How to Pay Pag-IBIG Contribution: An Ultimate Guide

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Whether you’re paying for regular Pag-IBIG contribution or MP2, this guide lists down all the modes of payment available for Filipinos living here or abroad.

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Pag-IBIG contribution payment deadlines.

Members who want to pay every month should remit their contribution on or before the 10th day of the following month.

For example, the contribution for August 2019 should be paid not later than September 10, 2019.

Quarterly payment is also allowed, which is due on or before the 10th day of the following quarter. For example, the contribution for the third quarter of 2019 (July to September) must be remitted by October 10, 2019, or earlier.

Employers follow a different schedule for monthly Pag-IBIG contribution remittance based on the first letter of their business name:

Business/Employer's Name Starting with
Due Date
A - D
10th to 14th day of the following month
E - L
15th to 19th day of the following month
M - Q
20th to 24th day of the following month
R - Z / Number
25th to the end of the following month

Pag-IBIG contribution payment channels.

Except for employees who contribute through salary deduction, all members can pay directly to the Pag-IBIG fund or any of its accredited collecting partners.

Note that when paying through third-party services, your contribution will be posted on your Pag-IBIG records after two to three working days.

Listed below are the different ways to pay your contribution. All these online and offline channels accept payments for both regular Pag-IBIG savings and MP2 savings.


1. Pag-IBIG branch.

Although Pag-IBIG has branches in malls, these locations don’t process payments. Instead, go to a servicing branch with a cashier. 

To find the nearest servicing office, check the Pag-IBIG Fund online directory and click the link that corresponds to your region (NCR/Luzon/Visayas/Mindanao). 

OFWs can pay their contribution to the Pag-IBIG representative based in the Philippine Embassy or Consulate General in their host country. 

If you’re working abroad, click the Overseas Post link on the Pag-IBIG online directory.


How to contribute directly to the Pag-IBIG Fund:

  1. Get a queue number from the reception desk.
  2. When your number is called, approach the assigned officer.
  3. Provide your Pag-IBIG MID number or printed Member Data Form (MDF). The officer will encode your information on a computer and provide you with a new queue number for the payment.
  4. When your number is called, proceed to the cashier and pay your contribution.
  5. Get your official receipt. Review it before you leave to ensure that all details are correct.

Employers are required to submit an accomplished Membership Contribution Remittance Form (MCRF) when paying the monthly employee and employer contributions at a Pag-IBIG branch.


2. Payment centers.

You can make an over-the-counter payment at any of these authorized collection partners:

  • Bayad Center
  • M Lhuillier
  • SM Business Centers and Bills Payment counters at Savemore and SM Hypermarket

Payments made after the due date are accepted at these payment centers.


How to pay Pag-IBIG contribution at an accredited payment center:

  1. Get a payment slip and fill it out. In the Account Number field, write down your Pag-IBIG MID number/registration tracking number (or MP2 account number if you’re paying for MP2).
  2. Give your completed form to the cashier.
  3. Pay your contribution.
  4. Wait for the cashier to hand the payment slip back to you. This form contains your transaction reference number and serves as your official receipt.


3. Credit card.

Too busy to line up for your Pag-IBIG contribution payment? If you have a credit card, you can conveniently pay online—even if you’re traveling or working abroad.

The Pag-IBIG online payment system accepts only current and advance remittance—retroactive payment for the past months are rejected.

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How to pay Pag-IBIG contribution online using a credit card:

  1. Go to the Pag-IBIG Online Payment Facility.
  2. Provide the required payment details. 

After typing your Pag-IBIG MID number/RTN, click the Verify button. Once the system has validated your Pag-IBIG number, your name will automatically appear on the Member’s Name field.

Complete the rest of the fields. The Convenience Fee and Total Amount Due will automatically be displayed after you’ve filled out the Monthly Mandatory Savings and Period Covered fields.

Don’t forget to check the boxes next to “I want to receive payment confirmation via SMS/email.” Provide your mobile number and email address as well. This way, you’ll receive proof that your payment has been received.

