How To Get a Multiple-Entry Australian Tourist Visa in the Philippines

Being granted a multiple-entry Australian tourist visa depends heavily on the Australian consulate examining your application. Factors such as your planned activities and reasons for going back and forth to Australia are considered.

To signify your intent for a multiple-entry visa, click “Yes” to the question “Does the applicant intend to enter Australia on more than one occasion?” (the question is found on page 9/19 of the online application via ImmiAccount and Question No. 4 on Form 1419 for paper-based application).

multiple entry australian tourist visa

You will also be asked if you know the entry dates for each occasion after your first entry to Australia. If you click “No”, you will be asked to give details.

In my case, I just said that I plan to go to New Zealand as a side trip and come back to Australia after but I didn’t have a flight ticket to New Zealand yet so I couldn’t provide the dates when I will leave and come back to Australia.

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