers nito na may flights na sana.. Me included.

  30. I applied for South Korea tourist visa on 6th September in Delhi ,
    On 13th I was asked to submit bank statements for business and personal account for last 6 months .
    I submitted it on 16 September .
    In evening of 16 I received a call from VFS , telling me to deposit 5900 for verification of statements .
    On 17th I deposited fees .

    My question is . As no money in savings account .
    But my business account is USD10000.
    My Korea tourist expenses are USD2000
    I wrote a letter to to embassy explaining that I’m keeping my savings in current account .
    I visited Ukraine last year in November for 10 days .
    What are my chances for South Korea tourist visa .
    I applied for 6days . I have registered business in India I’m proprietor of a firm .
    My monthly income is nearly 40000 inr after expenses of business . Thank you
    Would love to hear from you .

  31. Hello po, may I know ilang days po kaya ilalagay ko sa form kung ang date ng departure ko is Oct 23 ng 5pm then alis ko ng korea is Oct 28 ng 12pm. Is it 5 days or 6 days po? Naconfused lang po ako.. I’m submitting my docu po kasi for reappeal. Thank you so much po..

  32. Yung mga ibang question na walang sagot ilalagay ba na N/A or hayaan nalang na blank yun? Salamat sa sasagot may nagsasabi kasi na lagyan ng N/A yung iba naman hayaan lang daw na blank ano po ba talaga? Salamat

    1. Just leave them blank to be safe. Or isave nyo po sa flash drive yung application form so it can easily be modified on the day of submission to the travel agency.

      1. Hi. Me and my wife went to Korea last October 2018 and we’re planning to go again this November 2019. Do we have to submit a new income document (we used our 2018 Audited Financial Statement last year) or can we use the one we submitted previously? all other docs (bank cert and statements) are already prepared. Thanks!

      2. Hi, Is it accepted if my bank account is joint account under (and/or) with my father.

    2. We’ve also published a new guide to filling out the Korean visa application form. this should answer all your questions:

  33. Hi!
    I just got registered as a freelancer last Feb so I don’t have ITR yet (it is filed annually right?) but I file my quarterly income thru Taxumo. I’m just wondering if a letter about this and my COR would be enough?

  34. Hi! Paano po mag apply ng visa if kakagraduate lang nung June and currently unemployed po? And ano pong mga requirements yung mga kailangan po since wala po akong makitang requirements for fresh grads. Thank you po

  35. Bakit daw po bawal sabihin na nandun asawa? same case din po kasi ako..EPS din husband ko and i will apply for korean visa din po for 6 days vacation lng..diko rin po alam kung idedeclare ko ba o hindi.

    1. Hi Ms Mhec kamusta po ang Visa nyo…asawa po kau ng EPS ano po? na approved po ba kayo…please let me know thanks 🙂

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  37. Paano po mag-apply for visa kung ggraduate ako this september tapos balak po pumunta ng korea next year? Im with my family po

    1. You will apply 1-2months before your travel dates, right? If fresh graduate and still unemployed, prepare your TOR and a photocopy siguro of your diploma to prove na fresh grad ka together with all the other requirements. 🙂 my sister also included an affidavit of support from our parents stating that they’ll handle all the expenses my sister will need since family kami nagtravel before. 🙂

  38. Can i submit the corporate documents since i am one of the co owner of the business for my visa application. But im worried because i cannot provide an ITR for my self only for the company. Ung stox is only 1 percent why because they just want my sister to put my name para daw po maliit ang tax. Do you think i could have a chance to grant a visa po? I have 100k sa bank naman inipon ko un from my previous job and nakapag travel narin ako sa free visa countries in asia. Salamat po

  39. Hi just want to ask if kasi BDO supplementary card holder ako ng father ko, then yung billing namin is through mail. I asked travel agency if okay lang ba na yung copy if from email sabi nila okay lang daw. Then i asked another agency sabi naman nila wag na daw ako mag submit letter of approval na lang. Can you help me with this.


    1. Hi. You can go to BDO and ask for a physical copy of your bill from the bank itself. I’m not sure if they’ll ask you to pay (they usually do). Just tell them you need it for your visa application. 🙂 better submit the one that the bank gave you and not from the email (that’s what I did kasi with my card). This won’t guarantee you a multiple entry visa, this might just expedite the processing. I’m not sure kasi if they allow supplementary card holders. Hehehe

    2. they accepted BDO SUPPLEMENTARY Cardholders and it is not limited to PRINCIPAL Holders same with BPI. Lately, my 1st degree cousin applied last month and she was my supplementary in my BDO Platinum. By the way, I have ME already of my Korean Visa for 3 years since last year and my cousin too got ME for 3 years just this month. Its her first time to visit in SK.

      1. Hi.. did he/she submitted your SOA and card copy ? I am also a supplementary cardholder of my cousin and will be applying for a visa soon…

  40. I am getting a korean visa and my korean boyfriend will sponsor me. You mentioned that only immediate family or employer can be a sponsor. Would my visa be approved even if he’s not my relative?

    1. Visa applications are more likely to be approved if the sponsor/guarantor is an employer/immediate family. You may still submit your application even if your sponsor is a boyfriend/girlfriend but keep in mind that there’s no guarantee that your application will get approved. For more info, please read our updated FAQ:

  41. Is it possible po ba na magkaroon ako ng korean visa while I’m still abroad having my internship program? Graduate na po ako ng college kaso unemployed po ako after ng program.

