What to Do if Your OEC is “Not Found” in BM Online

This means you’re disqualified from getting an OEC online. 

The following OFWs cannot get an OEC through BM Online (even if they’re returning to the same employer and job site with a previously issued OEC):

  • Included in the POEA’s watchlist
  • Hired by an employer in the POEA’s watchlist
  • Undocumented workers such as former tourists, OFW dependents, and students who got hired abroad (also known as TNT or tago nang tago)
  • Former seafarers who have become land-based workers
  • Returning to any of the following restricted countries (due to unstable peace and order situation, poor economic and working conditions, and/or non-compliance to the Migrant Workers Act):
  1. Afghanistan
  2. Burundi
  3. Chad
  4. Chechnya, Russia
  5. Cuba
  6. Haiti
  7. Iraq
  8. Iraqi Kurdistan region
  9. Libya (Tripoli City and nearby areas only)
  10.  Mali
  11.  Mauritania
  12.  Niger
  13.  North Korea
  14.  Palestine
  15.  Rwanda
  16.  Somalia
  17.  South Sudan
  18.  Sudan (except for Khartoum and the Kenana Sugar Plantation)
  19.  Syria
  20.  Ukraine
  21.  Yemen
  22.  Zimbabwe

If you fall under any of those categories and you’re redirected to the Appointment page (or you get “no records found”), you’re required to set an online appointment and go to the nearest POEA office or POLO to personally apply for an OEC.

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