Camille Lamera, MD

Camille Lamera is a medical doctor with clinical and government work experience. She has always been passionate about health education and public service, having worked in two government offices and as a part-time educator in Preventive and Community Medicine. She is currently working as a doctor in public health while also doing freelance academic and scientific writing.

6 thoughts on “How To Generate SPA (Statement of Premium Account) in PhilHealth

    1. How to generate spa in members portal if you are seperated to your employer but your account are under your employer?

  1. I am currently register as member of the formal sector and wishes to convert to informal sector under the professional category. How do I do it via online without going to PHILHEALTH Office.

    Thank you.

  2. Bakit yung Philhealth portal ko sa payment online walang Generates SPA? Paano yan hindi ako maka bayad thru online.

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