How can I get or renew my NBI clearance if I’m abroad?

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Even if you secure an online appointment, there are instances when a personal appearance at the NBI clearance center is impossible.

We’re talking about OFWs or Filipinos who have left the Philippines to work or live permanently in another country.

Perhaps you need NBI clearance for your impending residence visa application. Or maybe you’re a foreign national who lived in the Philippines for a while and just returned to your home country.

Whatever your circumstances may be, it’s possible to get or renew your NBI clearance even without your physical presence in the Philippines.

There are two ways to do it:

  • With an authorized representative – Especially if you’re pressed for time, a relative or a friend in the Philippines can be the best person you can count on to do everything on your behalf. All you need to do is send that person a signed authorization letter along with the requirements. An online appointment is also required.
  • Without an authorized representative – Only choose this route if you really don’t have anyone in the Philippines whom you can trust to do the application/renewal for you. Basically, this option involves going to the Philippine Embassy in your host country, securing all the needed requirements, making an online appointment, and sending the documents to the main NBI clearance center at UN Avenue in Manila.

Here’s a rundown of the procedures you’d expect for each of these two options:


Option 1: With an Authorized Representative.

1. Complete All the Required Documents.

For new applicants, here are the things you need:

  • NBI Form No. 5, also known as fingerprint form, which you can get for free from the Philippine Embassy or Consulate in the country where you live. Your authorized representative can also get this from the Mailed Clearance Section, 3rd Floor, NBI Clearance Building, UN Avenue, Manila.
    NBI Form Number 5 or fingerprint form
    After filling out the form, go to the Embassy or the nearest police station to have rolled impressions of your fingerprint. The person who took your fingerprint impression must sign on the form. The fingerprinting service provided by the Embassy comes with a fee which varies from one country to another.
  • 2×2 passport-sized photo in a white background taken within 3 months before the application.
  • Photocopy of passport (bio page or most recent departure stamp) and other valid IDs issued by your host country.
  • Letter of Authorization with your signature.

If you’re renewing an old NBI clearance, please secure the following requirements:

  • Original copy of your old NBI clearance issued from 2014 to 2018. If you already have this, you no longer have to submit the fingerprint form (NBI Form No. 5) as the old clearance is enough to provide them with your biometrics. But to make your renewal foolproof, I suggest that you secure both documents.
  • 2×2 passport-sized photo in a white background taken within 3 months before the application.
  • Photocopy of passport (bio page or most recent departure stamp) and other valid IDs issued by your host country.
  • Letter of Authorization with your signature.

Send all the above-mentioned requirements to your authorized representative in the Philippines. Courier services like FedEx can send documents to the Philippines for as short as 3 days.


2. Make an Online Appointment.

NBI requires all applicants, regardless of where they’re located, to make an appointment online before coming to their main office.

You or your authorized representative can do the online appointment.

Access the NBI Clearance Online Services website.

Under “Register,” you’ll be asked: “DO YOU HAVE AN OLD NBI CLEARANCE?” If you’re for renewal, mark the box that corresponds to “YES.” Otherwise, click the other box and complete the registration form for first-time applicants.

After completing the registration, sign in with your email and password. Click the “Apply for Clearance” on the upper right side of the Account Information page.

A pop-up window will ask for the valid ID you’ll bring on the day of the appointment. Type in “PASSPORT” and click “I Agree.”

Choose your appointment schedule and place. Take note that the main branch at UN Avenue in Manila is the only clearance center that processes applications and renewals from Filipinos abroad.

Select from a list of payment channels. It will subsequently provide you with a reference number.

Don’t forget to provide your representative with this reference number. It serves as a code that will be needed during payment. The NBI staff will also need it to retrieve your data.

As of this writing, NBI clearance costs Php 130. An additional amount will be charged for the use of the e-payment service.

If you use online banking, you can easily pay the fee on the spot. You can also ask your authorized representative to pay the fee to your chosen payment center or directly to the main NBI clearance center in UN Avenue, Manila.


3. Submit Documents to NBI.

On the day of the appointment, your authorized representative must go directly to the Mailed Clearance Section located on the 3rd floor of the NBI Clearance Building in UN Avenue, Manila.

Mailed Clearance Section at NBI Clearance Bulding in UN Avenue Manila
All NBI clearance applications and renewals from OFWs are processed in this office.

The representative should submit the reference number. He/She will also be required to present his/her valid IDs as well as those of the applicant’s. 

Make sure the authorized representative will only bring IDs that are included on this list. Otherwise, he/she won’t be accommodated. 

If you’ve already paid online, no need to pay the fees again. Simply provide the reference number and they will be able to verify if payment has been made.

After scanning the documents, an NBI personnel will then provide your representative with a claim date during which he/she can return to the office to get the printed NBI clearance.


4. NBI Clearance Issuance.

Ask your authorized representative to return on the claim date and proceed to the printing section to get your NBI clearance.

The representative should then mail the NBI clerance to whatever country you’re living in. After receiving it, you need to go back to the Consulate to have your clearance stamped.


Option 2: Without an Authorized Representative.

The procedure is almost the same as when you have an authorized representative, except this time you’ll send all the requirements directly to the NBI clearance center in UN Avenue, Manila.

Since you’ll send them by yourself, there’s no need for an authorization letter.


1. Secure All the Requirements.

To see the complete list of documentary requirements, please go back to Step 1, Option 1.

In addition to the requirements, also attach Php 200 in the form of money order or bank draft addressed to the NBI director. Send these all to:



Mailed Clearance Section

3rd Floor, NBI Clearance Bldg.,

UN Avenue, Ermita, Manila


2. Make an Online Appointment.

Please follow the same instructions covered in Step 2, Option 1.

After registration, sign in to your account and click “Apply for Clearance.”

Go directly to payment options, choose a payment channel, and copy the reference number that will appear on the screen. NBI will need this to pull up your account information and application status.


3. Wait for Your NBI Clearance.

Upon receipt of your documents, it may take up to 5 days to process your application.

Once you receive it, check for an embossed dry seal of NBI to ensure authenticity. Affix your right thumb mark on the space provided.

The exact procedure, as well as requirements needed for getting/renewing an NBI clearance without an authorized representative, may change without further notice.

For more information, contact the Philippine Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence and ask for assistance.

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