    1. If you’re applying as a student, you must be currently enrolled in an educational institution. Your chances of getting approved become slim when you’re unemployed, except if you’re a student, housewife, or retired senior citizens with sufficient financial documents to support your application. For more info, read this:

      1. Hi,
        my mom got her visa denied twice. we applied in manila first and she got denied. Some advised us to apply in cebu, so we tried. and yesterday we got the bad news that she was again denied for korean tourist visa.. 🙁 I have my visa approved already.. any advise? we are really desperate.. is it safe to reappeal again? or email the embassy for reconsideration?

      2. You might want to read one of the entries in our FAQ section about Korean visa denial. Here’s the link for your convenience:

  42. Are they only accepting Annual ITR for self-employed? I just registered with BIR this April and I’ll be eligible to file for Annual ITR next year.. I have the Q2 ITR filed though, is that okay to submit? Maybe include a letter of explanation as well??

  43. Hi may idea po ba kayo kung halimbawa nandun ang asawa ko EPS po siya … sasabihin ko po ba na andun ang asawa ko o hindi? kasi may nababasa po ako na pag EPS (Factory Worker sa SK) ang asawa ay wag sasabihin kasi automatic na denied…meron po ba dito na na approved ang VISA na sinabi na andun ang asawa nila?

    1. We have no way of verifying this. Maybe one of our readers who will stumble on your comment can confirm it.

  44. student po ako at sponsored ng sister ko papuntang korea kaya lang po ang sister ko ay nasa canada at permanent residence na dun, may accredited agency po kasi kung nilapitan ang sabi po di daw po pwede na nasa ibang bansa ang magssupport tapos my isang agency din po akong pinag tanungan at ang sabi pwede naman daw, ask ko po kung pwede po ba na ang magsponsored sayo nasa ibang bansa? lahat ng documents nya coming frm canada? thanks po naguguluhan po kasi ko

    1. There’s no official statement regarding this but a sponsor is simply someone who will help you shoulder the travel expenses. So as long as that sponsor can prove that he/she is in good financial standing then it doesn’t matter if she’s in Korea or another country. But then again, you have to ensure that the agency you’re dealing with is legit. Here’s a list of accredited travel agencies in the Philippines for Korean visa application:

  45. Hi! My employment ends this August and I plan to look for a new job by next year. I have a scheduled trip to Korea this November. Would I still be able to apply for a visa even without a COE? I have enough money on my account so bank cert and statement shouldn’t be a problem.

      1. I will be given COE but as former employee. By the time I will apply for my visa, I’m already unemployed.

  46. Hi I have a question lang po. I’m Property Specialist “agent” and Ma proprovide ko lang po is 1701 instead pf 2316. Im not employee, as Professional po ang career it would be applicable po sa Embassy? And I have Certificate of Registration from BIR.

  47. What if your ItR has no BIR Stamp? HR can only provide a letter(attached are the ITR of the employees)with the BIR this possible?

    1. I think you’re referring to the alphalist.

      Actually, Korean visa applicants can submit either of these two:
      1. Form 2316 with BIR stamp; or
      2. Form 2316 (without a stamp) AND the alphalist

      You can contact the travel agency or the Consular Office where you’ll process the application to confirm this.

  48. Hi!

    I just wanna ask lang po, what if my employer doesn’t have landline number. I mean they do have but unable to provide due to information security purposes po. They can provide the COE po but without landline number and it stated there the reason why the can’t provide the number. They also advised me to sumbit the COE along with the authorization letter with the explanation po na d sila nagpoprovide ng info or verification ng employee thru landline. Email lang daw po. Dpo kaya maging reason un ng disapproval ko?

    Thanks po

  49. We’re planning to go to Korea next year with my boyfriend and our baby. Since we are still not married yet, are we still required to have separate bank accounts/statements or only one can do?

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  51. I was given a single entry until October. I will be traveling on September but will go back to Korea inn October. Can I reapply for a visa again without waiting for it to expire in October24?

  52. Hi! Im travelling with my family in Korea most probably by Dec of this year, however I’m currently here in abroad. Do we need to apply Visa together or I can apply my Visa here and they’ll apply their Visa in the Philippines? Taking in consideration that I will be sponsoring them for the whole trip. Thank you for your reply.

    1. We already answered your question in one of our FAQs. Here’s the link to the information you need:

  53. Do I still have a chance to get a korean visa even if i’m newly employed? i can provide my previous ITR on my previous company and but without a BIR Stamp.

  54. Hi. as per checking the Korean Embassy in the Phil. website, there are cases that faked their Japan Visa and stamp, me and my friends will be applying kor Korean Tourist Visa and we only have Japan as OECD to submit. Will this affect the processing of our visa?

    1. Hi. We just recently filed our application through an accredited agency and we were informed that they (Korean Embassy) removed Japan from the list of OECD countries because of that incident. You may want to inquire through an agency. Thanks.

  55. Hi,I just want to make sure if I apply visa in Cebu Consular Office. I wont need a travel agency, is this right?

  56. HI! I have a newly open bank this month and I am planning to apply for Korean’s visa on September would that be a problem? I already visited Korea last 2015 and I have a Japan Visa and China. Would that be a help for the approval oft my visa? Thanks.

  57. Hi,

    Just in case you have an idea, is it possible to apply for a visa with dummy air ticket e.g. travel date will be on June 26-30 but once approve can change the travel date to following month?

    Will be a problem in entering Korea?

      1. Hello po. I have a bpi gold master po. But I don’t have an employment certificate. Financial advisor po kasi ako ng isang insurance company and wala po kming employment relationship kasi commission based po sya. Pano po kaya yun?

      2. This link from our FAQ section might have the info you need:

  58. Hi
    Pls I check the portal dis afternoon around 2pm I saw Approved so I went to check again dis evening by 8pm nd it’s already went back to application received and today is Friday. Is it because it’s Saturday d next day or Pls wat is happening

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