Are Project-Based Employees Entitled to 13th-Month Pay?

Yes, they are entitled to the 13th-month pay.

Project employees are those hired for a specific project and the duration of employment is terminated upon the completion of the project. The employment is for a specific undertaking, the completion or termination of which has been determined at the time of the engagement of the employee.

The most common examples of project employees are those working in the construction industry. They are employed in connection with a particular construction project or phase and whose employment is co-terminus with each project or phase of the project which they are assigned.

Sec. 3.5 of DOLE Department Order No. 19 (s.1993)1 provides that during the period of their employment, these types of employees are entitled to statutory benefits which include the 13th-month pay.

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  1. Department Order No. 19, Guidelines Covering the Employment of Workers in the Construction Industry (1993).