My minor child was born in the US and has a US passport. Is he/she still qualified to get a Philippine passport?

Yes but under one condition: At least one of the minor child’s parents must be a Filipino citizen.

According to our law, Filipino citizenship may be acquired through the principle of jus sanguinis. Under this principle, one’s citizenship is determined not by the place of birth but by the citizenship of either one or both of the parents.

In other words, a minor child who is a US citizen but with either one or both parents who have Filipino citizenships can also become a Filipino citizen and, in turn, earn the right to apply for a Philippine passport. 

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Based on the laws of both countries, it’s possible for one person to have dual passport/citizenship.

In the case of the US, citizenship can be acquired by simply being born in the US territory (jus soli), the reason why a lot of Filipinos go to the US to give birth.

Hence, a minor child can be a US citizen by virtue of jus soli and a Philippine citizen by virtue of the principle of jus sanguinis. 

To apply for a Philippine passport, the minor applicant must follow the same procedure and requirements, with the addition of the following:

  • Report of Birth of the child from the PSA (formerly NSO) that have been filed at the Philippine Consulate in the country where the minor child was born AND the record transmitted to the Consular Records Division of DFA Manila so that the same can be sent to PSA/NSO.

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