I have an urgent need to travel but my passport has already expired. Can I extend its validity?

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Yes, but only under specific circumstances.

According to DFA, the validity of an expired Philippine passport can be extended if:

  • The passport expired within the last calendar year.
  • The passport is not an ePassport (maroon color with microchip symbol in front).
  • The passport is already scheduled for renewal through the online appointment system.
  • The passport holder has already purchased tickets to travel due to a medical emergency or sudden death of a loved one, provided that it will be supported by verifiable proof/documents.

If your request for extension has been denied, and you really need to travel to the Philippines ASAP, you may request for a temporary travel document from the Consulate.

The temporary travel document only permits one-way flight to the Philippines, where you can then renew your passport.

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