How to Set an OEC Appointment Online: A Quick Guide for OFWs

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If you’re not qualified for online OEC processing and exemption, you’ll be required to use the appointment system of BM Online.

This is where you’ll schedule regular OEC processing on your preferred date, time, and POEA branch or Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO).

Here’s how to set an appointment through BM Online:

oec appointment 1
  1. Access the BM Online systemOpens in a new tab..
  2. Under “Already Registered,” enter your email address and password. Click the Login button.
  3. At the bottom of the OEC Number Verification pop-up, click the link for appointment setting.
  4. Upload your latest photo.
  5. Fill out the My Profile page with the required information.
  6. Click the Acquire OEC or Exemption button.
  7. Enter your expected flight schedule (in MM/DD/YYYY format). Click the Submit button.
  8. You’ll be taken to the Select Locations page. Click the drop-down menus to choose your preferred POEA or POLO location and branch for OEC processing. Click the Next button.
  9. A calendar will be displayed where you can view available slots in your chosen location. Click on your preferred date and time.
  10. A Schedule Details pop-up will show. If you’re okay with the schedule, click the Set Appointment button.
  11.  Click “My Transactions” on the left side. Under the Appointments tab, you’ll see your confirmed appointment schedule.
  12.  Click the Print Info Sheet button. This will take you to your Online Appointment Information Sheet.
  13.  Click the Print Appointment button to print your appointment form.
  14.  At the bottom of your printed appointment form, put your printed name and signature.

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oec appointment 2

On your appointment schedule, visit your chosen POLO or POEA office, proceed to the OFW Green Lanes, and submit the following OEC requirements:

  • Printed BM Online appointment sheet 
  • (Original and photocopy of) passport valid for six months from the departure date
  • Photocopy of valid work visa, work permit, alien resident certificate, or any equivalent document
  • Original copy of valid employment contract verified/authenticated by the POLO/Philippine Embassy/ConsulateOpens in a new tab.
  • Proof that you’re returning to the same employer e.g., valid company ID, latest payslip, or current certificate of employment
  • For OFWs with existing POEA record and returning to the same employer but to a different country: Letter from the employer confirming the transfer of jobsite
  • For OFWs who are not yet registered with the POEA or who changed their employer on-site: Sworn statement/Affidavit explaining how you’re hired by your current employer (Check sample affidavit hereOpens in a new tab..)

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. I tried to set an appointment but there are no more slots left. Can I walk in at POEA/POLO instead?

Yes, provided that you have a valid reason. For example, you can explain that you only have 10 days of vacation and are scheduled to leave soon. You can support this by showing your visa and other requirements listed above.

Take note, however, that priority shall be given to those who have secured an appointment online.

As a last resort, you can get the OEC directly at the airportOpens in a new tab.. However, they can only issue an OEC if you have a valid reason that may have prevented you from going through regular processing. For instance, you can get an OEC at the airport immediately before your departure if you can prove that you’re on emergency leave and you already have a confirmed flight booking.

2. I’m a direct-hire OFW. How can I get an OEC?

The process of applying for an OEC for direct-hire OFWs is completely different from that of OFWs hired through recruitment agencies. Click here to learn more about the updated process of obtaining an OEC for direct hires. Opens in a new tab.

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149 thoughts on “How to Set an OEC Appointment Online: A Quick Guide for OFWs

  1. hi, i can not edit my employer name, i take an oec before and i have change already new company but fortunately i can not edit it,

    1. Unfortunately, you can’t edit the employer’s name online. You’ll have to go through the regular OEC processing.

      For more info, read this:

      1. hi i cannot put the OEC Number, how can i edit and put the OEC Number, it is not in the options

      2. Can you provide more details regarding your concern?

  2. Hello, possible po ba.makakuha ako ng oec exeption. Kahit wala akong record sa poea? Pero my working permit ako and at residence visa. Sa hk po kasi ako nag process ng working permit ko nun para mag work dto sa china.

    1. No. Only an OFW who has a record in the POEA database can get an OEC exemption.

      For more info, read this:

  3. Hi hello i ask i have appoinment in December 17 2019 in my city but my flight extend in December 23 2019, how can appoinment again? Thank you

    1. Sorry for the late response. You can change your appointment details by following the steps indicated in this guide:

    2. Ask ko lang po kung okay lang ba na dalawa nabigay na oec exemption number? Kase nung una ko pong nag try e march 20 validity nya which is same date po ng departure ko pabalik ng UAE so nag worried po ako baka hindi ako tanggapin, den nung nag try ulit ako kanina, napalitan na po yung expiration date na march 26,2020. Okay lang po ba yun?

    1. Yes. OEC processing only takes 10-15 minutes on the day of appointment if there’s no issue with your profile details and you’ve submitted all the required documents.

    1. Unfortunately, you can’t edit the employer’s name online. You’ll have to go through the regular OEC processing.

      For more info, read this:

      1. Yan nga din po ang problema ko paano po ba mag regular OEC processing?

      2. Regular OEC processing simply means that instead of getting your OEC online, you have to set an appointment and personally get an OEC from a POEA or POLO office.

    1. This article is a quick guide on how to get an OEC appointment online. You can find everything that you need to know by reading the whole article.

  4. Hello,

    I tried applying for an OEC appointment online but I cannot leave the BM ONLINE registration page. I registered already but I can get through to my bm online account.
    Hope you can help me, thanks in advance!

    1. You can find the answer here:

    1. Unfortunately, you can’t edit your jobsite online. You’ll have to go through the regular OEC processing.

      For more info, read this:

    1. Yes. You can change your appointment details by following the steps indicated in this guide:

  5. Yeah why there’s no slot In poea ortigas or trinoma for December until now. I only have Dec 23 to process everything. Pls help. Are they close for Dec 23 or walk in is possible?

    1. Sorry for the late response. It’s best to inquire at POEA either personally, online, or through a phone call. You can also regularly check the availability of slots.

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