How Much Does It Cost To Immigrate to Canada?

Planning to immigrate to Canada? In this guide, we’re providing a breakdown of all the possible expenses you’re going to pay as you move closer to your Canadian dream


Table of Contents


1. Preparation Fees (Documents, Flights, Certificates etc.)

During the application process and while preparing for life in Canada, these are some of the fees that you’ll pay for documents, certificates, and flights:

  • Adult Medical Exam – C$415
  • Birth, Marriage, or Death Certificates – C$3.50 each
  • Child Medical Exam – C$235 per child
  • ePassport – C$25
  • IELTS – C$250
  • One-way Fare  Economy Class (Manila-Toronto) – C$1,200 – C$1,800
  • Proof of No Marriage – C$5.00

2. Government Fees

These are the fees that you’ll pay when applying through the Express Entry Program1:

  • Application Processing Fee – C$825
  • Dependent Child Fee – C$225 per child
  • Right of Permanent Residence Fee – C$500
  • Spouse’s Application Processing Fee – C$825
  • Spouse’s Right of Permanent Residence Fee – C$500

On the other hand, if you’re applying under the Family Class (which means your spouse will be the sponsor), these are the government fees applicable to you:

  • Dependent Child Fee – C$150 per child
  • Principal Applicant Processing Fee – C$475
  • Right of Permanent Residence Fee – C$500
  • Sponsorship Fee – C$75

3. Settlement Funds

When applying for permanent residence, you must prove that you can sustain living in Canada by providing proof of funds. Here is the amount of funds2 that you should prepare depending on the size of your family:

No. of Family MembersFunds Needed
For each additional member of the familyC$3,560

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