What requirements should I submit if I have a sponsor?

Even if someone will sponsor your trip, you still need to submit both your own and your sponsor’s financial and employment documents. Click here for the complete list of Korean tourist visa requirements

Aside from the basic requirements, you should also submit the following:

  • Sponsor/Guarantee letter – a letter from your sponsor explaining how he/she will cover the expenses of your trip to South Korea.
  • Photocopy of the sponsor’s passport (bio page only). Otherwise, you can submit a photocopy of any government-issued ID.

Note also that only immediate family and employers can be your sponsor. If the sponsor is neither an employer nor an immediate family member (e.g., a boyfriend/girlfriend), you may still proceed with the application but there’s no guarantee that it will be approved. 

If your parent, sibling, child, or spouse will sponsor you, submit a birth certificate or marriage certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority as your proof of relationship.

If your employer will support your travel, submit its business documents and a sponsorship letter with the company letterhead.

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