What are the different types of Japan visa?

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There are two types of Japan visa: the single-entry visa and the multiple-entry Japan visa.


Single-Entry Visa.

Single-entry visa holders are allowed to enter Japan only once for a maximum stay of 15 days within a 90-day validity period.

Here are the different types of single-entry visa for a short-term stay in Japan:

Japan Visa Type
Purpose of Going to Japan
Tourist visa / Temporary visitor visa
Short vacation in which the applicant made the travel arrangements by himself or herself.
Visa for visiting friends or distant relatives
Visiting friends or distant relatives who are living in Japan.
Visa for commercial purpose
Attending business meetings, training, or conferences at affiliated companies and business partners.
Visa for attending conferences by a private or public organization
Attending seminars, conferences, or meetings organized by non-profit/non-government organizations or private religious groups.
Visa for visiting relatives or friends invited by US military personnel (SOFA status)
Visiting a US military personnel or spouse stationed at the US military base in Japan.
Visa for spouse of a Japanese national
Temporary visit of a spouse or child of a Japanese national residing in the Philippines with a long-term visa status and who submits a report of residency at the Japanese Embassy in the Philippines.
Official/Diplomat visa
Visiting Japan on official or diplomatic purpose.
Visa for house servant hired by official/diplomat
Working as a private staff or employee of officials or diplomats in Japan.
Visa for application with Certificate of Eligibility
Visa application with Certificate of Eligibility (as a spouse or child of a Japanese national or a permanent resident, as a student, as a long-term resident, etc.) for Japan residence purposes.
Transit visa
Short visit or stopping by Japan on the way to or from another country.
Visa for medical stay
Availing of medical services such as full medical checkups.
Nikkei-jin visa
Issued to children of Japanese nationals born on or before the end of World War II (the 2nd Generation) as well as the 2nd Generation's descendants and their spouses.
Visa for Filipino parents of Japanese-Filipino children who are traveling to Japan
Bringing a Japanese-Filipino child (under age 20) to:
*Reside in Japan as a long-term resident to raise the child OR
*Stay shortly in Japan (within 90 days) to prepare for a possible long-term stay with the child in the future, find the Japanese parent, or be acknowledged by the Japanese parent.
Single-entry tourist visa for Philippine nationals joining package tours organized by registered travel agencies
Short visit (not more than 15 days) under a package tour organized and carried out by a registered travel agency
The Japanese Embassy issues two kinds of single-entry tourist visas to Filipinos: one for visitors who make their own travel arrangements and another for visitors who are joining a package tour from registered travel agencies.

Aside from the mode of travel arrangement (whether DIY or under a package tour), these two tourist visa types differ in their requirements.

Visa applicants on a package tour organized by registered travel agencies are exempted from submitting proof of financial capacities such as bank certificate and income tax return.


Multiple-Entry Visa.

A multiple-entry visa allows you to enter Japan any number of times within a validity period of three, five, or 10 years. Each stay should last for up to 15 or 30 days.

You can get a multiple-entry visa under these conditions:

  • You’ve visited Japan for a short-term stay in the past three years and can pay for your travel expenses.
  • You’ve had a short-term stay in Japan as well as other G7 countries (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, or Italy).
  • You have proof of sufficient financial capacity.
  • You’re a spouse or child of the people who meet the above requirements.

Below are the types of multiple-entry visas Filipinos may apply for:

Japan Visa Type
Purpose of Going to Japan
Multiple-entry tourist visa
Short-term stay (usually issued to Filipinos with travel history in Japan in the last three years).
Multiple-entry visa for business purpose and cultural or intellectual figures
Business purposes for the first visit (For the second visit, this visa can be used for tourism purposes or visiting friends or relatives).
If you aren’t sure which type of Japan visa to apply for, you may submit the required documents for different visa types that might suit your purpose of visit.

The Japanese Embassy will then evaluate your application per purpose and issue the right type of visa based on its assessment.

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