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Salary Grade 2023: Complete Guide to Government Employee’s Income

Salary Grade 2023: Complete Guide to Government Employee’s Income

Wondering how government compensation works? In this guide, you’ll learn about the salary grade table and how it determines a government employee’s monthly salary.

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Table of Contents


At a Glance: Salary Grade Table 2023

Salary GradeMinimum Monthly Salary (PHP)

What Is the Salary Grade?

A salary grade (SG) is a number that defines the amount of monthly payment/income that a government employee receives. Salary grades in the Philippine government run from 1 to 33, with 33 receiving the highest pay.

Each government position is assigned a salary grade based on its difficulty level and range of responsibilities. The higher the number, the more complex and broader the responsibilities’ scope. Thus, those with a higher salary grade receive higher pay than others.


What Is the Salary Step?

Each salary grade consists of eight steps (except for SG 33, with only two steps) that correspond to the basic salary of an employee based on how long he/she has served in a particular position.

Regardless of salary grade, all newly hired government employees start at Step 1, the MINIMUM pay rate. After every three years of continuous satisfactory service in their current positions, employees move to the next salary step indicating their increased salary.

A Notice of Step Increment is issued to the concerned employees for every salary increase.

This continues until they reach step 8, the final and maximum rate within a salary grade.

This means government employees get a raise every three years (as long as they perform well at work) without moving out of their salary grade.


Salary Grades of Different Government Positions

1. Constitutional Officials/Executive Category

These elected or appointed officials hold the highest positions in the government and are thus assigned the highest salary grades.

As the country’s highest-ranking government official, the President of the Philippines has the highest salary grade of 33.

Here are the salary grades of top government officials in the Philippines:

PositionSalary Grade
*Vice President
*Senate President
*Speaker of the House of Representatives
*Supreme Court Chief Justice
*Supreme Court Associate Justice
*Constitutional Commission Chairman
*Executive Secretary
*Department Secretary
*Solicitor General
*Other positions of equivalent rank
*Constitutional Commission Commissioner
*Department Undersecretary
*Other positions of equivalent rank

2. Professional Supervisory

Government employees with a management role in their respective organizations are assigned salary grades 9 to 33. Their jobs require extensive technical knowledge and a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Examples of positions in the professional supervisory category are Senior Vice President, Director II, Elementary School Principal I, and Engineer IV.

3. Professional Non-Supervisory

Positions that require the practice of a specific profession or thorough knowledge of the arts or sciences are assigned salary grades 8 to 30. Government employees with such positions are graduates of a four-year course.

Examples of positions in the professional non-supervisory category are University Professor, Teacher I, Chemist I, Statistician I, Tourist Receptionist I, and Municipal Treasurer.

4. Sub-Professional Supervisory

Employees who supervise workers performing manual, clerical, or technical jobs are assigned salary grades 4 to 18. Their positions require secondary education, vocational education, or completion of up to two years in college.

Examples of positions in the sub-professional supervisory category are Electrician Foreman, Chief Bookbinder, and Bookbinder IV.

5. Sub-Professional Non-Supervisory

Workers who perform manual, repetitive, or routine work and are elementary/high school/vocational graduates or college undergraduates are assigned salary grades 1 to 10.

Examples of positions in the sub-professional non-supervisory category are Staff Aide, Draftsman I, Administrative Aide III, and Dental Aide.


The Salary Standardization Law of 2019

What Is the Salary Standardization Law of 2019?

The Salary Standardization Law (SSL) of 20191 grants yearly salary increases and additional benefits to government employees in the Philippines from January 1, 2020, until 2023. It includes the basic pay per salary grade and step, allowances, benefits, and performance-based incentives.

Also called the Salary Standardization Law V, the SSL is the fifth law that imposes salary increases for government workers.

This law makes salaries for all government employees standardized across all agencies. By doing so, the government hopes to promote excellence, efficiency, and accountability among its employees.

Also, the standardized compensation system in the government eliminates the need for employees to negotiate salaries with HR or their superiors.

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Who Is Covered by the Salary Increase?

Pay hikes under the Salary Standardization Law apply to all civilian government workers with regular, contractual, or casual status—whether full-time or part-time—in the following offices:

  • Executive, legislative, and judicial branches;
  • Constitutional Commissions and other Constitutional Offices;
  • Government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs) not covered by Republic Act 10149

Who Is Exempted From the SSL?

Although they’re part of the Philippine government, these groups are NOT covered by the salary increases mandated by the Salary Standardization Law:

  • Military and uniformed personnel, including Police Officer I in the PNP, Private in the Department of National Defense, and equivalent ranks in the BFP, BJMP, Philippine Coast Guard, Philippine Public Safety College, and National Mapping and Resource Information Authority;
  • GOCCs under RA 10149 (They have their Compensation and Position Classification System);
  • Job order workers;
  • Consultancy or any contract with no employer-employee relationship.

How Much Is the Salary Increase for Government Workers?

The increases in government salary under the Salary Standardization Law of 2019 average 5% in 2020. They range from PHP 483 (for SG 1) to PHP 7,762 (for SG 33).

But by 2023, the pay hikes will average 23.24% after all the increases have been applied.

Mid-level government employees, or those with salary grades 11 to 13, get the highest raise of 24.1% in 2020 to 30.7% in 2023. These workers include entry-level public school teachers, nurses, statisticians, accountants, civil defense officers, and agriculturists.

For example, a Teacher I or Nurse I with a salary grade of 11 gets an increase of PHP 1,562 in 2020 (from PHP 20,754 in 2019 to PHP 22,316 in 2020). In the next three years, the starting salary of employees in the same position will increase to PHP 23,877 in 2021, PHP 25,439 in 2022, and PHP 27,000 in 2023.

Workers with salary grades 1 to 10 enjoy an increase of 17.5% in 2020 to 20.5% in 2023.

For example, a Utility Worker I with a salary grade of 1 gets a raise of PHP 483 in 2020 (from PHP 11,068 in 2019 to PHP 11,551 in 2020). The pay of SG 1 workers will increase to PHP 12,034 in 2021, PHP 12,517 in 2022, and PHP 13,000 in 2023.

Having the lowest raise of 8% are those within the highest salary grade range (SG 25 to 33), particularly in executive-level positions.


Salary Grade Tables for Government Employees

Under the Salary Standardization Law of 2019, the government implemented a new salary schedule (also called the salary grade table) reflecting increased monthly salaries in four tranches or annual installments from 2020 to 2023.

Key information you need to know:

  • All the rates in the salary grade tables below are the monthly salaries for full-time regular and contractual employees of national government agencies.
  • Part-time workers’ salary is proportionate to the number of hours worked. A part-time employee who renders four hours daily receives half the rate corresponding to his/her salary grade and step.
  • For casual workers under the “No Work, No Pay” policy, their daily wage is computed by dividing the corresponding monthly salary by 22 working days. For example, a new hire (Step 1) with Salary Grade 1 should receive PHP 525.05 per day worked in 2020 (PHP 11,551 ÷ 22 = PHP 525.05).

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1. Salary Grade 2020 Table (Effective January 1, 2020)

Salary GradeStep 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7Step 8

2. Salary Grade 2021 Table (Effective January 1, 2021)

Salary GradeStep 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7Step 8

3. Salary Grade 2022 Table (Effective: January 1, 2022)

Salary GradeStep 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7Step 8

4. Salary Grade 2023 Table (Effective January 1, 2023)

Salary GradeStep 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7Step 8

5. Salary Grade Tables for LGUs (Local Government Units)

The salaries of LGU workers differ from workers in the national government. How much an employee receives is based on the LGU’s income classification (i.e., 1st class, 2nd class, etc.).

LGU employees in special and first-class cities receive the same rates as their counterparts in national government agencies.

Those in second-class to sixth-class cities and first-class to sixth-class municipalities are paid a percentage of the salary grade table under the SSL.

a. Salary Grade Table for Provinces and Cities

Income ClassificationPercentage of Salary Schedule
Special Cities100%
1st Class100%
2nd Class95%
3rd Class90%
4th Class85%
5th Class80%
6th Class75%

b. Salary Grade Table for Municipalities

Income ClassificationPercentage of Salary Schedule
1st Class90%
2nd Class85%
3rd Class80%
4th Class75%
5th Class70%
6th Class65%

Based on the salary grade tables above, employees working for a wealthier LGU (such as a 1st class city) receive higher salaries than those in similar positions in a lower-class city or municipality. 


6. Salary Grade Table for Public School Teachers

Teaching positions for public schools in the Philippines range from Teacher I to Master Teacher IV, each with a corresponding salary grade from 11 to 21.

New teaching positions have been added2 (Teacher IV, Teacher V, Teacher VI, and Teacher VII) after President Duterte approved them in late 2019. These four additional positions have higher salary grades than the existing positions of Teacher I, Teacher II, and Teacher III.

How Much Is the Salary of a Public School Teacher in the Philippines?

Public school teachers start at the lowest position of Teacher I at salary grade 11. Under the SSL, an entry-level teacher receives a monthly basic salary of PHP 22,316 in 2020, increasing to PHP 23,877 in 2021, PHP 25,439 in 2022, and PHP 27,000 in 2023.

Teachers in public schools earn more over time and when they get promoted. In 2020, the highest-paid teachers were those with a Master Teacher III position receiving a monthly basic salary of up to PHP 58,841. Currently, nobody holds the highest position of Master Teacher IV yet.

a. Salary Grade 2020 Table for Public School Teachers (Effective January 1, 2020)

PositionSalary GradeStep 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7Step 8
Teacher I1122,31622,60022,88923,18123,47723,77824,08224,391
Teacher II1224,49524,77925,06725,35825,65325,95226,25426,560
Teacher III1326,75427,06727,38327,70328,02828,35628,68829,025
Teacher IV1429,27729,62129,96930,32230,67831,03931,40531,775
Teacher V1532,05332,43132,81433,20233,59433,99134,39334,801
Teacher VI1635,10635,52235,94336,36936,80137,23837,68138,128
Teacher VII1738,46438,92239,38539,85440,32940,81041,29641,789
Master Teacher I1842,15942,66243,17243,68744,21044,73945,27445,816
Master Teacher II1946,79147,53048,28149,04449,82050,60851,41052,224
Master Teacher III2052,70353,53754,38655,24856,12557,01657,92158,841
Master Teacher IV2159,35360,29661,25562,22963,22064,22665,24966,289

b. Salary Grade 2021 Table for Public School Teachers (Effective January 1, 2021)

PositionSalary GradeStep 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7Step 8
Teacher I1123,87724,16124,45024,74225,03825,33925,64325,952
Teacher II1226,05226,33626,62426,91527,21027,50927,81128,117
Teacher III1328,27628,58928,90529,22529,55029,87830,21030,547
Teacher IV1430,79931,14331,49131,84432,20032,56132,92733,297
Teacher V1533,57533,95334,33634,72435,11635,51335,91536,323
Teacher VI1636,62837,04437,46537,89138,32338,76039,20339,650
Teacher VII1739,98640,44440,90741,37641,85142,33242,81843,311
Master Teacher I1843,68144,18444,69445,20945,73246,26146,79647,338
Master Teacher II1948,31349,05249,80350,56651,34252,13052,93253,746
Master Teacher III2054,25155,08555,93456,79657,67358,56459,46960,389
Master Teacher IV2160,90161,84462,80363,77764,76865,77466,79767,837

c. Salary Grade 2022 Table for Public School Teachers (Effective January 1, 2022)

