TEST YOURSELF: Can You Recognize All 33 Of These Pinoy Historical Events?

I’ve always loved Philippine history. And as I grew older, my love for the subject became deeper in the same way couples transition from the honeymoon stage into something more serious.

Gone are the days when I look at history as pointless memorization of events, people, and other boring details. I have realized that Philippine history is full of interesting stories. Some may be tragic, but most are enlightening.

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It’s a story of our rise and fall as a nation, of people who have taught us that we all can make a difference no matter where we came from, and of stupid mistakes that our present generation needs to learn from.

History is not just about looking back but reflecting on how far (or behind) we’ve come as a nation. It’s a lesson that the younger Filipinos need to embrace. And the first step towards achieving that is to make Philippine history more interesting. I hope this simple quiz will help in the same way our articles have changed how you look at our past.

TEST YOURSELF: Can You Recognize All 33 Of These Pinoy Historical Events?

philippine historical quiz 1

If you get all these questions right, you’re a certified Pinoy history genius!


philippine historical quiz 2

A. Battle of Leyte Gulf
B. Battle of Caloocan
C. Mock Battle of Manila


philippine historical quiz 3

A. MV Don Juan Tragedy
B. MV MV Doña Paz Tragedy
C. MV Princess of the Stars Tragedy


philippine historical quiz 4

A. Surrender of Luis Taruc
B. Surrender of Masaharu Homma
C. Surrender of Hiroo Onoda


philippine historical quiz 5

A. Rizal Day bombings
B. Operation Bojinka


philippine historical quiz 6

A. Arrival of Americans in Leyte, 1994
B. Battle of Manila Bay,1945


philippine historical quiz 7

A. Manila Internationa Film Festival,1982
B. Thrilla in Manila


philippine historical quiz 8

A. 2010 Manila Hostage Crisis
B. 2013 Manila Skyway bus accident


philippine historical quiz 9

A. Assassination of Reynaldo Dagsa
B. Assassination of Ninoy Aquino
C. Assassination of Cesar Climaco


philippine historical quiz 10

B. Jabidah Massacre
C. Philippine American War


philippine historical quiz 11

A. First Filipino pilot
B. First Filipino airplane passenger


philippine historical quiz 12

A. Fall of Bataan
B. Liberation of Manila
C. Leyte Landing


philippine historical quiz 13

A. Miss Universe 1974
B. Miss Universe 1969
C. Miss Universe 1973


philippine historical quiz 14

A. Maggie de la Riva Rape Case
B. The Jigsaw Murder of Lucila Lalu
C. The Abduction of Annabelle Hugins


philippine historical quiz 15

A. Tejeros Convention
B. La Liga Filipina
C. Malolos Congress


philippine historical quiz 16

A. Execution of Jose Rizal
B. The Thirteen Martyrs of Bagumbayan
C. Execution of Eusebio Roque


philippine historical quiz 17

A. Death of President Manuel Roxas
B. Death of President Ramon Magsaysay
C. Death of Presdent Diosdado Macapagal


philippine historical quiz 18

A. Raid at Cabanatuan
B. Bataan Death March


philippine historical quiz 19

A. Second Battle of Caloocan
B. Fall of Bataan
C. Siege of Baler


philippine historical quiz 20

A. Death of President Emilio Aguinaldo
B. Death of President Manuel Roxas
C. Death of President Jose P. Laurel


philippine quiz 20

A. First Catholic mass in the Philippines
B. First baptism in the Philippines
C. First Filipino priest in the Philippines


philippine historical quiz 22

A. Mis Universe 1969
B. Miss Universe 1994
C. Miss Universe 1974


philippine historical quiz 23

A. Death of Cory Aquino
B. Oakwood Mutiny
C. EDSA Revolution of 1986


philippine historical quiz 24

A. Pag-asa
B. Pamana
C. Pangarap


philippine historical quiz 25

A. Mt. Pinatubo eruption
B. Mt. Bulusan erupyion
C. Mt. Hibok-Hibok eruption


philippine historical quiz 26

A. Fertilizer Fund Scam
B. Hello Garci Scandal


philippine historical quiz 27

A. Spanish-American War
B. Philippine-American War


philippine historical quiz 28

A. Hacienda Luisita Massacre
B. Mendiola Massacre


philippine historical quiz 29

A. Declaration of Martial Law
B. Marcos pre-election campaign speech
C. Ferdinand Marcos inaugural speech


philippine historical quiz 30

A. Baguio massacre
B. Vizconde massacre
C. Payumo massacre


philippine historical quiz 31

A. Tejeros Convention
B. Pact of Biak-na-Bato
C. Philippine Assembly


philippine historical quiz 32

A. People Power Revolution
B. Plaza Miranda bombing
C. Mendiola Massacre


philippine historical quiz 33

A. Treaty of Paris
B. Treaty of Zaragoza


philippine historical quiz 34

A. Pope John Paul II 1981 Philippine visit
B. World Youth Day 1995

Answer Key:

  1. C
  2. C
  3. C
  4. A
  5. A
  6. B
  7. A
  8. B
  9. A
  10. B
  11. C
  12. B
  13. A
  14. C
  15. A
  16. B
  17. B
  18. C
  19. B
  20. A
  21. C
  22. C
  23. A
  24. A
  25. B
  26. B
  27. B
  28. A
  29. B
  30. B
  31. B
  32. A
  33. B
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