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47 thoughts on “How To Load GCash: Best Ways To Fund Your Mobile Wallet

  1. hi, how can i transfer or convert my Regular load to my Gcash account. it is possible to do!. thanks for reply

    1. Yes. To find out how, open your GCash app, select Cash In, and look for the list of “Over the Counter” options. Click ‘Palawan EXpress’ to view instructions.

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  4. what is the maximum amount to be loaded or cash-in to my g-cash account?
    in bank? and 7-11 outlet?

    1. use your airtime minutes to buy coins. or prepaid giftcard you can buy in online shoping they have option to bill your Telecom provider smart direct billing or globe etc. once you have a giftcard redeem it via app make sure to check what are the accepted giftcard in gcash or pypal.

      1. Yes. Select “Buy Load” on your GCash dashboard. Then, enter any mobile number you want to buy a load for, choose the load amount, and then click “Pay” to complete the transaction.

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