PositionSalary GradeStep 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7Step 8
Teacher I1125,43925,72326,01226,30426,60026,90127,20527,514
Teacher II1227,60827,89228,18028,47128,76629,06529,36729,673
Teacher III1329,79830,11130,42730,74731,07231,40031,73232,069
Teacher IV1432,32132,66533,01833,36633,72234,08334,44934,819
Teacher V1535,09735,47535,85836,24636,63837,03537,43737,845
Teacher VI1638,15038,56638,98739,41339,84540,28240,72541,172
Teacher VII1741,50841,96642,42942,89843,37343,85444,34044,833
Master Teacher I1845,20345,70646,21646,73147,25447,78348,31848,860
Master Teacher II1949,83550,57451,32552,08852,86453,65254,45455,268
Master Teacher III2055,79956,63357,48258,34459,22160,11261,01761,937
Master Teacher IV2162,44963,39264,35165,32566,31667,32268,34569,385

d. Salary Grade 2023 Table for Public School Teachers (Effective January 1, 2023)

PositionSalary GradeStep 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7Step 8
Teacher I1127,00027,28427,57327,86528,16128,46228,76629,075
Teacher II1229,16529,44929,73730,02830,32330,62230,92431,230
Teacher III1331,32031,63331,94932,26932,59432,92233,25433,591
Teacher IV1433,84334,18734,53534,88835,24435,60535,97136,341
Teacher V1536,61936,99737,38037,76838,16038,55738,95939,367
Teacher VI1639,67240,08840,50940,93541,36741,80442,24742,694
Teacher VII1743,03043,48843,95144,42044,89545,37645,86246,355
Master Teacher I1846,72547,22847,73848,25348,77649,30549,84050,382
Master Teacher II1951,35752,09652,84753,61054,38655,17455,97656,790
Master Teacher III2057,34758,18159,03059,89260,76961,66062,56563,485
Master Teacher IV2163,99764,94065,89966,87367,86468,87069,89370,933

7. Salary Grade Table for Government Nurses

For registered nurses (RNs) working in public hospitals in the Philippines, salary grades range from 15 to 24 starting in 2020. Each pay grade corresponds to a nurse position (i.e., Nurse I, Nurse II, and so on).

In July 2020, the Department of Budget and Management raised the salary grade of entry-level nurses3 (Nurse I position) to SG 15. Previously, the minimum pay grade for government nurses was SG 11. Salary grades of higher nurse positions also got upgraded by one or two levels. 

This upgrade means a salary increase for government nurses. The pay hike is retroactive to January 1, 2020.

The salary increase covers all nurses—regardless of status (regular/contractual/casual) and whether they work full-time or part-time—in hospitals run by the national government, state universities and colleges, and LGUs.

Meanwhile, government hospital employees who assist RNs in performing non-medical duties still have the same salary grades: SG 4 for Nursing Attendant I, SG 6 for Nursing Attendant II, and SG 7 for Ward Assistant.

How Much Do Government Nurses Earn in the Philippines?

In 2020, entry-level nurses received a monthly salary ranging from PHP 32,053 to PHP 34,801. Higher-ranking government nurses earn up to PHP 95,283. 

The salary range for nursing attendants in 2020 is from PHP 13,807 to PHP 16,378. Ward assistants earn PHP 16,458 to PHP 17,364 in the same year.

Under the SSL, salaries for nurses and other healthcare workers in public hospitals will continue to increase yearly until 2023.

a. Salary Grade 2020 Table for Government Nurses (Effective January 1, 2020)

PositionSalary GradeStep 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7Step 8
Nursing Attendant I413,80713,91414,02014,12814,23614,34514,45614,567
Nursing Attendant II615,52415,64315,76315,88416,00716,12916,25316,378
Ward Assistant716,45816,58516,71316,84116,97017,10117,23117,364
Nurse I1532,05332,43132,81433,20233,59433,99134,39334,801
Nurse II1635,10635,52235,94336,36936,80137,23837,68138,128
Nurse III1738,46438,99239,38539,85440,32940,81041,29641,789
Nurse IV1946,79147,53048,28149,04449,82050,60851,41052,224
Nurse V2052,70353,53754,38655,24856,12557,01657,92158,841
Nurse VI2266,86767,93369,01770,11871,23772,37573,53174,705
Nurse VII2485,07486,46287,87489,30890,76692,24893,75395,283

b. Salary Grade 2021 Table for Government Nurses (Effective January 1, 2021)

PositionSalary GradeStep 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7Step 8
Nursing Attendant I414,40014,51114,62214,73514,84814,96115,07715,192
Nursing Attendant II616,20016,32516,45016,57716,70416,83216,96217,092
Ward Assistant717,17917,31117,44417,57817,71317,84917,98518,124
Nurse I1533,57533,95334,33634,72435,11635,51335,91536,323
Nurse II1636,62837,04437,46537,89138,32338,76039,20339,650
Nurse III1739,98640,44440,90741,37641,85142,33242,81843,311
Nurse IV1948,31349,05249,80350,56651,34252,13052,93253,746
Nurse V2054,25155,08555,93456,79657,67358,56459,46960,389
Nurse VI2268,41569,48170,56571,66672,78573,92375,07976,253
Nurse VII2486,74288,15889,59791,05992,54594,05795,59297,152

c. Salary Grade 2022 Table for Government Nurses (Effective January 1, 2022)

PositionSalary GradeStep 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7Step 8
Nursing Attendant I414,99315,10915,22415,34115,45915,57715,69815,818
Nursing Attendant II616,87717,00717,13717,26917,40217,53517,67017,806
Ward Assistant717,89918,03718,17618,31518,45518,59818,74018,884
Nurse I1535,09735,47535,85836,24636,63837,03537,43737,845
Nurse II1638,15038,56638,98739,41339,84540,28240,72541,172
Nurse III1741,50841,96642,42942,89843,37343,85444,34044,833
Nurse IV1949,83550,57451,32552,08852,86453,65254,45455,268
Nurse V2055,79956,63357,48258,34459,22160,11261,01761,937
Nurse VI2269,96371,02972,11373,21474,33375,47176,62777,801
Nurse VII2488,41089,85391,32092,81094,32595,86597,43099,020

d. Salary Grade 2023 Table for Government Nurses (Effective January 1, 2023)

PositionSalary GradeStep 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7Step 8
Nursing Attendant I415,58615,70615,82715,94816,07116,19316,31816,443
Nursing Attendant II617,55317,68817,82417,96218,10018,23818,37918,520
Ward Assistant718,62018,76318,90719,05319,19819,34619,49419,644
Nurse I1536,61936,99737,38037,76838,16038,55738,95939,367
Nurse II1639,67240,08840,50940,93541,36741,80442,24742,694
Nurse III1743,03043,48843,95144,42044,89545,37645,86246,355
Nurse IV1951,35752,09652,84753,61054,38655,17455,97656,790
Nurse V2057,34758,18159,03059,89260,76961,66062,56563,485
Nurse VI2271,51172,57773,66174,76275,88177,01978,17579,349
Nurse VII2490,07891,54893,04394,56296,10597,67499,268100,888

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8. Salary Grade Table for All Government Plantilla Positions

Are you looking for the salary grade of a specific government position? 

Use our table below that shows the updated list of government plantilla positions (arranged alphabetically) and their respective salary grades. This is based on the data from Budget Circular No. 2022 – 24 released by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) on April 5, 2022. 

