Are Consultants Entitled to the 13th-Month Pay?

Generally, consultants are not entitled to the 13th-month pay as they are not considered rank-and-file employees.

In consulting services1, consultants are hired for their technical and professional expertise to render technical services or special studies, such as advisory and review services, pre-investment or feasibility studies, design, etc.

However, in one case2, a consultant was awarded benefits including 13th-month pay because he was considered a regular employee of the company. Although he was hired as a consultant and was designated as Consultant-Engineer, the description of his duties is that of an ordinary technical staff employee.

The Supreme Court ruled that “[t]he term ‘consultant’ is merely more of nomenclature as he is required under the contract to observe regular office hours. It, therefore, precludes the hiring of a mere ‘consultant’ who is supposed to render part-time service to the principal employer.”

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