How to Renew Philippine Passport for Minors: A Quick Guide

Last Updated on 08/17/2020 by FilipiKnow

Philippine passport renewal process for minors is the same as the regular renewal procedure, except younger minor applicants can simply bypass online appointment and avail of the courtesy lane at DFA branches (Update: The minor applicants’ exemption from the online appointment has been suspended until further notice. All applicants regardless of age are now required to make an appointment online before heading to the DFA office).

For a more detailed guide to Philippine passport renewal requirements and procedure, please read this article.

In addition to the core requirements listed here, minor applicants must also bring the following:

  • Current ePassport with a photocopy of the data page.
  • Original and photocopy of proof of filiation and/or guardianship. This may be in the form of PSA birth certificate, baptismal certificate, affidavit of filiation, or TOR as long as it shows the names of the parent and the child/minor.
  • In case the minor applicant is not accompanied by the parent/s during the application process and will be traveling alone without either of the parents, please read this guide for the additional documentary requirements.

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