Resume Samples for Factory Worker Applicant in the Philippines

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Want to boost your chance of getting hired as a factory worker? Ditch the bio-data and write a resume instead. This way, you’ll stand out from among many other applicants for the position.

Submitting a resume shows you’re putting in the effort to present your experience, knowledge, and skills. It gives the impression that you’re hardworking and willing to go the extra mile to get hired.


Resume example for entry-level factory workers.

resume sample philippines 33
Source: Cover Letters and Resume

Being a newbie worker in a factory setting doesn’t mean you can’t put anything of value on your resume.

As the sample above shows, factory worker applicants can come up with an outstanding resume without resorting to generic statements. Key to that is to include specific details and write in a simple, easy-to-understand language. The resume accomplishes that by listing specific, quantified achievements like how the candidate’s initiative improved operation time. The candidate also mentions the award he received for exemplary work.


Resume example for experienced factory workers.

resume sample philippines 34

This factory worker’s resume is excellent because it focuses on results more than day-to-day duties. The profile summary has all the information an employer needs to know if the candidate is fit for the job. In the Employment History, the candidate proves concrete results by backing them up with numbers.

Specific technical skills are listed as well. But the resume could’ve had a personal touch by adding more soft skills (aside from “task-driven” and “methodical”) that give employers an idea of how the candidate performs his job, like if he is diligent, motivated, proactive, etc.

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