How To Renew Philippine Passport in the UK (United Kingdom)

Are you one of the thousands of Filipinos who are working or permanently living in the United Kingdom?

In this detailed yet concise guide, you’ll learn about Philippine passport renewal in the UK so you know what to do the moment your passport expires.

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Philippine Passport Renewal Requirements in the UK

1. Core renewal requirements2.

  • Accomplished passport application form. Click here to download the application form for adult applicants or click here to download application form for minors.
  • Original latest passport.
  • Photocopy of the passport data page.
  • Printout of a confirmed appointment.
  • Self-addressed stamped special delivery envelope with tracking number (Click here for the Embassy’s recommended envelope.)

2. Additional requirements/supporting documents

a. For minors

  • Original and photocopy of the accompanying parent’s valid passport
  • Original and photocopy of the applicant’s School ID (if available).

b. For dual citizens

Original and photocopy of each of the following:

  • Oath of Allegiance
  • Identification Certificate
  • Order of Approval

Where To Renew Philippine Passport in the UK

1. Philippine Embassy in London, United Kingdom

  • Address: 6-11 Suffolk St., London SW1Y 4HG (5-minute walk from Piccadilly Circus station).
  • Contact information: (+44) 20-7451-1780 / [email protected] / [email protected] (for emergencies)
  • Office hours: Mondays to Fridays, 09:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.3

2. Philippine ePassport Renewal Processing Center in Dublin, Ireland

philippine passport renewal uk 1
Photo Credit: Philippine Embassy in the United Kingdom Official Facebook Page.

On a Facebook post published in October 20214, the Philippine Embassy in the United Kingdom officially announced that the new Philippine ePassport Renewal Processing Center in Dublin, Ireland has finally opened.

The new processing center is open from Monday to Friday but by appointment only5. To book an appointment via VFS Global, either scan the QR code shown in the photo above or click this link.

Take note, however, that this venue only processes simple passport renewal applications for both adults and minors. You will need to apply directly at the Philippine Embassy in London if your concern is one of the following:

  • Renewal of Philippine passport that has been expired for two (2) years or more
  • New ePassport application
  • Renewal application with request to change applicant’s name
  • Replacement of lost or damaged Philippine passport
  • Other complicated passport applications

3. Philippine ePassport Renewal Center in Edinburgh, Scotland

philippine passport renewal uk 2
Photo Credit: Philippine Embassy in the United Kingdom Official Facebook Page.

In October 2021, the Philippine Embassy in the UK simultaneously announced the opening of new Philippine ePassport Renewal Centers in both Dublin, Ireland, and Edinburgh, Scotland. The new passport renewal center in Scotland6 is likewise open from Monday to Friday but by appointment only. If you want to secure an appointment via VFS Global, scan the QR code above or click this link.

Again, transactions processed at these new renewal centers are only straightforward passport renewal applications. If your concern is about the renewal of a passport that has been expired for two years or more, a lost/damaged passport that you want to replace, or other more complicated issues, please proceed to the Philippine Embassy in London.

4. Consular outreach mission

If you live too far from London, a more convenient way to renew your passport is through a consular outreach in your area.

The Embassy announces upcoming consular missions on its website and Facebook page.

Each announcement includes the schedule, venue, and link to the appointment request form.

Booking an appointment is a must for applicants in most consular missions, while some accept walk-in applicants.

Provide your own self-addressed envelope at the outreach site for mailing your new passport. You may pay for the postage stamps on-site.

Update: As of October 2021, the Philippine Embassy in the United Kingdom plans to continue its outreach mission7. Check the embassy’s webpage for updates.


Philippine Passport Renewal in UK: 5 Steps

Here’s the updated step-by-step guide to renewing your Philippine passport in the UK8:

1. Secure an online appointment

The Philippine Embassy’s passport renewal service is by appointment only. Before you go to the Embassy in London, book a slot first through the passport appointment system

Click on Passport from the list of services and then choose an available date and time for your passport renewal. Enter the required details and submit the accomplished online form. Lastly, print the appointment confirmation sent to your email.

If you’re struggling to get an appointment slot, just be persistent and try to book an appointment at multiple random times. The Embassy in London will continue to gradually release appointment slots. When exactly these slots will be released isn’t stated but the passport application page mentions that new appointment schedules are added every second and fourth Monday of the month, between 12 PM and 3 PM.

