How To Change Information on POPS-BaM

If you want to edit your name, birthdate, and gender in the POPS-BaM E-registration, you must submit a ticket to the DMW Helpdesk1

  1. Visit the DMW Online Services portal 
  2. Click Create Ticket under the Helpdesk section
  3. Click Continue > Select  “Online Services : E-Registration” under the Service dropdown menu > Select “Edit Account Problem – Name, Birthday, and Gender” under the Concern dropdown menu > Click Next
  4. Select “I know my ERegistration No/I know my registered Email Address/I forgot my E-registration number and Email Address”
  5. Enter your E-registration number or registered email address
  6. Pick the nearest processing site > Enter your Concern Details and your contact number
  7. Attach your passport (< 2 MB) > Click Upload
  8. Submit the ticket and click Yes to confirm

You may copy your ticket number for inquiry purposes in case there are delays in the processing.

If you’re going to change your employer, job site, or employment position indicated on the site, you have to set an appointment.

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