Next, type the code as it appears on your screen and check the box at the bottom of the page to agree to the terms and conditions.

When you’re done, click the Proceed button.

  1. Review your information on the Payment Summary page. If everything is correct, click the Submit button.
  2. Select the credit card brand you’ll use for payment (Mastercard or Visa only).
  3. Provide your credit card details. When you’re done, click the Submit button.
  4. Confirm your credit card payment details by clicking the OK button.
  5. The system will display a message confirming that the transaction has been completed. You should also receive a text and/or email message regarding your credit card transaction.
  6. Print the confirmation page. This will serve as your proof of payment and official receipt.


4. GCash.

Another way to skip the lines when paying Pag-IBIG contribution is by using your GCash mobile wallet. 

However, GCash accepts only payments made before the due date.

According to the Pag-IBIG Fund, payments via GCash are guaranteed by Globe, which means the company will pay for your bill in case your payment isn’t credited to your Pag-IBIG account.

To use this payment channel, register first with GCash and then fund your account. Once you have a GCash account and have sufficient balance, you can start remitting your contribution with your smartphone either  through the *137# menu or GCash app.

How to pay Pag-IBIG contribution using GCash *137# menu:

  1. Dial *137# and tap Call.
  2. Select “Nat’l Gov’t Agency.”
  3. Select “Pag IBIG” as the biller.
  4. Choose “Member’s Contribution” or “Modified Pag-IBIG II Savings.”
  5. Enter your 12-digit Pag-IBIG MID number or MP2 account number.
  6. Enter the amount to pay.
  7. Enter the coverage period in YYYYMM format (no space). Example: If you’ll pay for August 2019, enter 201908.
  8. A transaction summary will appear on your screen. Select “Continue” to complete the transaction.
  9. Wait for an electronic acknowledgment message from GCash.


How to pay Pag-IBIG contribution using GCash app:

  1. Open the app and log in to your account.
  2. Choose “Pay Bills.”
  3. Select Pag-IBIG as the biller.
  4. Enter your contribution amount.
  5. Confirm your payment.

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5. app. is an e-wallet, similar to GCash, that accepts contribution payments for Pag-IBIG and other government agencies.

Before using the service, download the app, register for an account, and cash in at partner outlets such as 7-Eleven stores.


How to pay Pag-IBIG contribution using app:

  1. Open the app and log in to your account.
  2. Select “Pay Bills.”
  3. Choose Pag-IBIG and the payment type (“Membership Savings” for regular Pag-IBIG savings or “Modified Pag-IBIG II” for MP2).
  4. Provide the required details. If you’re paying the regular contribution, enter your Pag-IBIG MID number. For MP2 savings remittance, enter your MP2 account number.
  5. Slide to pay.
  6. Wait for a message confirming your successful transaction.


6. Moneygment app.

Moneygment is a new mobile payment service provider in the Philippines. It accepts contribution payments from Pag-IBIG members, including business employers, household employers, and kasambahays. You may also use the app to make contribution payments for somebody else.

Currently, OFWs cannot use this mobile service yet, but this will be made available to them eventually.

Another limitation of this app is that it sets a maximum contribution amount of Php 200. So you can’t use it if you want to pay higher monthly Pag-IBIG savings.

To start, download the Moneygment app and create an account through your Gmail or Facebook account.

Once you’ve registered, you can begin paying Pag-IBIG contribution.


How to pay Pag-IBIG contribution using Moneygment app:

  1. Open the app and log in to your account.
  2. Choose “Pay your SSS, PhilHealth, and Pag-IBIG.”
  3. Enter your Pag-IBIG account details.
  4. Choose the Pag-IBIG tab and your payment type (Membership Savings/Modified Pag-IBIG II).
  5. Enter your Pag-IBIG details (Pag-IBIG MID number for regular savings or MP2 account number for MP2).
  6. Confirm your transaction.
  7. Choose your preferred payment method (7-Eleven/DragonPay/ECPay/PayPal).
  8. Visit any branch of your chosen payment center to pay your contribution. Follow the instructions on the Moneygment app. Get your official receipt.
  9. Verify your payment status by clicking the History tab on the app.