PositionSalary Grade
Accountant I12
Accountant II16
Accountant III19
Accountant IV22
Accounting Analyst11
Accounting Clerk I4
Accounting Clerk II6
Accounting Clerk III8
Accounts Liquidation Assistant8
Accounts Liquidation Officer I11
Accounts Liquidation Officer II15
Accounts Liquidation Officer III18
Accounts Liquidation Officer IV22
Accounts Liquidation Officer V24
Accounting Machine Operator I5
Accounting Machine Operator II7
Accounting Machine Operator III10
Actuarial Researcher9
Acupressure Technician6
Administrative Aide I1
Administrative Aide II2
Administrative Aide III3
Administrative Aide IV4
Administrative Aide V5
Administrative Aide VI6
Administrative Assistant8
Administrative Assistant I7
Administrative Assistant II8
Administrative Assistant III9
Administrative Assistant IV10
Administrative Assistant V11
Administrative Assistant VI12
Administrative Officer I10
Administrative Officer II11
Administrative Officer III14
Administrative Officer IV15
Administrative Officer V18
Administrator I28
Administrator II29
Administrator III30
Advertising Officer I10
Advertising Officer II14
Advertising Officer III18
Advertising Officer IV20
Aerial Photo Analyst I12
Aerial Photo Analyst II16
Agrarian Reform Program Officer I11
Agrarian Reform Program Officer II15
Agrarian Reform Program Technologist10
Agricultural Center Chief I18
Agricultural Center Chief II20
Agricultural Center Chief III22
Agricultural Center Chief IV24
Agricultural Products Inspector I6
Agricultural Products Inspector II8
Agricultural Products Inspector III11
Agricultural Technician I6
Agricultural Technician II8
Agricultural Technologist10
Agriculturist I11
Agriculturist II15
Air Navigation Services Supervisor25
Air Navigation System Specialist I17
Air Navigation System Specialist II18
Air Terminal Supervisor15
Air Traffic Controller I18
Air Traffic Controller II19
Air Traffic Services Supervisor25
Aircraft Maintenance Technology I11
Aircraft Maintenance Technology II15
Aircraft Maintenance Technology III18
Aircraft Mechanic I6
Aircraft Mechanic II8
Aircraft Mechanic III11
Aircraft Mechanic IV13
Airfield Power Technician I4
Airfield Power Technician II6
Airfield Power Technician III9
Airfield Power Technician IV11
Airfield Power Technician V13
Airport Manager I20
Airport Manager II23
Airport Manager III24
Airport Manager IV26
Airport Project Supervisor17
Airways Communications Services Supervisor25
Airways Communicator I17
Airways Communicator II18
Ammunition Worker I2
Ammunition Worker II4
Animal Feed Control Officer13
Animal Keeper I4
Animal Keeper II6
Animal Keeper III9
Antenna Rigger3
Aquacultural Technician I6
Aquacultural Technician II8
Aquacultural Technologist10
Aquaculturist I11
Aquaculturist II15
Architect I12
Architect II16
Architect III19
Architect IV22
Architect V24
Archivist I10
Archivist II14
Armorer I2
Armorer II4
Artificial Limb and Brace Maker I4
Artificial Limb and Brace Maker II6
Artificial Limb and Brace Maker III9
Assessment Clerk I4
Assessment Clerk II6
Assessment Clerk III9
Assistant Cabinet Secretary29
Assistant Chef8
Assistant Chief Air Navigation System Specialist23
Assistant Chief Air Traffic Controller23
Assistant Chief Airways Communicator23
Assistant Chief of Staff (OVP)29
Assistant Chief State Counsel29
Assistant College Department Head17
Assistant Commissioner of Internal Revenue27
Assistant Commissioner, Constitutional Commission29
Assistant Court Administrator of the Supreme Court30
Assistant Customs Operation Officer9
Assistant Director-General29
Assistant Executive Secretary29
Assistant Financial Claims Examiner7
Assistant General Manager29
Assistant Government Corporate Counsel29
Assistant Information Officer8
Assistant Land Registration Examiner7
Assistant Launch Service Supervisor9
Assistant Mining Claims Examiner7
Assistant National Cashier22
Assistant National Statistician28
Assistant Nutritionist-Dietician7
Assistant Ombudsman29
Assistant Parole Officer12
Assistant Press Secretary29
Assistant Professor I15
Assistant Professor II16
Assistant Professor III17
Assistant Professor IV18
Assistant Provincial Warden18
Assistant Regional Cabinet Secretary27
Assistant Regional Executive Secretary27
Assistant Registration Officer8
Assistant Remote Sensing Technologist8
Assistant Revenue Officer9
Assistant School Principal I18
Assistant School Principal II19
Assistant School Principal III20
Assistant Schools Division Superintendent25
Assistant Scientist24
Assistant Solicitor General30
Assistant Special School Principal18
Assistant Statistical Coordination Officer9
Assistant Statistician9
Assistant Superintendent of Printing25
Assistant Supervisor of Student Teaching15
Assistant Teachers Camp Superintendent22
Assistant Traffic Operations Officer8
Assistant Weather Services Chief22
Associate Government Corporate Attorney I18
Associate Government Corporate Attorney II22
Associate Graft Investigation Officer I15
Associate Graft Investigation Officer II18
Associate Graft Investigation Officer III22
Associate Justice30
Associate Justice of the Supreme Court31
Associate Justice, Court of Appeals30
Associate Justice, Sandiganbayan30
Associate Professor I19
Associate Professor II20
Associate Professor III21
Associate Professor IV22
Associate Professor V23
Associate Prosecution Attorney I18
Associate Prosecution Attorney II22
Associate Public Attorney I18
Associate Public Attorney II22
Associate Scientist25
Associate Solicitor I24
Associate Solicitor II25
Associate Solicitor III26
Associate Special Prosecution Officer I18
Associate Special Prosecution Officer II22
Associate State Counsel I18
Associate State Counsel II22
Attaché I24
Attaché II25
Attorney I16
Attorney II18
Attorney III21
Attorney IV23
Attorney V25
Attorney VI26
Auditing Systems Analyst11
Auditing Systems Specialist I13
Auditing Systems Specialist II16
Automotive Equipment Inspector I8
Automotive Equipment Inspector II11
Autonomous Region Legislative Staff Assistant I6
Autonomous Region Legislative Staff Assistant II8
Autonomous Region Legislative Staff Officer I11
Autonomous Region Legislative Staff Officer II13
Autonomous Region Legislative Staff Officer III16
Autonomous Region Legislative Staff Officer IV19
Autonomous Region Legislative Staff Officer V22
Autonomous Region Legislative Staff Officer VI24
Aviation Safety Regulation Officer I11
Aviation Safety Regulation Officer II15
Air-Conditioning Technician I6
Air-Conditioning Technician II8
Artist-Illustrator I6
Artist-Illustrator II8
Artist-Illustrator III11
Audio-Visual Aids Technician I6
Audio-Visual Aids Technician II8
Audio-Visual Aids Technician III10
Audio-Visual Aids Technician IV14
Audio-Visual Equipment Operator I3
Audio-Visual Equipment Operator II5
Audio-Visual Equipment Operator III7
Auxiliary Machine Operator I4
Auxiliary Machine Operator II6
Auxiliary Machine Operator III8
Auxiliary Machine Operator IV11
Bacteriologist I11
Bacteriologist II15
Bacteriologist III18
Bacteriologist IV22
Bacteriologist V24
Bailiff I5
Bailiff II7
Bailiff III10
Ballistician I10
Ballistician II14
Ballistician III18
Ballistician IV22
Ballistician V24
Barangay Health Aide4
Barber 2
Bill Collector5
Biological and Feed Products Inspector8
Biologist I11
Biologist II15
Biologist III18
Blacksmith I4
Blacksmith II6
Blacksmith Shop Foreman9
Board Chairman I28
Board Chairman II29
Board Chairman III30
Board Chairman IV31
Board Governor29
Board Member I27
Board Member II28
Board Member III29
Board Member IV30
Board Secretary I14
Board Secretary II17
Board Secretary III20
Board Secretary IV22
Board Secretary V24
Board Secretary VI25
Broadcast Operations Chief24
Broadcast Operations Supervisor19
Broadcast Operations Technician I9
Broadcast Operations Technician II11
Broadcast Operations Technician III13
Broadcast Operator I6
Broadcast Operator II8
Broadcast Production Supervisor19
Broadcast Program Producer-Announcer I12
Broadcast Program Producer-Announcer II16
Broadcast Program Producer-Announcer III19
Broadcast Program Traffic Officer9
Broadcast Station Manager22
Budget and Management Analyst11
Budget and Management Specialist I13
Budget and Management Specialist II16
Building Inspector11
Building Official24
Building Pest Control Officer7
Building Regulations Coordinator19
Budgeting Assistant8
Budget Officer I11
Budget Officer II15
Budget Officer III18
Budget Officer IV22
Budget Officer V24
Budgeting Aide4
Buyer I4
Buyer II6
Buyer III9
Buyer IV11
Buyer V13
Bookbinder I2
Bookbinder II4
Bookbinder III7
Bookbinder IV10
Cabin Crew Examiner I11
Cabin Crew Examiner II13
Cabinet Secretary31
Cabinet Undersecretary30
Carpenter Foreman8
Carpenter General Foreman10
Carpenter I3
Carpenter II5
Cartographer I6
Cartographer II8
Cartographer III11
Cartographer IV15
Cartographer V19
Cash Clerk I4
Cash Clerk II6
Cash Clerk III8
Cashier I10
Cashier II14
Cashier III18
Cashier IV22
Cashier V24
Cemetery Caretaker2
Chairman, Constitutional Commission31
Chairman, Police Regional Appellate Board27
Chancellor I28
Chancellor II29
Chancellor III30
Chauffeur I5
Chauffeur II6
Chauffeur III7
Chauffeur IV8
Check Flight Radio Operator11
Check Pilot I19
Check Pilot II21
Check Pilot III22
Check Pilot IV23
Chemist I11
Chemist II15
Chemist III18
Chemist IV22
Chemist V24
Chief Accountant24
Chief Administrative Officer24
Chief Agrarian Reform Program Officer24
Chief Agriculturist24
Chief Air Navigation System Specialist24
Chief Air Traffic Controller24
Chief Airways Communicator24
Chief Aquaculturist24
Chief Archivist24
Chief Auditing Systems Specialist24
Chief Aviation Safety Regulation Officer24
Chief Budget and Management Specialist24
Chief Communications Development Officer24
Chief Cooperatives Development Specialist24
Chief Customs Operation Officer24
Chief Defense Research Officer24
Chief Bookbinder18
Chief Economic Development Specialist24
Chief Ecosystems Management Specialist24
Chief Education Program Specialist24
Chief Education Supervisor24
Chief Electotyper18
Chief Emigrant Services Officer24
Chief Energy Regulation Officer24
Chief Environmental Management Specialist24
Chief Executive Staff28
Chief Fiber Development Officer24
Chief Fidelity Bond Examiner24
Chief Financial Management Specialist24
Chief Fishing Regulations Officer24
Chief Foreign Affairs Research Specialist24
Chief Forest Management Specialist24
Chief GAD Specialist24
Chief Geologist24
Chief Health Program Officer24
Chief Historic Sites Development Officer24
Chief History Researcher24
Chief Home Management Specialist24
Chief Immigration Officer24
Chief Industrial Design Specialist24
Chief Insurance Specialist24
Chief Investments Specialist24
Chief Judicial Staff Officer25
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court32
Chief Justice Staff Head29
Chief Labor and Employment Officer24
Chief Language Researcher24
Chief Legislative Staff Officer25
Chief Local Treasury Examiner24
Chief Manpower Development Officer24
Chief Maritime Industry Development  Specialist24
Chief Meat Control Officer24
Chief Metallurgist24
Chief of Hospital I24
Chief of Hospital II25
Chief of Hospital III26
Chief of Medical Professional Staff I25
Chief of Medical Professional Staff II26
Chief of Mission, Class I30
Chief of Mission, Class II29
Chief of Sanitarium I24
Chief of Sanitarium II25
Chief of Sanitarium III26
Chief of Staff (OVP)30
Chief Parole Officer25
Chief Penal Institution Program Officer24
Chief Personnel Specialist24
Chief Photoengraver18
Chief Political Affairs Officer26
Chief Postal Service Officer24
Chief Pressman18
Chief Probation Officer24
Chief Professional Regulations Officer24
Chief Prosecutor 30
Chief Public Attorney30
Chief Public Utilities Regulation Officer24
Chief Records Management Analyst24
Chief Remote Sensing Specialist24
Chief Revenue Officer I20
Chief Revenue Officer II21
Chief Revenue Officer III22
Chief Revenue Officer IV24
Chief Scholarship Affairs Officer24
Chief Science Research Specialist24
Chief Securities and Exchange Specialist24
Chief Shipbuilding Specialist24
