Who are exempted from passport appointment?

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The following people don’t need to set an appointment and can go directly to priority/courtesy lanes assigned to them at DFA Consular Offices:

  • Minors who are 7 (seven) years old and below (together with his/her parents and minor siblings 17 (seventeen) years old and below). READ: How to Get Philippine Passport for Minors
  • Pregnant women (if not visibly pregnant, must bring medical certificate/record).
  • Senior Citizen with Senior Citizen ID.
  • Solo parent with valid Solo Parent ID (along with his/her minor child/children). 
  • OFWs (land- or sea-based) with valid proof of status like valid iDOLE card, work visa, POEA-authenticated employment contract, or Seaman’s book stamped at international border less than a year from the date of application. 
  • People with disabilities with valid PWD ID or visible disability.
  • Regular government employees with a valid Employee ID.
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Here are a few reminders about the passport courtesy lanes:

  • Courtesy lanes for OFWs are only available at DFA Aseana and DFA NCR Central. OFWs may also apply in other Consular Offices but they need to secure an online appointment.
  • Senior citizens, PWDs, and infants up to 12 months can avail of courtesy lanes at any DFA Consular Office/capturing site except DFA NCR Central.
  • Senior citizens and PWDs are allowed to be accompanied by one (1) adult travel companion. The companion can also avail of the courtesy lane provided that he/she is an immediate family member (spouse, adult children/grandchildren, siblings, parents-in-law, or children-in-law) and can show proof of relationship.
  • If the companion of the senior citizen or PWD is not an immediate family member, proof of travel arrangements (e.g., confirmed hotel or plane booking) with the senior citizen/PWD must be presented to avail of the courtesy lane.
  • Priority/courtesy lanes have limited slots so they accommodate applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. It’s best to come to the DFA office early so you can get a queue number and make it to the cutoff.

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