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128 thoughts on “How to Get Korean Visa in the Philippines: A Complete Guide for First-Time Visitors

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  2. Hi! For a visa-free entry for transit tourists, is it possible to have a ticket that has free 24-hr cancellation? It’s basically a confirmed flight but you can still cancel it. I have OECD visas including US and AUS so do you think this will work? Will I get to stay in Korea visa-free?

    1. Is it indicated in the printed ticket that it’s only a confirmed flight? If yes, then it might raise some red flags.

  3. Hello,

    How soon can you re-apply for another VISA fro Korea? I was there November this year , 2019.
    Can i apply again for November 2020?

    Thank you 🙂

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  5. Hi, I have a question po regarding sa bank requirements. Kapag po ba example may history ka sa bank na “nagipit” like nag zero balance sa isang month tapos next 1 and half month nabawi mo ung ipon for like 32k. May chance ba na ma-approve pa din ang visa? (4days)

    Please reply. 🙁

    1. You just need to prove two things:

      1. You have sufficient funds to cover your travel expenses
      2. You have an active bank account and have been using it consistently for several months before your scheduled trip

      So unless your account is just 2 months old, you still have a chance of getting approved

  6. Hi. Thank you for your detailed guide for traveling to South Korea. I have a few questions regarding this:

    Update: Starting September 9, 2019, the Korean Embassy in the Philippines will no longer accept Korean visa express application³ due to an overwhelming increase in visa applicants. However, in another announcement4 they released subsequently, the following applicants can still apply for an express visa and get the result after 5 working days:

    Applicants with official request from the Philippine government office

    My question is: What type of request and which government office will they acknowledge?

    Thank you and kindest Regards

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  8. Hi, I will be stopping by Seoul on my way to Manila from Tokyo. I plan to stay there for around 2 days (48 hours) so I fall under the third exemption (Foreign transfer passenger), but I wanted to explore the city without taking part of the transit tourist program. Will I still need a visa for that?

    I tried asking the Korean embassy in the PH through email but their reply didn’t answer the question. Hope someone can help.

  9. Hi, anyone can help kung ano pwede namin gawin. We plan to travel in Korea on Jan 1, 2020. My and my husband are ofws and we manage to get our visas in the country we worked in in just 3 working days. The prob is our daughter. (11 yrs old). The embassy just received her application last Nov 14 and tentatively it would take 32 to 36 working days to release her passport. The agency na sinubmittan namin refused to provide an exact date na nakalagay sa claim stub (3rd party agency lang kasi) .
    Any advice na pwede namin gawin? Nasstress ako dahil everything has been planned for almost a year na.

  10. Binigyan ako. Visa 8 28 2019 up to 11 28 2019. Single entry 59 days validty Travel ako Korea nun sept 27 at umuwe ako Oct 17 2017. Pwede na ba ako mag apply ulet NG Korean visa dis Nov 2019?

  11. what if i have unused korean visa? coz my travel didn’t pursued due to their longer processing time now… my schedule didn’t catch up to the 3 month validity of my visa… and if i applied again… will it be a problem? is there a possibility that i’ll be denied?

    1. I think it’s ok to renew a Korean visa, albeit you’ll pay a fee and provide a reason why it was not used.

  12. Hi! Employed po ako sa isang school pero bihira kaming magkaroon ng estudyante kaya wala masyadong naibibigay na sahod sa akin. Pwede po bang sabihin na unemployed ako at i-sponsor ako ng magulang ko?

  13. I just want to ask if affected ba yung Cebu embassy sa delayed processing days?… kasi I checked their site, it seems like wala silang announcements regarding it na 30+ days na yung processing time sa kanila except for Manila embassy site. Please let me know 🙁

    1. The official announcement came from the South Korean Embassy so it doesn’t matter if it’s located in Manila or Cebu.

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