Chief Shipping Operations Specialist24
Chief Shine Curator24
Chief Sports and Games Regulation Officer24
Chief State Counsel30
Chief Statistical Specialist24
Chief Tariff Specialist24
Chief Tax Specialist24
Chief Technical Audit Specialist24
Chief Technical Education and Skills Development Specialist24
Chief Telegraphic Transfer Service Officer24
Chief Tourism Operations Officer24
Chief Trade-Industry Development Specialist24
Chief Transportation Development Officer24
Chief Transportation Regulation Officer24
Chief Treasury Operation Officer I22
Chief Treasury Operation Officer II24
Chief Typesetter18
Chief Veterans Assistance Officer24
Chief Volunteer Service Officer24
Chief Water Resources Development Officer24
Cinematographer I10
Cinematographer II14
Cinematographer III16
Cinematographer IV18
City Government Assistant Department Head I23
City Government Assistant Department Head II24
City Government Assistant Department Head III25
City Government Department Head I25
City Government Department Head II26
City Government Department Head III27
City Government Office Head26
City Health Officer I24
City Health Officer II25
City Health Officer III26
City Mayor30
City Trial Court Judge27
City Vice Mayor I26
City Vice Mayor II28
Civil Defense Assistant8
Civil Defense Officer I11
Civil Defense Officer II15
Civil Defense Officer III18
Civil Defense Officer IV22
Civil Defense Officer V24
Clerk I3
Clerk II4
Clerk III6
Clerk IV8
Clerk of Court I15
Clerk of Court II18
Clerk of Court III22
Clerk of Court IV23
Clerk of Court V24
Clerk of Court VI25
Clerk of Court VII26
Clerk of the Commission27
Clerk of the Electoral Tribunal30
Clothes Designer8
Collector of Customs I21
Collector of Customs II22
Collector of Customs III23
Collector of Customs IV24
Collector of Customs V25
Collector of Customs VI26
College Administrator I25
College Administrator II26
College Business Manager I16
College Business Manager II19
College Business Manager III22
College Business Manager IV24
College Department Head20
College Librarian I13
College Librarian II15
College Librarian III18
College Librarian IV22
College Librarian V24
College Professor30
Color Separation Technician I3
Color Separation Technician II8
Commission Chairman I28
Commission Chairman II29
Commission Chairman III30
Commission Chairman IV31
Commission Member I27
Commission Member II28
Commission Member III29
Commission Member IV30
Commissioner I8
Commissioner II29
Commissioner III30
Commissioner of Customs30
Commissioner of Internal Revenue30
Commissioner, Constitutional Commission30
Communication Development Officer I11
Communication Development Officer II15
Communications Equipment Inspector I8
Communications Equipment Inspector II11
Communications Equipment Operator I4
Communications Equipment Operator II6
Communications Equipment Operator III9
Communications Equipment Operator IV11
Communications Equipment Operator V13
Community Affairs Assistant I5
Community Affairs Assistant II8
Community Affairs Officer I11
Community Affairs Officer II15
Community Affairs Officer III18
Community Affairs Officer IV22
Community Affairs Officer V24
Community Development Assistant I7
Community Development Assistant II9
Community Development Officer I11
Community Development Officer II15
Community Development Officer III18
Community Development Officer IV22
Community Development Officer V24
Community Environment and Natural Resources Officer24
Computer File Librarian I8
Computer File Librarian II10
Computer File Librarian III12
Computer Maintenance Technologist I11
Computer Maintenance Technologist II15
Computer Maintenance Technologist III17
Computer Operator I7
Computer Operator II9
Computer Operator III12
Computer Operator IV14
Computer Programmer I11
Computer Programmer II15
Computer Programmer III18
Construction and Maintenance Capataz5
Construction and Maintenance Foreman8
Construction and Maintenance General Foreman11
Construction and Maintenance Man2
Construction Equipment Operator4
Contested Ballot Box Custodian I8
Contested Ballot Box Custodian II10
Cook I3
Cook II5
Cooperatives Development Specialist I11
Cooperatives Development Specialist II15
Copy Reader7
Copyright Examiner11
Core Driller I3
Core Driller II5
Corporate Governance Officer I11
Corporate Governance Officer II15
Corporate Governance Officer III18
Corporate Governance Officer IV22
Corporate Governance Officer V24
Council Chairman I28
Council Chairman II29
Council Chairman III30
Council Chairman IV31
Council Member I27
Council Member II28
Council Member III29
Council Member IV30
Council/Commission/Board Chairman III30
Court Administrator of the Supreme Court30
Court Attorney I22
Court Attorney II23
Court Attorney III24
Court Attorney IV25
Court Attorney V26
Court Attorney VI27
Court Legal Researcher I12
Court Legal Researcher II15
Court Legal Researcher III18
Court of Appeals Reporter I26
Court of Appeals Reporter II27
Court Secretary I14
Court Secretary II17
Court Stenographer I8
Court Stenographer II10
Court Stenographer III12
Court Stenographer IV14
Crafts and Trades Helper1
Crafts Education Demonstrator I10
Crafts Education Demonstrator II12
Creative Arts Specialist I11
Creative Arts Specialist II15
Creative Arts Specialist III18
Creative Arts Specialist IV22
Creative Arts Specialist V24
Credit Officer I9
Credit Officer II11
Credit Officer III15
Credit Officer IV18
Crime Investigator I11
Crime Investigator II15
Crime Investigator III18
Crime Investigator IV22
Crime Investigator V24
Culture and Arts Officer III18
Customs Gatekeeper3
Customs Operations Officer I11
Customs Operations Officer II13
Customs Operations Officer III16
Customs Operations Officer IV18
Customs Operations Officer V20
Cutter Service Supervisor24
Dairy Plant Superintendent15
Dangerous Drugs Regulation Officer I11
Dangerous Drugs Regulation Officer II15
Dangerous Drugs Regulation Officer III18
Dangerous Drugs Regulation Officer IV22
Dangerous Drugs Regulation Officer V24
Day Care Worker I6
Day Care Worker II8
Data Controller I6
Data Controller II8
Data Controller III11
Data Controller IV13
Data Entry Machine Operator I6
Data Entry Machine Operator II8
Data Entry Machine Operator III11
Data Entry Machine Operator IV13
Deeds Registry Inspector I16
Deeds Registry Inspector II18
Deeds Registry Inspector III21
Deeds of Registry Inspector IV23
Deeds of Registry Inspector V 25
Defense Research Officer I11
Defense Research Officer II15
Dental Aide4
Dental Hygienist10
Dental Program Supervisor22
Dentist I14
Dentist II17
Dentist III20
Dentist IV23
Dentist V24
Dentist VI26
Dentist VII28
Department Assistant Secretary29
Department Legislative Liaison Officer29
Department Legislative Liaison Specialist22
Department Secretary31
Department Undersecretary30
Deputy Administrator I27
Deputy Administrator II28
Deputy Administrator III29
Deputy Chief Public Attorney29
Deputy Clerk of the Electoral Tribunal29
Deputy Commissioner I27
Deputy Commissioner II28
Deputy Commissioner III29
Deputy Commissioner of Customs28
Deputy Commissioner of Internal Revenue28
Deputy Court Administrator of the Supreme Court30
Deputy Director-General30
Deputy Executive Director I25
Deputy Executive Director II26
Deputy Executive Director III27
Deputy Executive Director IV28
Deputy Executive Director V29
Deputy Executive Secretary30
Deputy Government Corporate Counsel29
Deputy National Statistician29
Deputy Ombudsman30
Deputy Press Secretary30
Deputy Privacy Commissioner30
Deputy Regional Governor29
Deputy Register of Deeds I19
Deputy Register of Deeds II21
Deputy Register of Deeds III23
Deputy Register of Deeds IV25
Deputy Secretary of the Commission on Appointments30
Deputy Secretary of the House Electoral Tribunal29
Deputy Secretary of the Senate30
Deputy Secretary of the Senate Electoral Tribunal29
Deputy Secretary-General of the House of Representatives30
Deputy Special Prosecutor29
Deputy Treasurer of the Philippines29
Development Management Officer I11
Development Management Officer II15
Development Management Officer III18
Development Management Officer IV22
Development Management Officer V24
Dietary Adviser22
Director I25
Director II26
Director III27
Director IV28
Director V29
Director VI30
Disbursing Officer I6
Disbursing Officer II8
District Engineer25
District Health Officer I25
District Health Officer II26
Docking and Rigging Foreman8
Dockman-Driver I3
Dockman-Driver II5
Dockman-Rigger I2
Dockman-Rigger II4
Document Examiner I10
Document Examiner II14
Document Examiner III18
Document Examiner IV22
Document Examiner V24
Dormitory Attendant3
Dormitory Manager I9
Dormitory Manager II11
Dormitory Manager III15
Dormitory Manager IV18
Draftsman I6
Draftsman II8
Draftsman III11
Draftsman IV14
Economic Development Analyst11
Economic Development Specialist I13
Economic Development Specialist II16
Economic Researcher9
Economist I11
Economist II15
Economist III18
Economist IV22
Economist V24
Ecosystems Management Specialist I11
Ecosystems Management Specialist II15
Education Program Specialist I12
Education Program Specialist II16
Education Program Supervisor22
Education Research Assistant I9
Education Research Assistant II10
Education Supervisor I19
Education Supervisor II20
Election Assistant I7
Election Assistant II9
Election Field Officer21
Election Officer I12
Election Officer II15
Election Officer III18
Election Officer IV21
Election Precincts Analyst I10
Election Precincts Analyst II14
Electrical Inspector I6
Electrical Inspector II8
Electrician Foreman9
Electrician General Foreman11
Electrician I4
Electrician II6
Electron Microscopist19
Electronics and Communications Equipment Technician I6
Electronics and Communications Equipment Technician II8
Electronics and Communications Equipment Technician III11
Electronics and Communications Equipment Technician IV15
Electrotyper I4
Electrotyper II6
Electrotyper III9
Electrotyper IV11
Emigrant Services Officer I11
Emigrant Services Officer II15
Energy Regulation Assistant8
Energy Regulation Officer I11
Energy Regulation Officer II15
Engineer I12
Engineer II16
Engineer III19
Engineer IV22
Engineer V24
Engineering Aide4
Engineering Assistant8
Entomologist I11
Entomologist II15
Entomologist III18
Environmental Management Researcher9
Environmental Management Specialist I11
Environmental Management Specialist II15
Equine Evaluator5
Executive Assistant I14
Executive Assistant II17
Executive Assistant III20
Executive Assistant IV22
Executive Assistant V24
Executive Assistant VI25
Executive Clerk of Court I26
Executive Clerk of Court II27
Executive Clerk of Court III28
Executive Clerk of Court IV29
Executive Clerk of Court V30
Executive Conciliator-Mediator26
Executive Director I26
Executive Director II27
Executive Director III28
Executive Director IV29
Executive Director V30
Executive News Editor24
Executive Secretary31
Fabric Worker I3
Fabric Worker II5
Farm Foreman6
Farm Superintendent I11
Farm Superintendent II15
Farm Superintendent III18
Farm Supervisor8
Farm Worker I2
Farm Worker II4
Fiber Development Officer I11
Fiber Development Officer II15
Fiber Technician6
Fidelity Bond Examiner I10
Fidelity Bond Examiner II14
Film Custodian I4
Film Custodian II6
Film Editor I7
Film Editor II9
Film Preview Assistant I7
Film Preview Assistant II9
Financial Analyst I11
Financial Analyst II15
Financial Analyst III18
Financial Analyst IV22
Financial Analyst V24
Financial and Management Officer I22
Financial and Management Officer II24
Financial Claims Examiner I10
Financial Claims Examiner II14
Financial Claims Examiner III18
Fingerprinting Aide4
Fingerprinting Examiner I7
Fingerprinting Examiner II9
Fingerprinting Examiner III11
Fingerprinting Examiner IV15
Fingerprinting Examiner V18
Fire Marshall I18
Fire Marshall II22
Firearms and Explosives Inspector I6
Firearms and Explosives Inspector II8
Firearms and Explosives Processor I6
Firearms and Explosives Processor II8
Firearms and Explosives Processor III10
Firearms and Explosives Processor IV14
