What are the best law schools in the Philippines?

It depends.

If you are after quality education without the steep tuition fee, you may opt to enter the University of the Philippines. If you do have the means and have dreams of topping the Bar Examinations, you may enter the Ateneo de Manila University. On the other hand, if you are ready to face its strict attrition rate, you may enter San Beda College.

These three schools are commonly known as the ‘Top 3″ as they regularly place topnotchers in the Bar Examinations and are the top three schools with the highest passing rates in the Philippines.

Law schools in the provinces, however, are on the rise. The University of San Carlos in Cebu and Ateneo de Davao University have also routinely placed topnotchers and high passing rates in the Bar Examinations.

In fact, four barristers – now lawyers – from the University of San Carlos topped the 2018 Bar Examinations.

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