Resume Samples for Civil Engineer in the Philippines

Just as civil engineers are expected to be organized and have keen attention to detail, their resume should reflect these qualities as well. Employers should easily find key technical skills and accomplishments, backed by numbers if any.


Resume example for entry-level civil engineers.

resume sample philippines 27

Despite having little work experience, the candidate shows that he has enough skills and knowledge to make it in an entry-level position.

As a graduating civil engineering student, the candidate focuses more on his educational background than his work experience. The education section aptly shows the student’s academic success and training in the field.

The bullet points in the Professional Experience are very descriptive without being wordy. The telesales experience, even if it doesn’t relate to civil engineering, is added to show that the candidate is hardworking because he took on a seasonal job to help finance his education. The networks he built as a sales representative could be an asset to his future employer.


Resume example for experienced civil engineers.

resume sample philippines 28
Source: Enhancv

This civil engineer resume doesn’t have a resume intro. But this seems to be a deliberate strategy.

The candidate clearly wants employers to pay close attention to her successful work history. Her resume has several mentions about her awards, the KPIs she achieved, the revenues she helped increase, and the cost savings resulting from her work.

The candidate also added a short description per company she worked for, which gives context to the responsibilities and accomplishments listed in her work experience.

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