Firearms and Explosives Production Coordinator18
Firefighter I6
Firefighter II8
Firefighter III10
Firefighter IV14
First Mate20
Fiscal Clerk I4
Fiscal Clerk II6
Fiscal Clerk III8
Fiscal Controller I11
Fiscal Controller II15
Fiscal Controller III18
Fiscal Controller IV22
Fiscal Controller V24
Fiscal Examiner I11
Fiscal Examiner II15
Fiscal Examiner III18
Fiscal Examiner IV22
Fiscal Examiner V24
Fish Port Supervisor15
Fishing Regulation Officer I11
Fishing Regulation Officer II15
Floating Crane Master10
Food Service Manager22
Food Service Supervisor I9
Food Service Supervisor II11
Food Service Supervisor III15
Food Service Supervisor IV18
Food Technology I10
Food Technology II14
Food Technology III18
Food-Drug Inspector8
Food-Drug Regulation Officer I11
Food-Drug Regulation Officer II15
Food-Drug Regulation Officer III18
Food-Drug Regulation Officer IV22
Food-Drug Regulation Officer V24
Foreign Affairs Adviser22
Foreign Affairs Research Specialist I11
Foreign Affairs Research Specialist II15
Foreign Service Officer, Class I27
Foreign Service Officer, Class II26
Foreign Service Officer, Class III25
Foreign Service Officer, Class IV24
Foreign Service Staff Employee I11
Foreign Service Staff Employee II9
Foreign Service Staff Employee III7
Foreign Service Staff Officer I24
Foreign Service Staff Officer II20
Foreign Service Staff Officer III17
Foreign Service Staff Officer IV13
Foreign Trade Service Officer, Class I27
Foreign Trade Service Officer, Class II26
Foreign Trade Service Officer, Class III25
Foreign Trade Service Officer, Class IV24
Foreign Trade Service Staff Officer15
Forest Management Specialist I11
Forest Management Specialist II15
Forest Ranger4
Forest Technician I6
Forest Technician II8
Forester I11
Forester II15
Forester III18
Forester IV22
Forester V24
Foundry Foreman 9
Foundry General Foreman11
Foundry Worker I4
Foundry Worker II6
Freight Service Foreman6
Freight Service Supervisor I10
Freight Service Supervisor II13
Fumigation Assistant Supervisor9
Fumigation Supervisor11
Fumigator Foreman6
GAD Specialist I11
GAD Specialist II15
GAD Specialist III18
General Manager30
Geologic Aide4
Geologist I11
Geologist II15
Geophysicist I11
Geophysicist II15
Geophysicist III18
Geophysicist IV22
Geophysicist V24
Government Corporate Attorney I25
Government Corporate Attorney II26
Government Corporate Attorney III27
Government Corporate Attorney IV28
Government Corporate Counsel30
Graft Investigation and Prosecution Officer I25
Graft Investigation and Prosecution Officer II26
Graft Investigation and Prosecution Officer III27
Graft Investigation and Prosecution Officer IV28
Graft Investigation Officer I26
Graft Investigation Officer II27
Graft Investigation Officer III28
Graft Prevention and Control Officer I11
Graft Prevention and Control Officer II15
Graft Prevention and Control Officer III18
Graft Prevention and Control Officer IV22
Graft Prevention and Control Officer V24
Guesthouse Caretaker2
Guidance Coordinator I14
Guidance Coordiantor II15
Guidance Coordinator III16
Guidance Counselor I11
Guidance Counselor II12
Guidance Counselor III13
Guidance Services Associate I12
Guidance Services Associate II14
Guidance Services Specialist I16
Guidance Services Specialist II18
Guidance Services Specialist III20
Guidance Services Specialist IV22
Guidance Services Specialist V24
Handicraft Worker I3
Handicraft Worker II5
Handicraft Worker III8
Harbor Operations Assistant10
Head Civil Service Field Officer26
Head Executive Assistant27
Head Pressman13
Head Teacher I14
Head Teacher II15
Head Teacher III16
Head Teacher IV17
Head Teacher V18
Head Teacher VI19
Health Education and Promotion Adviser22
Health Education and Promotion Officer I10
Health Education and Promotion Officer II14
Health Education and Promotion Officer III18
Health Education and Promotion Officer IV22
Health Education and Promotion Officer V24
Health Physicist I15
Health Physicist II18
Health Physicist III22
Health Physicist IV24
Health Physics Technician6
Health Program Officer I11
Health Program Officer II15
Health Program Researcher9
Health Program Researcher Assistant7
Heavy Equipment Operator I4
Heavy Equipment Operator II6
Heavy Equipment Operator III9
Historic Sites Development Officer I11
Historic Sites Development Officer II15
History Researcher I10
History Researcher II14
Home Management Specialist I11
Home Management Specialist II15
Home Management Technologist10
Hospital Administration Specialist22
Hospital Housekeeper8
Household Attendant I3
Household Attendant II5
Household Attendant III8
Household Manager10
Houseparent I4
Houseparent II6
Houseparent III9
Houseparent IV11
Housing and Homesite Regulation Assistant8
Housing and Homesite Regulation Officer I11
Housing and Homesite Regulation Officer II13
Housing and Homesite Regulation Officer III16
Housing and Homesite Regulation Officer IV19
Housing and Homesite Regulation Officer V22
Housing and Homesite Regulation Officer VI24
Human Resource Management Aide4
Human Resource Management Assistant8
Human Resource Management Officer I11
Human Resource Management Officer II15
Human Resource Management Officer III18
Human Resource Management Officer IV22
Human Resource Management Officer V24
Identification Officer I22
Identification Officer II24
Illustrator I3
Illustrator II5
Immigration Assistant8
Immigration Officer I11
Immigration Officer II13
Immigration Officer III16
Industrial Design Analyst11
Industrial Design Specialist15
Industrial Project Training Supervisor18
Information Officer I11
Information Officer II15
Information Officer III18
Information Officer IV22
Information Officer V24
Information System Analyst I12
Information System Analyst II16
Information System Analyst III19
Information Systems Researcher I10
Information Systems Researcher II14
Information Systems Researcher III17
Information Technology Officer I19
Information Technology Officer II22
Information Technology Officer III24
Inmate Guidance Chief24
Inmate Guidance Officer I11
Inmate Guidance Officer II15
Instructor I12
Instructor II13
Instructor III14
Insurance Commissioner28
Insurance Specialist I11
Insurance Specialist II15
Intellectual Property Rights Specialist I14
Intellectual Property Rights Specialist II17
Intellectual Property Rights Specialist III20
Intellectual Property Rights Specialist IV23
Intellectual Property Rights Specialist V25
Intelligence Agent Aide4
Intelligence Agent I8
Intelligence Agent II10
Intelligence Officer I11
Intelligence Officer II15
Intelligence Officer III18
Intelligence Officer IV22
Intelligence Officer V24
Internal Auditing Assistant8
Internal Auditor I11
Internal Auditor II15
Internal Auditor III18
Internal Auditor IV22
Internal Auditor V24
International Civil Aviation Coordinator20
International Science Relations Officer I10
International Science Relations Officer II14
International Science Relations Officer III18
International Science Relations Officer IV22
International Science Relations Officer V24
Interpreter I8
Interpreter II10
Interpreter III12
Investigation Agent I18
Investigation Agent II20
Investigation Agent III22
Investigation Agent IV23
Investigation Agent V24
Investigation Agent VI25
Investments Analyst11
Investments Specialist15
Judicial Staff Assistant II9
Judicial Staff Assistant III10
Judicial Staff Employee II4
Judicial Staff Head28
Judicial Staff Officer III18
Judicial Staff Officer IV19
Judicial Staff Officer V20
Judicial Staff Officer VI22
Junior Process Server3
Junior Scholarship Affairs Officer11
Labor and Employment Assistant8
Labor and Employment Officer I11
Labor and Employment Officer II13
Labor and Employment Officer III16
Labor Arbiter29
Labor Arbitration Associate22
Labor Foreman6
Labor General Foreman8
Laboratory Aide I2
Laboratory Aide II4
Laboratory Inspector I8
Laboratory Inspector II10
Laboratory Inspector III14
Laboratory Technician I6
Laboratory Technician II8
Laboratory Technician III10
Laborer I1
Laborer II3
Land Management Examiner10
Land Management Inspector6
Land Management Officer I11
Land Management Officer II15
Land Management Officer III18
Land Management Officer IV22
Land Management Officer V24
Land Registration Examiner I10
Land Registration Examiner II14
Landscaping Supervisor12
Language Researcher I10
Language Researcher II14
Launch Patron 7
Launch Service Supervisor12
Laundry Worker I1
Laundry Worker II3
Laundry Worker III6
Law Education Specialist I16
Law Education Specialist II18
Law Education Specialist III20
Law Education Specialist IV22
Law Education Specialist V24
Law Enforcement Evaluation Officer I11
Law Enforcement Evaluation Officer II15
Law Enforcement Evaluation Officer III18
Law Enforcement Evaluation Officer IV22
Law Enforcement Evaluation Officer V24
Law Reform Associate I12
Law Reform Associate II14
Law Reform Specialist I16
Law Reform Specialist II18
Law Reform Specialist III20
Law Reform Specialist IV22
Law Reform Specialist V24
Law Reform Specialist VI26
Legal Aide 5
Legal Assistant I10
Legal Assistant II12
Legal Assistant III14
Legislative Committee Researcher21
Legislative Committee Secretary23
Legislative Staff Assistant I7
Legislative Staff Assistant II10
Legislative Staff Assistant III11
Legislative Staff Employee I4
Legislative Staff Employee II6
Legislative Staff Head29
Legislative Staff Officer I14
Legislative Staff Officer II16
Legislative Staff Officer III19
Legislative Staff Officer IV20
Legislative Staff Officer V21
Legislative Staff Officer VI22
Letter Carrier6
Librarian Aide2
Librarian I11
Librarian II15
Librarian III18
Librarian IV22
Librarian V24
License Inspector I6
License Inspector II8
Licensing Officer I11
Licensing Officer II15
Licensing Officer III18
Licensing Officer IV22
Licensing Officer V24
Light Equipment Operator2
Lighthouse Inspector11
Lighthouse Keeper I3
Lighthouse Keeper II5
Lighthouse Service Supervisor15
Lineman I3
Lineman II5
Lineman III8
Lineman IV11
Linguistics Specialist23
Livestock Inspector I6
Livestock Inspector II8
Livestock Inspector III11
Loan Examiner I9
Loan Examiner II11
Loan Examiner III15
Loan Examiner IV18
Local Assessment Operations Officer I11
Local Assessment Operations Officer II15
Local Assessment Operations Officer III18
Local Assessment Operations Officer IV22
Local Assessment Operations Officer V24
Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Assistant8
Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officer I11
Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officer II15
Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officer III18
Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officer IV22
Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officer V24
Local Government Operations Officer I11
Local Government Operations Officer II13
Local Government Operations Officer III15
Local Government Operations Officer IV18
Local Government Operations Officer V20
Local Government Operations Officer VI22
Local Government Operations Officer VII24
Local Government Operations Officer VIII26
Local Legislative Staff Assistant I6
Local Legislative Staff Assistant II8
Local Legislative Staff Assistant III10
Local Legislative Staff Employee I2
Local Legislative Staff Employee II4
Local Legislative Staff Officer I11
Local Legislative Staff Officer II13
Local Legislative Staff Officer III16
Local Legislative Staff Officer IV19
Local Legislative Staff Officer V22
Local Legislative Staff Officer VI24
Local Revenue Collection Officer I11
Local Revenue Collection Officer II15
Local Revenue Collection Officer III18
Local Revenue Collection Officer IV22
Local Revenue Collection Officer V24
Local Treasury Examiner I11
Local Treasury Examiner II15
Local Treasury Operations Assistant8
Local Treasury Operations Officer II15
Local Treasury Operations Officer III18
Local Treasury Operations Officer IV22
Local Treasury Operations Officer V24
Logistics Management Officer I11
Logistics Management Officer II15
Logistics Management Officer III18
Logistics Management Officer IV22
