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Jewel Kyle Fabula is a Bachelor of Science in Economics student at the University of the Philippines Diliman. His passion for learning mathematics developed as he competed in some mathematics competitions during his Junior High School years. He loves cats, playing video games, and listening to music.

14 thoughts on “How To Make Conceptual Framework (With Examples and Templates)

  1. Hi. What is the difference between dotted lines, dotted lines with a single arrow, and lines with two-headed arrows in conceptual framework? What symbol do you use to denote “significant difference”?

    Thank you for your swift response.

  2. Good Day!
    Can anyone suggest a conceptual framework that focuses on awareness
    I tried using the concept of HBM (Health Belief Model) but the panelist didn’t want the idea because it didn’t align with our study.
    So can anyone suggest a concept that deals with awareness
    Thank you in advance.
    PS. Our deadline for revision is near hehe

      1. How to explain the first example of the qualitative research? Which is entitled with “Lived Experiences of Medical Health Workers During Community Quarantine”

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