Does PhilHealth Have Death Benefits?

Is there any financial support waiting for deceased PhilHealth members? Let’s answer that and more in this short guide about PhilHealth death benefits. 

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The short answer is No, PhilHealth doesn’t have death benefits. PhilHealth includes inpatient and outpatient health benefits but does not have comprehensive life insurance or death benefits. So if someone was admitted due to disease but expired, as a PhilHealth member, you will get inpatient coverage for that admission but will not get death benefit payments. 

Severe diseases are covered by the Z benefits package. These include cancers, diseases needing transplants, and congenital diseases needing surgery. Again, hospital benefits apply and the time that the patient was admitted to the hospital will be covered. However, if the patient expires, there are no separate death payment benefits.  

An exception is for COVID-19 vaccine injury wherein PhilHealth Circular approved the lump sum compensation for death or permanent disability under the COVID-19 vaccine injury package. 

The PhilHealth Board approved a lump sum payment of ₱100,000 per recipient for COVID-19 vaccine injury benefits in the event of death or permanent disability. It was implemented by PhilHealth Circular No. 2021-0071, which was released on June 18, 2021, and is titled “Re: Implementing Guidelines on the Coverage of Covid 19 Vaccine Injury due to Serious Adverse Effects Following Immunization Resulting in Hospitalization, Permanent Disability, or Death Under the Covid 19 National Vaccine Injury Indemnity Fund.”

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    1. My mother was inoculated last August 27, 2021. She was hospitalized due to covid September 11, 2021. We were discharged on September 21, 2021, but she died due to cardiac respiratory arrest, secondary to acute coronary syndrome on September 24, 2021. Are we illegible to claim this? I just read about this now. Thank you.

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