Logistics Management Officer V24
Lumber Grader5
Lupon Chairman27
Lupon Member26
Machine Shop Foreman11
Machinist I4
Machinist II6
Machinist III9
Magnetic Recorder Operator I6
Magnetic Recorder Operator II8
Magnetic Recorder Operator III11
Mail Sorter 4
Make-up Artist2
Malacologist I11
Malacologist II15
Malaria Control Foreman7
Management and Audit Analyst I11
Management and Audit Analyst II15
Management and Audit Analyst III18
Management and Audit Analyst IV 22
Management and Audit Analyst V24
Management and Audit Assistant8
Management Specialist I13
Management Specialist II16
Managing News Editor22
Manpower Development Assistant8
Manpower Development Officer I11
Manpower Development Officer II15
Manpower Development Regional Coordinator25
Marine Engineman I4
Marine Engineman II6
Maritime Education and Training Standards Supervisor26
Maritime Industry Development Assistant8
Maritime Industry Development Specialist I11
Maritime Industry Development Specialist II15
Market Inspector I6
Market Inspector II8
Market Specialist I11
Market Specialist II15
Market Specialist III18
Market Specialist IV22
Market Specialist V24
Market Supervisor I10
Market Supervisor II14
Market Supervisor III18
Market Supervisor IV22
Market Supervisor V24
Mason Foreman8
Mason I3
Mason II5
Master Fisherman I5
Master Fisherman II8
Master Tailor I5
Master Tailor II8
Master Teacher I18
Master Teacher II19
Master Teacher III20
Master Teacher IV21
Mathematician Aide I6
Mathematician Aide II8
Mathematician I10
Mathematician II14
Meat Control Officer I13
Meat Control Officer II16
Meat Inspector I6
Meat Inspector II8
Meat Inspector III11
Mechanic I4
Mechanic II6
Mechanic III9
Mechanical Plant Operator I4
Mechanical Plant Operator II6
Mechanical Plant Operator III9
Mechanical Plant Supervisor I11
Mechanical Plant Supervisor II13
Mechanical Shop Foreman11
Mechanical Shop General Foreman13
Media Accreditation and Relations Officer I11
Media Accreditation and Relations Officer II15
Media Accreditation and Relations Officer III18
Media Accreditation and Relations Officer IV22
Media Accreditation and Relations Officer V24
Media Production Aide5
Media Production Assistant8
Media Production Specialist I11
Media Production Specialist II15
Media Production Specialist III18
Media Production Specialist IV22
Media Production Specialist V24
Medical Center Chie Chief I26
Medical Center Chief II27
Medical Equipment Technician I6
Medical Equipment Technician II8
Medical Equipment Technician III11
Medical Equipment Technician IV13
Medical Laboratory Technician I6
Medical Laboratory Technician II8
Medical Laboratory Technician III10
Medical Officer I16
Medical Officer II18
Medical Officer III21
Medical Officer IV23
Medical Officer V25
Medical Specialist I22
Medical Specialist II23
Medical Specialist III24
Medical Specialist IV25
Medical Specialist V26
Medical Specialist VI28
Medical Specialist VII30
Medical Technologist I11
Medical Technologist II15
Medical Technologist III18
Medical Technologist IV20
Medical Technologist V22
Medico-Legal Officer I18
Medico-Legal Officer II20
Medico-Legal Officer III22
Medico-Legal Officer IV24
Medico-Legal Officer V25
Member of the House of Representatives31
Member, Constitutional Commission30
Member, Regional Assembly29
Message Writer15
Metal Worker Foreman9
Metal Worker General Foreman11
Metal Worker I4
Metal Worker II6
Metallurgist I11
Metallurgist II15
Metals Technologist I6
Metals Technologist II8
Metals Technologist III10
Metals Technologist IV12
Metals Technologist V14
Meter Reader I4
Meter Reader II6
Meter Reader III9
Metro Aide I2
Metro Aide II4
Metro Trial Court Judge28
Microfilming Machine Operator I6
Microfilming Machine Operator II8
Microfilming Machine Operator III11
Midwife I9
Midwife II11
Midwife III13
Midwife IV15
Midwife V17
Midwife VI19
Midwifery School Principal I21
Midwifery School Principal II23
Mineral Analyst11
Mining Claims Examiner I10
Mining Claims Examiner II14
Mining Claims Examiner III18
Mining Operations Officer24
Motor Pool Dispatcher6
Motor Pool Supervisor I7
Motor Pool Supervisor II9
Motor Vehicle Inspector6
Movie Equipment Technician I6
Movie Equipment Technician II8
Movie Equipment Technician III11
Municipal Agrarian Reform Program Officer20
Municipal Agricultural Officer20
Municipal Circuit Trial Court Judge26
Municipal Government Assistant Department Head I22
Municipal Government Assistant Department Head II23
Municipal Government Department Head I24
Municipal Government Department Head II25
Municipal Mayor I27
Municipal Mayor II28
Municipal Trial Court Judge26
Municipal Vice Mayor I25
Municipal Vice Mayor II26
Munitions Operator Foreman9
Munitions Operator General Foreman11
Munitions Operator I4
Munitions Operator II6
Munitions Production Supervisor12
Munitions Production Technician I6
Munitions Production Technician II8
Museum Curator I22
Museum Curator II24
Museum Guide 29
Museum Researcher I10
Museum Researcher II14
Museum Technician I6
Museum Technician II8
Music Director11
National Cahier24
National Intelligence Assistant I8
National Intelligence Assistant II10
National Intelligence Assistant I11
National Intelligence Assistant II15
National Intelligence Assistant III18
National Intelligence Assistant IV22
National Intelligence Assistant V24
National Security Specialist I12
National Security Specialist II16
National Security Specialist III19
National Security Specialist IV22
National Security Specialist V24
Nautical Writer I6
Nautical Writer II8
Network Controller I8
Network Controller II11
News Analyst I11
News Analyst II15
News Analyst III18
News Analyst IV22
News Editor I12
News Editor II16
News Reporter I15
News Reporter II17
Newscaster I15
Newscarter II17
Nurse I15
Nurse II16
Nurse III17
Nurse IV19
Nurse V20
Nurse VI22
Nurse VII24
Nurse Maid I2
Nurse Maid II4
Nursing Attendant I4
Nursing Attendant II6
Nursing School Principal I21
Nursing School Principal II22
Nursing School Principal III23
Nutrition Officer I10
Nutrition Officer II14
Nutrition Officer III18
Nutrition Officer IV22
Nutrition Officer V24
Nutrition Program Coordinator25
Nutritionist-Dietitian I11
Nutritionist-Dietitian II15
Nutritionist-Dietitian III18
Nutritionist-Dietitian IV20
Nutritionist-Dietitian V22
Nutritionist-Dietitian VI24
Occupational Therapist I11
Occupational Therapist II15
Occupational Therapist III18
Occupational Therapist IV22
Occupational Therapy Technician I6
Occupational Therapy Technician II8
Oceanographer I11
Oceanographer II15
Oceanographer III18
Oceanographer IV22
Oceanographer V24
Offset Camera Operator I6
Offset Camera Operator II8
Optometrist I12
Optometrist II16
Ordinance Technician I6
Ordinance Technician II8
Ordinance Technician III11
Overall Deputy Ombudsman30
Overseas Employment Adjudicator25
Overseas Worker Welfare Assistant8
Overseas Worker Welfare Officer I11
Overseas Worker Welfare Officer II15
Overseas Worker Welfare Officer III18
Overseas Worker Welfare Officer IV22
Overseas Worker Welfare Officer V24
Overseas Worker Welfare Officer VI25
Painter Foreman8
Painter General Foreman 10
Painter I3
Painter II5
Paper Cutting Machine Operator I3
Paper Cutting Machine Operator II5
Paper Cutting Machine Operator III8
Park Attendant I2
Park Attendant II4
Park Attendant III6
Park Maintenance Foreman8
Park Maintenance General Foreman10
Park Maintenance Supervisor14
Park Operations Superintendent I16
Park Operations Superintendent II18
Park Operations Superintendent III20
Park Operations Superintendent IV22
Park Operations Superintendent V24
Parking Aide I2
Parking Aide II4
Parking Aide III6
Parking Aide IV7
Parole Officer I16
Parole Officer II18
Patternmaker I4
Patternmaker II6
Peace Program Officer I11
Peace Program Officer II15
Peace Program Officer III18
Peace Program Officer IV22
Peace Program Officer V24
Penal Institution Program Officer I11
Penal Institution Program Officer II15
Penal Institution Superintendent I20
Penal Institution Superintendent II22
Penal Institution Superintendent III24
Penal Institution Superintendent IV26
Penal Institution Supervisor18
Personnel Analyst11
Personnel Specialist I13
Personnel Specialist II16
Pest Control Technician7
Pest Control Worker I4
Pest Control Worker II6
Pharmacist I11
Pharmacist II15
Pharmacist III18
Pharmacist IV20
Pharmacist V22
Pharmacist VI24
Pharmacy Adviser22
Pharmacy Program Supervisor22
Philatelic Artist I9
Philatelic Artist II11
PHILJA Attorney I22
PHILJA Attorney II23
PHILJA Attorney III24
PHILJA Attorney IV25
PHILJA Attorney V26
PHILJA Chancellor31
PHILJA Deputy Executive Secretary28
PHILJA Executive Secretary29
PHILJA Professor I29
PHILJA Professor II30
PHILJA Vice-Chancellor30
Photo Editor I6
Photo Editor II8
Photo Journalist I6
Photo Journalist II8
Photoengraver I4
Photoengraver II6
Photoengraver III9
Photoengraver IV11
Photographer I5
Photographer II7
Photographer III10
Photographer IV12
Photographer V15
Photographer VI18
Photographic Color Processor I6
Photographic Color Processor II8
Photographic Color Processor III11
Photo-Lithographic Technician I6
Photo-Lithographic Technician II8
Physical Therapist I11
Physical Therapist II15
Physical Therapist III18
Physical Therapist IV22
Physical Therapy Technician I6
Physical Therapy Technician II8
Physicist I11
Physicist II15
Pilot I18
Pilot II20
Pipefitter Foreman8
Pipefitter I3
Pipefitter II5
Planning Assistant8
Planning Officer I11
Planning Officer II15
Planning Officer III18
Planning Officer IV22
Planning Officer V24
Plumber Foreman8
Plumber I3
Plumber II5
Plumbing and Tinning Inspector I8
Plumbing and Tinning Inspector II10
Police Inspector I11
Police Inspector II15
Police Inspector III18
Police Inspector IV22
Police Inspector V24
Political Affairs Assistant I7
Political Affairs Assistant II10
Political Affairs Assistant III11
Political Affairs Employee I4
Political Affairs Employee II6
Political Affairs Officer I14
Political Affairs Officer II16
Political Affairs Officer III19
Political Affairs Officer IV20
Political Affairs Officer V21
Political Affairs Officer VI24
Polygraph Examiner I10
Polygraph Examiner II14
Polygraph Examiner III18
Polygraph Examiner IV22
Polygraph Examiner V24
Population Program Coordinator24
Population Program Officer I11
Population Program Officer II15
Population Program Officer III18
Population Program Officer IV22
Population Program Officer V24
Population Program Worker I5
Population Program Worker II7
Population Program Worker III9
Population Programs Coordinator24
Postage Stamps Custodian I10
Postage Stamps Custodian II14
Postage Stamps Custodian III17
Postal Service Assistant8
Postal Service Officer I11
Postal Service Officer II15
Postal Teller I6
Postal Teller II8
Postal Teller III11
Postmaster I10
Postmaster II12
Postmaster III14
Postmaster IV17
Postmaster V19
Postmaster VI22
Postmaster VII24
Poundkeeper I3
Poundkeeper II6
Precision Instrument Technician I6
Precision Instrument Technician II8
Precision Instrument Technician III11
President of the Philippines33
President of the Senate32
Presidential Adviser31
Presidential Adviser on Legislative Affairs31
Presidential Assistant I30
Presidential Assistant II31
Presidential Legislative Adviser30
Presidential Legislative Assistant30
Presidential Legislative Liaison Officer I24
Presidential Legislative Liaison Officer II28
Presidential Legislative Liaison Officer III29
Presidential Protocol Officer28
Presidential Spokesman31
Presidential Staff Assistant10
Presidential Staff Officer I11
Presidential Staff Officer II13
Presidential Staff Officer III16
Presidential Staff Officer IV19
Presidential Staff Officer V22
Presidential Staff Officer VI24
Presiding Justice31
Presiding Justice, Court of Appeals31
Presiding Justice, Sandiganbayan31
Press Roller Maker I3
Press Roller Maker II5
Press Secretary31
Press-Proof Revisor8
Printing Foreman9
Printing Machine Operator I4
Printing Machine Operator II6
Printing Machine Operator III9
Printing Machine Operator IV11
Printing Operations Assistant Chief22