The services at the new Philippine ePassport Renewal Processing Centers in Dublin, Ireland, and Edinburgh, Scotland are likewise available by appointment only. If you want to book an appointment, just click the following links:

2. Go to the passport renewal venue on the day of your appointment

a. Philippine passport renewal at the Embassy in London

Arrive early at the Embassy on your day of passport appointment.

Proceed to the Consular Hall on the ground floor and get a ticket from the queue number machine.

When your number is called, go to the Processing Counter and submit the requirements for evaluation.

b. Philippine passport renewal at the new processing centers in Dublin and Edinburgh

As for the new passport renewal centers in Ireland and Scotland, their addresses are as follows:

3. Pay the Philippine passport renewal fee

Go to the cashier and pay GBP 55 for the passport processing fee.

4. Have your photo and biometric data captured

Proceed to the Passport Encoding Room for your photo and biometric data capture, data encoding, and data verification.

5. Receive your new Philippine passport

Processing passport renewals filed in the Embassy take around eight (8) to ten (10) weeks.

Personal pickup of the passport at the Embassy is not allowed. When your new passport is ready for release, the Embassy will mail it to you using the envelope you submitted during your renewal application.


Frequently Asked Questions

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2. I can’t get an appointment for Philippine passport renewal because all slots are full. What should I do?

3. I need to renew my passport now, but I can’t secure an appointment. Can I still travel back to the Philippines with an expired passport?

4. Can I still renew my expired Philippine passport?


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62 thoughts on “How To Renew Philippine Passport in the UK (United Kingdom)

  1. If you’re having issues signing up on the VFS website, try to create less complicated password (you can change it later) because somehow their system is not showing an error, but won’t allow your registration to come through. Try using Chrome, too. Hope this helps!

  2. Hi,

    Like many Filipinos, we are so frustrated as to how Philippine Embassy is dealing with the application for Passport Renewal. The VFS website does not work and Philippine embassy offered no help as no one would also answer the phone. We are left with long overdue expired passport. Everything is long open here in the UK but the embassy did not do much to help its Citizens, Why?

  3. I have tried many times to open VFS to get an appointment to renew the passport but I’m not able to log in. Can someone help me with this issue?

    Note. I use 3 emails but still can’t log in.

  4. I am so frustrated trying to book an appointment. I cat even pass registration saying ERROR. Called embassy and they cant do anything. What is the used of booking online if the system is not working.

    1. Hi maybe I can help , my husband just recently renew his passport.
      We’re having a trouble as well but luckily I managed to speak to one of the staff by calling them via VFS website.
      After you Fill the application form and print. Then to book an appointment you have to create an account and your password is very important make sure you have a valid password (just follow the instructions how to make it) then they will send you an email to activate your account. There are only 3 options where you can go for the appointment Belfast, Edinburg and Cardiff.
      Which are closer to your place, I hope this help. xx

      1. Hi Ms. Jo,
        ‘Thats great… Im very desperate to get an appointment. I tried in diffrent times of the day and night and still cant booked in. do you have still the contact number that you ring so that i can ring them as well to ask how to book an appointment. #



  6. Hello,

    I’m so confused on what to do, whether I’ll renew or apply for a new passport after re-acquiring my Philippine citizenship. My passport was expired already. I managed to book an appointment though, but I m not sure if this is the right thing to do, or do I need to submit my application online? I don’t even know what the requirements are.

    If someone can advise please feel free to do so. thank you

  7. absolute rubbish site for trying to book an appointment, my wife has tried for over 22 months, nothing, error message keeps coming up. changed the password many times, still the same error message. Email VFS for assistance/help, no response. contacted the Passport section of the PE London, some response but still insist you book online, even got through the embassy door but was ejected as no online appointment. Is the embassy staff not there to help its fellow countrymen!!! i am asking for help but being denied. Senators are not answering my plea for help, maybe i should just turn up and throw a brick throw the embassy window to get attention…..

  8. Hi

    lockdown Is finished, can we walk in
    Now to renew a Philippine passport??please let me know .


    1. As of October 2021, Philippine passport renewal services remain by appointment only.

  9. Hi! I try to make my appointment to renew my passport but I try to register to make appointments but error what well I do! Pls help me thank you

    1. I been tryingbto book an appointment but never get through.trying to them no answerr,my passport was expired last April 2021, why is it so hard to book an appointment .can’t proccess anything because of this passport.

      1. Try booking for a schedule daily at multiple random times. I started booking last 13 September 2021 and was able to book last 18 October 2021 at around 11pm – there were loads of available times (8am to 6pm) to book for 23 October 2021 on that day. Just persevere and you will be able to book sooner or later.

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