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How To Renew Philippine Passport in Italy: An Ultimate Guide

How To Renew Philippine Passport in Italy: An Ultimate Guide

Among the European countries, Italy attracts the most number of overseas Filipinos.

If you’re one of these people who now call Italy their second home, never forget to ensure that your Philippine citizenship remains intact.

This guide about Philippine passport renewal in Italy will help you replace your expired passport, allowing you to enjoy immersing in the Italian culture and cuisine, worry-free.

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Philippine Passport Renewal Requirements in Italy

  • Accomplished passport application form. Rome: Download here. Milan: Download here.
  • Original latest passport.
  • Photocopy of the passport data page.
  • Original and photocopy (front and back) of valid Permesso di Soggiorno or Carta d’Identit. Or, any valid Philippine government-issued ID (for those applying in the Philippine Embassy in Rome).

Where To Renew Philippine Passport in Italy

1. Philippine Embassy in Rome

  • Address: Via Aurelia 290 / A 00165 Rome, Italy1.
  • Contact information: (06) 3974-6621 ext 208 (passport processing); 200 or 206 (releasing) / [email protected] / [email protected]
  • Office hours: Mondays to Fridays, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Consular jurisdiction (in Italy):
    • Abruzzo
    • Aosta Valley
    • Basilicata
    • Calabria
    • Campania
    • Lazio
    • Le Marche
    • Molise
    • Puglia
    • Sardegna
    • Sicilia
    • Toscana
    • Umbria
  • Concurrent jurisdiction (outside Italy):
    • Albania
    • Malta
    • San Marino 

2. Philippine Consulate in Milan

  • Address: Viale Stelvio 71 – Via Bernina 18, Milan, 20159. The Consulate can be reached through the stations listed here.
  • Contact information: (02) 6682-5232 / [email protected]
  • Office hours: Mondays to Fridays, 9:00 AM to 1 : 30 PM (Temporary Public Hours)2
  • Consular jurisdiction:
    • Emilia-Romagna
    • Liguria
    • Lombardia
    • Piemonte
    • Trentino-Alto Adige
    • Friuli Venezia-Giuglia
    • Vale d’Aosta
    • Veneto

3. Consular outreach mission

Update: As of March 20213, the Philippine Consulate in Milan has resumed its outreach missions. Kindly check their website for the latest announcements regarding their consular outreach missions.

Information about upcoming consular missions can be found on the Advisories page of the Embassy website and Announcements page of the Consulate website.


How To Renew Philippine Passport in Italy: 7 Steps

1. Book an Appointment Schedule Online

A confirmed appointment is required for all passport renewal applicants at both the Philippine Embassy in Rome and Consulate in Milan.

For applicants in Rome: Secure a slot through the Appointment Request Form. Select “Passport Application” from the list of services and then choose an available date and time for your passport renewal. Provide your name and contact details on the online form.

You can call +39 333 8160487 for assistance if you can’t access the system, have no internet connection, or need help in using the website.

For applicants in Milan: Email a copy of your old passport and carta d’ identita to this email address: [email protected]. Only the applicant’s kin or immediate family members are qualified to apply for an appointment4.

2. Go to the Philippine Embassy/Consulate

Come to the venue at the exact date and time on your scheduled appointment. Bring a printout or screenshot of your email confirmation—you’ll present this to the Embassy or Consulate upon entry. Get a queuing number to start your passport processing.

3. Submit the Requirements

When your number is called, submit the requirements to the processing area for evaluation.

4. Pay the Philippine Passport Renewal Fee

Proceed to the cashier and pay EUR 54 for the passport renewal fee. The cashier will issue an official receipt and queue number for data encoding.

5. Undergo Biometrics Capture, Data Encoding, and Data Verification

Proceed to the encoding area and submit yourself for data capture.

6. Verify the Availability of Your Philippine Passport

On the date stamped on your official receipt, check the Embassy or Consulate website’s homepage (under “ePassport for Release”) if your passport is ready for release.

If you’re not on the list, visit the website again every week.

Contact the Embassy or Consulate if your passport is still not available 60 days after your application date.

7. Claim Your New Philippine Passport

The passport is usually ready for release within four to six weeks after the renewal application.

For applicants in Rome: Before claiming your passport, get an appointment through the same website where you first booked for your renewal. Select “Releasing of Passport and Other Documents” from the list of services.

For applicants in Milan: No need to make an appointment for passport release. Once you’ve confirmed the availability of your new passport, go to the Consulate to receive it.

When claiming your new passport, submit your old passport and official receipt.

If you can’t pick up your passport personally, an immediate family member may get it for you. Your authorized representative must present your delega or signed authorization letter, old passport, an official receipt, as well as his or her Permesso di Soggiorno.


Frequently Asked Questions

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2. I can’t get an appointment for Philippine passport renewal because all slots are full. What should I do?

3. I need to renew my passport now, but I can’t secure an appointment. Can I still travel back to the Philippines with an expired passport?

4. Can I still renew my expired Philippine passport?

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