How much does it cost to be a pilot in the Philippines?

Last Updated on 01/28/2020 by FilipiKnow

In order to get an Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) and apply to be a pilot at some of the best airlines, you’ll have to shell out a rough estimate of Php 3-5 million.

This amount will cover all the training costs during Ground Instruction and Flight Instruction like aviation school tuition fees, books, medical exams, licenses, airplane rental fees, flight instructor fees, board and lodging and a lot more. The bulk of that amount will go to flight hour fees which start at Php 8,000 per hour.

Of course, it will still depend on the flight school that you’ll be attending and the pilot training program that you’ll choose. For example, PAL has a pilot training program that costs around Php 4-5 million but comes with a job guarantee after completion if you’ll pass the training.

Take note, however, that you will not be paying the total training cost upfront.

The estimated total training cost will be spread over the years that you spend acquiring your licenses from Student Pilot License (around Php 60,000-100,000) to Private Pilot License (around Php 600,000) to Commercial Pilot License (around Php 800,000) and finally, to Airline Transport Pilot License (at least Php 2 million).

If you can’t afford the expenses yet, you can either save up for it or get a different job while getting as many flight hours as possible.

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