Then And Now: The Cast of “Batang X”

Batang X. For kids who grew up in the ’90s, that name conjures up images of 5 young superheroes with Marvel-inspired abilities.

Directed by Lore Reyes and the legendary Peque Gallaga, Batang X is a 1995 film whose popularity spawned a comic book series and a short-lived TV show in ABC 5.

It is the story of 5 ordinary kids who were kidnapped by Dr. Axis (Aiko Melendez) to carry out her plans of stealing a powerful material which will then be used to propel her space ship back to the outer space.

For some,  Batang X was just another X-Men wannabe. But for those whose childhood was spent idolizing KidLat, 3-Na, G:Boy, A-Gel, and Control, nothing is more delightful than knowing what happened to the actors behind these unforgettable characters.

Here’s another nostalgic “Then and Now” list dedicated to our all-Filipino childhood superheroes.

5. Anghel Arsenal a.k.a. “A-Gel.”

John Ace Zabarte + A-Gel + batang x

Portrayed by: John Ace Zabarte.

Then: We remember John Ace as Anghel, the crippled younger brother of Kiko (John Prats). From being a disabled boy with crutches, Anghel suddenly gained the ability to fly, hence his superhero name “A-Gel.”

Now: John Ace is apparently not active in showbiz anymore. In 2010, however, an article revealed that he was working both as a call center agent and a rap artist (alias “Blain Wika”) under a recording company owned by hip hop pioneer D-Coy.

4. Bugoy a.k.a. “G:Boy.”

G-Boy + Jc Tizon + batang X

Portrayed by: JC Tizon.

Then: JC rose to fame as Bugoy whose alter ego, G:Boy, was known for his superhuman strength. After his stint in Batang X, JC starred in a few movies directed by Peque Gallaga. He also became part of  Age of Wonders, the singing group behind the Dragon Ball Z theme songs, before his family moved to the US in 1998.

Now: JC now lives in Tacoma, Washington and works for Cycle Gear, one of America’s largest retailer of motorcycle parts and apparel. Find more about JC Tizon on Facebook.

3. Trina De la Paz a.k.a. “3-Na.”

3-Na + Anna Larrucea + batang x

Portrayed by: Anna Larrucea.

Then: Just like Sue of Fantastic Four, Anna Larrucea’s 3-Na also has the ability to turn invisible. A member of Star Circle Batch 4, Anna also appeared in popular TV shows and movies like Ang TV (1992-1997), Mula Sa Puso (1997), and Baby Love (1995).

Now: Anna Larrucea recently tied the knot with Robert “Robbie” Pangilinan at a breathtaking wedding ceremony held at the Madre de Dios Chapel in Tagaytay Highlands.

2. Control.

Control + Janus del Prado + Batang X

Portrayed by: Janus Del Prado.

Then: Another product of Ang TV, Janus Del Prado portrayed the role of Control, the mysterious yet smart member of Batang X. 

Now: Since his stint in Batang X, Janus has enjoyed a steady showbiz career. He starred in many TV shows as well as movies such as One More Chance, The Reunion, and most recently, Four Sisters and a Wedding. 

Although he’s still waiting for that big showbiz break, Janus admits that he’s pretty much contented playing sidekick for major ABS-CBN stars like Piolo Pascual and John Lloyd Cruz.

1. Kiko Arsenal a.k.a. “KidLat.”

John Prats + Kidlat + Batang X

Portrayed by: John Prats.

Then: Sharing almost identical superpowers with X-Men‘s Cyclops, KidLat was portrayed by John Prats, another homegrown ABS-CBN star. Inarguably one of the most successful among the original Batang X stars, John appeared in popular TV shows such as G-mik and Ang TV.

Now: John is now regularly seen in local comedy gag show Banana Split. He is also romantically linked to actress Isabel Oli. Get more updates from John via Twitter.


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