Printing Operations Chief24
Printing Order Writer I6
Printing Order Writer II8
Printing Order Writer III11
Printing Plant Maintenance Assistant Chief15
Printing Plant Maintenance Chief18
Printing Press Supervisor13
Printing Quality Control Officer I10
Printing Quality Control Officer II14
Printing Quality Control Officer I4
Printing Quality Control Officer II6
Printing Quality Control Officer III9
Printing Scheduler5
Prison Guard I5
Prison Guard II7
Prison Guard III10
Privacy Commissioner31
Probation Officer I11
Probation Officer II15
Process Server 5
Procurement Management Officer I11
Procurement Management Officer II13
Procurement Management Officer III16
Procurement Management Officer IV19
Procurement Management Officer V22
Procurement Management Officer VI24
Production Cost Estimator I6
Production Cost Estimator II8
Production Cost Estimator III11
Production Planning and Control Assistant8
Production Planning and Control Officer I10
Production Planning and Control Officer II14
Production Planning and Control Officer III18
Production Planning and Control Officer IV22
Production Planning and Control Officer V24
Professional Regulations Assistant8
Professional Regulations Officer I11
Professional Regulations Officer II13
Professional Regulations Officer III16
Professor I24
Professor II25
Professor III26
Professor IV27
Professor V28
Professor VI29
Project Development Assistant8
Project Development Officer I11
Project Development Officer II15
Project Development Officer III18
Project Development Officer IV22
Project Development Officer V24
Project Evaluation Assistant8
Project Evaluation Officer I11
Project Evaluation Officer II15
Project Evaluation Officer III18
Project Evaluation Officer IV22
Project Evaluation Officer V24
Project Manager I25
Project Manager II26
Project Manager III27
Project Manager IV28
Proofreader I4
Proofreader II6
Property Appraiser I11
Property Appraiser II15
Property Appraiser III18
Property Appraiser IV22
Property Appraiser V24
Prosecution Attorney25
Prosecutor General30
Prosecutor I26
Prosecutor II27
Prosecutor III28
Prosecutor IV29
Prosecutor V30
Provincial Agrarian Reform Adjudicator27
Provincial Agrarian Reform Program Officer I25
Provincial Agrarian Reform Program Officer II26
Provincial Agricultural Officer26
Provincial Election Supervisor I23
Provincial Election Supervisor II24
Provincial Election Supervisor III25
Provincial Election Supervisor IV26
Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Officer26
Provincial Government Assistant Department Head24
Provincial Government Department Head26
Provincial Governor30
Provincial Health Officer I25
Provincial Health Officer II26
Provincial Trade and Industry Officer26
Provincial Vice-Governor28
Provincial Warden22
Psychologist I11
Psychologist II15
Psychologist III18
Public Attorney I25
Public Attorney II26
Public Attorney III27
Public Attorney IV28
Public Attorney V29
Public Schools District Supervisor22
Public Services Assistant8
Public Services Foreman6
Public Services Inspector I6
Public Services Inspector II8
Public Services Officer I11
Public Services Officer II15
Public Services Officer III18
Public Services Officer IV22
Public Services Officer V24
Public Utilities Regulation Officer I11
Public Utilities Regulation Officer II15
Publication Circulation Assistant8
Publication Circulation Officer I11
Publication Circulation Officer II15
Publication Circulation Officer III18
Publication Production Chief18
Publication Production Supervisor15
Quartermaster 4
Radio Photo Equipment Operator7
Radiologic Technologist I11
Radiologic Technologist II15
Radiologic Technologist III18
Radiologic Technologist IV20
Radiologic Technologist V22
Radiotherapeutic Nurse I12
Radiotherapeutic Nurse II16
Radiotherapeutic Nurse III19
Records Management Analyst I10
Records Management Analyst II14
Records Officer I10
Records Officer II14
Records Officer III18
Records Officer IV22
Records Officer V24
Recreation and Welfare Services Assistant7
Recreation and Welfare Services Officer15
Recreation and Welfare Services Officer I9
Recreation and Welfare Services Officer II11
Recreation and Welfare Services Officer III15
Recreation and Welfare Services Officer IV18
Recreation and Welfare Services Officer V22
Recreation and Welfare Services Officer VI24
Regional Agrarian Reform Adjudicator28
Regional Cabinet Secretary29
Regional Chief of Staff28
Regional Equipment Engineer25
Regional Executive Secretary29
Regional Governor31
Regional Legislative Secretary29
Regional Programs Coordinator24
Regional Treasurer27
Regional Trial Court Judge29
Regional Vice-Governor30
Register of Deeds I21
Register of Deeds II23
Register of Deeds III25
Register of Deeds IV27
Registrar I11
Registrar II15
Registrar III18
Registrar IV22
Registrar V24
Registration Officer I10
Registration Officer II14
Registration Officer III18
Registration Officer IV22
Registration Officer V24
Religious Guidance Adviser18
Religious Sister8
Religious Worker8
Remote Sensing Technologist I11
Remote Sensing Technologist II15
Reproduction Machine Operator I2
Reproduction Machine Operator II4
Reproduction Machine Operator III7
Revenue Collection Clerk I5
Revenue Collection Clerk II7
Revenue Collection Clerk III9
Revenue Officer I11
Revenue Officer II13
Revenue Officer III16
Revenue Officer IV19
Rodent Zone Inspector6
Rural Health Physician24
State Auditor I16
State Auditor II19
State Auditor III22
State Auditor IV24
Sales and Promotion Supervisor I10
Sales and Promotion Supervisor II14
Sales and Promotion Supervisor III18
Sales and Promotion Supervisor IV22
Sales and Promotion Supervisor V24
Sales Representative I6
Sales Representative II8
Sales Representative III10
Sales Representative IV14
Sangguniang Bayan Member I24
Sangguniang Bayan Member II25
Sangguniang Panglalawigan Member27
Sangguniang Panlungsod Member I25
Sangguniang Panlungsod Member II27
Sanitation Inspector I6
Sanitation Inspector II8
Sanitation Inspector III11
Sanitation Inspector IV13
Sanitation Inspector V15
Sanitation Inspector VI18
Scholarship Affairs Officer I13
Scholarship Affairs Officer II16
School Credits Evaluator11
School Farm Demonstrator10
School Farming Coordinator I13
School Farming Coordinator II14
School Farming Coordinator III15
School Librarian I11
School Librarian II12
School Librarian III13
School Principal I19
School Principal II20
School Principal III21
School Principal IV22
Schools Division Superintendent26
Science Aide 4
Science Documentation Officer I10
Science Documentation Officer II14
Science Documentation Officer III18
Science Documentation Officer IV22
Science Documentation Officer V24
Science Education Associate I12
Science Education Associate II14
Science Education Specialist I16
Science Education Specialist II18
Science Education Specialist III20
Science Education Specialist IV22
Science Education Specialist V24
Science Research Analyst11
Science Research Assistant9
Science Research Specialist I13
Science Research Specialist II16
Science Research Technician I9
Science Research Technician II11
Science Research Technician III13
Science Research Technician IV16
Scientist I 26
Scientist II27
Scientist III28
Scientist IV29
Scientist V30
Scriptwriter I12
Scriptwriter I15
Sea Patrol Supervisor17
Seaman 3
Second Mate17
Secretary of the Commission of Appointments31
Secretary of the House Electoral Tribunal30
Secretary of the Regional Commission on Appointments28
Secretary of the Senate31
Secretary of the Senate Electoral Tribunal30
Secretary-General of the House of Representatives31
Securities and Exchange Analyst11
Securities and Exchange Specialist I13
Securities and Exchange Specialist II16
Security Agent I8
Security Agent II10
Security Guard I3
Security Guard II5
Security Guard III8
Security Officer I11
Security Officer II15
Security Officer III18
Security Officer IV22
Security Officer V24
Senior Administrative Assistant I13
Senior Administrative Assistant II14
Senior Administrative Assistant III15
Senior Administrative Assistant IV16
Senior Administrative Assistant V18
Senior Agrarian Reform Program Officer18
Senior Agrarian Reform Program Technologist14
Senior Agriculturist18
Senior Air Navigation System Specialist19
Senior Air Traffic Controller20
Senior Airways Communicator19
Senior Aquaculturist18
Senior Archivist18
Senior Auditing Systems Specialist19
Senior Aviation Safety Regulation Officer18
Senior Budget and Management Specialist19
Senior Communications Development Officer18
Senior Cooperatives Development Specialist18
Senior Defense Research Officer18
Senior Economic Development Specialist19
Senior Ecosystems Management Specialist18
Senior Education Program Specialist19
Senior Emigrant Services Officer18
Senior Energy Regulation Officer18
Senior Environmental Management Specialist18
Senior Fiber Development Officer18
Senior Fidelity Bond Examiner18
Senior Fishing Regulations Officer18
Senior Foreign Affairs Adviser24
Senior Foreign Affairs Research Specialist18
Senior Forest Management Specialist18
Senior Geologist18
Senior Health Program Officer18
Senior Historic Sites Development Officer18
Senior History Researcher18
Senior Home Management Specialist18
Senior Immigration Officer19
Senior Industrial Design Specialist18
Senior Insurance Specialist18
Senior Investments Specialist18
Senior Labor and Employment Officer19
Senior Language Researcher18
Senior Letter Carrier8
Senior Local Treasury Examiner18
Senior Mail Sorter6
Senior Manpower Development Officer18
Senior Maritime Industry Development Specialist18
Senior Meat Control Officer19
Senior Metallurgist18
Senior Museum Researcher18
Senior News Editor19
Senior Parole Officer21
Senior Penal institution Program Officer18
Senior Personnel Specialist19
Senior Phlebotomist20
Senior Postal Service Officer18
Senior Probation Officer18
Senior Professional Regulations Officer19
Senior Public Utilities Regulation Officer18
Senior Records Management Analyst18
Senior Remote Sensing Technologist18
Senior Scholarship Affairs Officer19
Senior Science Research Specialist19
Senior Securities and Exchange Specialist19
Senior Shipbuilding Specialist18
Senior Shipping Operations Specialist18
Senior Shrine Curator18
Senior Sports and Games Regulation Officer18
Senior State Solicitor29
Senior Statistical Specialist19
Senior Tariff Specialist18
Senior Tax Specialist18
Senior Tech Education and Skills Development Specialist19
Senior Telegraphic Transfer Service Officer18
Senior Tourism Operations Officer18
Senior Trade-Industry Development Specialist18
Senior Transportation Development Officer18
Senior Transportation Regulation Officer18
Senior Veterans Assistance Officer18
Senior Volunteer Service Officer18
Senior Water Resources Development Officer19
Senior Weather Specialist19
Sergeant-At-Arms I24
Sergeant-At-Arms II26
Sergeant-At-Arms III28
Sergeant-At-Arms IV30
Sharia Circuit Court Judge26
Sharia District Court Judge29
Sheriff I5
Sheriff II7
Sheriff III10
Sheriff IV12
Ship Master23
Shipbuilding Specialist I11
Shipbuilding Specialist II15
Shipping Operations Inspector8
Shipping Operations Specialist I11
Shipping Operations Specialist II15
Shrine Curator I10
Shrine Curator II14
Shrine Guide6
Slaughterhouse Master I10
Slaughterhouse Master II14
Slaughterhouse Master III18
Slaughterhouse Master IV22
Slaughterhouse Superintendent15
Social Welfare Aide4
Social Welfare Assistant8
Social Welfare Officer I11
Social Welfare Officer II15
Social Welfare Officer III18
Social Welfare Officer IV22
Social Welfare Officer V24
Sociologist I11
Sociologist II15
Solicitor General31
Speaker of the House of Representatives32
Speaker, Regional Assembly30
Special Agent I8
Special Agent II10
Special Education Teacher I14
Special Education Teacher II15
Special Education Teacher III16
Special Education Teacher IV17
Special Education Teacher V18
Special Investigator I11
Special Investigator II15
Special Investigator III18
Special Investigator IV22
Special Investigator V24
Special Operations Officer I10
