How To Remove Employee in PhilHealth

Employers must maintain honest, updated, and accurate employee records that include any information required by PhilHealth. Therefore, if one or more of your employees have left your company for good, it’s your duty as an employer to report it to PhilHealth. Read this article to learn how. 

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PhilHealth requires reporting of separated employees through submission of the RF-1 form within 30 days from the date of separation from the office.

PhilHealth RF-1 form

To report and remove your separated employees in PhilHealth, follow these steps1

  1. Download and print a copy of the RF-1 form
  2. Fill up Employer TIN and PhilHealth number
  3. Indicate the business address and contact information
  4. Put in the type of employer (Private/Government/Household)
  5. In Report type, choose Deduction to the Previous RF-1
  6. Indicate the names of separated employees in the RF-1 and the required details
  7. Submit the RF form to the registered PhilHealth office
  8. Check for confirmation in the EPRS

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