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Among the different branches of science, the most fundamental is physics. 

Physics is the study of matter, its motion, and its behavior through space and time, along with other quantities such as energy.

While physics is considered to be broad, it can be divided into five main branches: mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, waves and optics, and modern physics.

To understand science and its different branches, we must first understand physics. In this reviewer, we are going to briefly discuss each branch and find out how physics is just all around us. 

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1. Mechanics.

mechanics physics reviewer

We all know that most objects move, but how are we going to describe its motion? In this chapter, we are going to learn about quantities such as vectors and scalar, and factors that describe, affect, and impede motion.



2. Waves and Optics.

waves and optics physics reviewer

What makes light and sound the same? What makes them different? In this chapter, we are going to learn about different types of waves and their properties.



3. Electricity and Magnetism.

electricity and magnetism physics reviewer

“Opposites do attract,” most young people say these days. Some people struggle to find their perfect match but in physics, it is just easy. Let us learn how the opposite really attracts and why, along with other concepts.



4. Thermodynamics.

thermodynamics physics reviewer

Most people describe the ones they find attractive as “hot” and the ones who are not as friendly as “cold.” But how will you describe “hot” and “cold” in physics? This chapter will focus on that.



5. Modern Physics.

modern physics reviewer

You have probably watched the movie “Interstellar” where the father went to outer space and came back to Earth looking exactly the same, despite the time. He should look older, right? Why does he look exactly the same? In this chapter, we are going to learn why. 


  • Nuclear Physics
  • Introduction to Relativity


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Mary Joy Montenegro is a licensed professional teacher who obtained her Master’s Degree in Teaching Physics at De La Salle University under the Department of Science and Technology Scholarship. Aside from teaching, she also loves traveling and meeting other people.

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