Special Operations Officer II14
Special Operations Officer III18
Special Operations Officer IV22
Special Operations Officer V24
Special Police Area Supervisor19
Special Police Assistant Chief22
Special Police Captain13
Special Police Chief24
Special Police Corporal6
Special Police Lieutenant11
Special Police Major15
Special Police Sergeant8
Special Policeman4
Special Presidential Representative29
Special Prosecution Officer I26
Special Prosecution Officer II27
Special Prosecution Officer III28
Special Prosecutor30
Special School Principal I19
Special School Principal II20
Special Science Teacher I13
Special Science Teacher II16
Special Science Teacher III19
Special Science Teacher IV22
Special Science Teacher V24
Special Trade Representative28
Speech Laboratory Technician6
Speech Therapist I10
Speech Therapist II14
Speech Transcriber11
Sports and Games Inspector I6
Sports and Games Inspector II8
Sports and Games Regulation Officer I10
Sports and Games Regulation Officer II14
Sports Development Officer I10
Sports Development Officer II14
Sports Development Officer III18
Sports Development Officer IV22
Sports Development Officer V24
State Auditing Examiner I11
State Auditing Examiner II13
State Auditor V26
State Counsel I24
State Counsel II25
State Counsel III26
State Counsel IV27
State Counsel V28
State Solicitor I27
State Solicitor II28
State Technical Audit Analyst I11
State Technical Audit Analyst II13
State Technical Audit Specialist I16
State Technical Audit Specialist II19
State Technical Audit Specialist III22
State Technical Audit Specialist IV24
State Technical Audit Specialist V26
Statistical Analyst11
Statistical Coordination Officer I11
Statistical Coordination Officer II13
Statistical Coordination Officer III16
Statistical Coordination Officer IV19
Statistical Coordination Officer V22
Statistical Coordination Officer VI24
Statistical Specialist I13
Statistical Specialist II16
Statistician Aide4
Statistician I11
Statistician II15
Statistician III18
Statistician IV22
Statistician V24
Stenographer I4
Stenographer II6
Stenographer III9
Stenographer to the President15
Stenographic Reporter I7
Stenographic Reporter II9
Stenographic Reporter III11
Stenographic Reporter IV13
Stitcher I2
Stitcher II4
Stitcher III7
Student Records Evaluator I11
Student Records Evaluator II15
Student Records Evaluator III18
Student Records Evaluator IV22
SUC Executive Vice-President29
SUC President I27
SUC President II28
SUC President III29
SUC President IV30
SUC Vice-President I25
SUC Vice-President II26
SUC Vice-President III27
SUC Vice-President IV28
Superintendent of Printing26
Supervising Administrative Officer22
Supervising Agrarian Reform Program Officer22
Supervising Agriculturist22
Supervising Air Navigation System Specialist22
Supervising Air Traffic Controller22
Supervising Airways Communicator22
Supervising Aquaculturist22
Supervising Archivist22
Supervising Auditing Systems Specialist22
Supervising Aviation Safety Regulation Officer22
Supervising Budget and Management Specialist22
Supervising Cooperatives Development Specialist22
Supervising Customs Operations Officer22
Supervising Defense Research Officer22
Supervising Economic Development Specialist22
Supervising Ecosystems Management Specialist22
Supervising Education Program Specialist22
Supervising Electrotyper16
Supervising Emigrant Services Officer22
Supervising Energy Regulation Officer22
Supervising Environmental Management Specialist22
Supervising Fiber Development Officer22
Supervising Fidelity Bond Examiner22
Supervising Financial Management Specialist22
Supervising Fishing Regulations Officer22
Supervising Foreign Affairs Research Specialist22
Supervising Forest Management Specialist22
Supervising GAD Specialist22
Supervising Geologist22
Supervising Health Program Officer22
Supervising Historic Sites Development Officer22
Supervising History Researcher22
Supervising Home Management Specialist22
Supervising Immigration officer22
Supervising Industrial Design Specialist22
Supervising Insurance Specialist22
Supervising Investments Specialist22
Supervising Judicial Staff Officer23
Supervising Labor and Employment Officer22
Supervising Language Researcher22
Supervising Legislative Staff Officer I23
Supervising Legislative Staff Officer II24
Supervising Legislative Staff Officer III25
Supervising Local Treasury Examiner22
Supervising Manpower Development Officer22
Supervising Maritime Industry Development Specialist22
Supervising Meat Control Officer22
Supervising Metallurgist22
Supervising News Editor22
Supervising Parole Officer23
Supervising Penal Institution Program Officer22
Supervising Personnel Specialist22
Supervising Photoengraver16
Supervising Political Affairs Officer I22
Supervising Political Affairs Officer II23
Supervising Political Affairs Officer III25
Supervising Postal Service Officer22
Supervising Pressman16
Supervising Probation Officer22
Supervising Professional Regulations Officer22
Supervising Public Utilities Regulation Officer22
Supervising Records Management Analyst22
Supervising Remote Sensing Technologist22
Supervising Scholarship Affairs Officer22
Supervising Science Research Specialist22
Supervising Securities and Exchange Specialist22
Supervising Shipbuilding Specialist22
Supervising Shipping Operations Specialist22
Supervising Shrine Curator22
Supervising Sports and Games Regulation Officer22
Supervising Statistical Specialist22
Supervising Tariff Specialist22
Supervising Tax Specialist22
Supervising Tec Education and Skills Development Specialist22
Supervising Telegraphic Transfer Service Officer22
Supervising Tourism Operations Officer22
Supervising Trade-Industry Development Specialist22
Supervising Transportation Development Officer22
Supervising Transportation Regulation Officer22
Supervising Typesetter16
Supervising Veterans Assistance Officer22
Supervising Volunteer Service Office22
Supervising Water Resources Development Officer22
Supervising Weather Facilities Specialist21
Supervising Weather Specialist21
Supervisor of Student Teaching18
Supplies Checker4
Tariff Specialist I11
Tariff Specialist II15
Tax Mapper I11
Tax Mapper II15
Tax Mapper III18
Tax Mapper IV22
Tax Mapper V24
Tax Mapping Aide4
Tax Mapping Examiner11
Tax Specialist I11
Tax Specialist II15
Teacher Credentials Evaluator I13
Teacher Credentials Evaluator II15
Teacher Credentials Evaluator III18
Teacher I11
Teacher II12
Teacher III13
Teachers’ Camp Superintendent24
Teaching-Aids Specialist11
Technical Education and Skills Development Analyst11
Technical Education and Skills Development Specialist I13
Technical Education and Skills Development Specialist II16
Technician Education Specialist I11
Technician Education Specialist II15
Technician Education Specialist III18
Technician Education Specialist IV22
Technician Education Specialist V24
Telecommunications District Officer24
Telecommunications Traffic Supervisor18
Telegram Carrier4
Telegraphic Transfer Service Assistant8
Telegraphic Transfer Service Officer I11
Telegraphic Transfer Service Officer II15
Test Specialist I11
Test Specialist II15
Test Specialist III18
Test Technician I6
Test Technician II8
Textbook Editor11
Third Mate13
Ticket Checker3
Toolmaker Foreman9
Toolmaker General Foreman11
Toolmaker I4
Toolmaker II6
Tourism Operations Assistant7
Tourism Operations Officer I11
Tourism Operations Officer II15
Tourist Receptionist I8
Tourist Receptionist II10
Tourist Receptionist III13
Toxicologist I11
Toxicologist II15
Toxicologist III18
Trade Commissioner29
Trade Control Examiner I11
Trade Control Examiner II15
Trade Control Examiner III18
Trade-Industry Development Analyst11
Trade-Industry Development Specialist15
Traffic Aide I3
Traffic Aide II5
Traffic Aide III7
Traffic Operations Officer I11
Traffic Operations Officer II15
Traffic Operations Officer III18
Traffic Operations Officer IV22
Traffic Operations Officer V24
Training Assistant8
Training Center Superintendent I22
Training Center Superintendent II24
Training Specialist I11
Training Specialist II15
Training Specialist III18
Training Specialist IV22
Training Specialist V24
Translator I8
Translator II11
Transportation Development Officer I11
Transportation Development Officer II15
Transportation Inspector8
Transportation Regulation Officer I11
Transportation Regulation Officer II15
Treasurer of the Philippines30
Treasury Claims Processor I6
Treasury Claims Processor II8
Treasury Operations Assistant9
Treasury Operations Officer I11
Treasury Operations Officer II13
Treasury Operations Officer III16
Treasury Operations Officer IV19
Tree Marker2
Tribal Affairs Assistant I5
Tribal Affairs Assistant II8
Typesetter I4
Typesetter II6
Typesetter III9
Typesetter IV11
University Extension Associate I12
University Extension Associate II14
University Extension Specialist I16
University Extension Specialist II18
University Extension Specialist III20
University Extension Specialist IV22
University Extension Specialist V24
University Professor30
University Research Associate I12
University Research Associate II14
University Researcher I16
University Researcher II18
University Researcher III20
University Researcher IV22
University Researcher V24
University Secretary I28
University Secretary II29
UP Executive Vice-President30
UP President31
UP Vice-President29
Utility Worker I1
Utility Worker II3
Utility Foreman6
Venom Extractor4
Veterans Assistance Officer I11
Veterans Assistance Officer II15
Veterinarian I13
Veterinarian II16
Veterinarian III19
Veterinarian IV22
Veterinarian V24
Veterinarian VI26
Veterinarian VII28
Vice President of the Philippines32
Vice-Presidential Staff Officer I11
Vice-Presidential Staff Officer II13
Vice-Presidential Staff Officer III16
Vice-Presidential Staff Officer IV19
Vice-Presidential Staff Officer V22
Vice-Presidential Staff Officer VI24
Vocational Instruction Supervisor I16
Vocational Instruction Supervisor II17
Vocational Instruction Supervisor III18
Vocational Placement Coordinator I13
Vocational Placement Coordinator II15
Vocational Placement Coordinator III18
Vocational School Administrator I22
Vocational School Administrator II23
Vocational School Administrator III24
Vocational School Dean24
Vocational School Department Head20
Vocational School Superintendent I25
Vocational School Superintendent II26
Volunteer Service Officer I10
Volunteer Service Officer II14
Waiter I2
Waiter II4
Ward Assistant7
Wardress I5
Wardress II7
Warehouse Inspector7
Warehouseman I6
Warehouseman II8
Warehouseman III11
Warehouseman IV13
Watchman I2
Watchman II4
Watchman III7
Water Pump Operator4
Water Resources Development Officer I12
Water Resources Development Officer II16
Water System Development Assistant8
Water System Development Officer I12
Water System Development Officer II16
Water System Development Officer III19
Waterworks Superintendent I18
Waterworks Superintendent II22
Waterworks Supervisor14
Waterworks Technician6
Weather Facilities Specialist I15
Weather Facilities Specialist II17
Weather Facilities Specialist III19
Weather Facilities Technician I9
Weather Facilities Technician II11
Weather Facilities Technician III13
Weather Observation Aide4
Weather Observer I9
Weather Observer II11
Weather Observer III13
Weather Observer IV15
Weather Services Chief24
Weather Specialist I15
Weather Specialist II17
Welder Foreman9
Welder I4
Welder II6
Well Driller I3
Well Driller II5
Well Drilling Supervisor I9
Well Drilling Supervisor II10
Work Order Tracer3
Youth Development Assistant I5
Youth Development Assistant II8
Youth Development Officer I10
Youth Development Officer II14
Youth Development Officer III18
Youth Development Officer IV22
Youth Development Officer V24
Zoning Inspector I6
Zoning Inspector II8
Zoning Officer I11
Zoning Officer II15
Zoning Officer III18
Zoning Officer IV22
Zoologist I11
Zoologist II15
Zoologist III18
Zoologist IV22
Zoologist V24
Zoology Technician6


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