7. 7-Eleven Stores (via ECPay).

If there’s a 7-Eleven branch near your home, it’s simple and quick to remit your contribution.


How to pay Pag-IBIG contribution at 7-Eleven via ECPay:

  1. Go to the ECPay 7-Connect Transaction Portal.
  2. If this is your first time to use ECPay, register for an account first. Click “Register Mobile Number,” enter your cellphone number and password twice, and click the Register button.
  3. Enter your mobile number and password to log in.
  4. Click “Select.”
  5. Enter your Pag-IBIG details. Click “Validate.”
  6. Your payment details, including the amount due, will appear. You may change the amount to pay.
  7. Click the 7-Eleven button. This will take you to 7-Eleven’s Payment Instruction page. Print or take a screenshot of this page.
  8. Within 24 hours after your ECPay transaction, visit any 7-Eleven branch and present the Payment Instruction page to the cashier.
  9. Pay the contribution amount and get your receipt.


8. Employers’ Online Payment Facility.

Aside from over-the-counter payment at a Pag-IBIG office, employers can remit their employees’ contributions through the following online corporate banking channels:

  • eGov Bancnet Online (for clients of BDO, Metrobank, and other Bancnet-member banks)
  • BPI ExpressLink
  • LANDBANK weAccess
  • Security Bank DigiBanker

Enrollment with the bank’s electronic payment facility is required. To enroll, fill out your bank’s enrollment form and submit the bank’s requirements. Upon approval, you’ll be given your user ID and password to access the bank’s online payment system.


How to pay Pag-IBIG contribution through the Employers’ Online Payment Facility:

  1. Visit the bank’s online banking facility. 
  2. Enter your user ID and password to log in.
  3. Upload your Membership Contribution Remittance Form (MCRF) based on the Pag-IBIG Fund’s file structure format. You’ll receive an electronic notification for every successful upload.
  4. Approve the payment for Pag-IBIG contribution. Once the transaction is complete, the system will display the transaction reference number.
  5. Print the reference number or save a copy of the electronic receipt.


9. Overseas remittance channels.

If you’re an OFW, your family members in the Philippines may remit your Pag-IBIG contributions on your behalf. But if you want to do it on your own, you can pay through either credit card (Refer to #3) or any of the following overseas remittance services near you.

Check the Pag-IBIG overseas remittance center directory to find the collecting agent/s located in your host country and state or city.


How to pay contribution through I-Express Remit Mo sa Pag-IBIG:

  1. Fill out a Partner’s Remittance Application Form.
  2. Pay your contribution.
  3. Get your machine-validated transaction slip, which serves as your official receipt.


How to pay contribution through I-Text Mo sa Pag-IBIG:

  1. Fill out a Partner’s Remittance Application Form.
  2. Text your AUB RediMoney card number and Pag-IBIG MID number.
  3. Wait for a text confirmation of your successful transaction.

How to pay Pag-IBIG contribution through iRemit:

  1. Fill out an iRemit Remittance Application Form and Auxiliary Service Form. The payment amount must be converted to Philippine Peso using the exchange rate as determined by iRemit.
  2. Submit the accomplished forms to the iRemit teller.
  3. Pay your contribution.
  4. Get your official receipt.


How to pay Pag-IBIG contribution through PayPilipinas:

  1. Register for a PayPilipinas account.
  2. Activate your account. Check your email for instructions on account activation.
  3. Fund your account through your Mastercard/Visa card, online banking (BPI/Chinabank/Metrobank/PNB/RCBC), or over-the-counter at any partner agent.
  4. Wait for one to four days until the amount is reflected on your PayPilipinas wallet.
  5. Visit the PayPilipinas website and log in to your account.
  6. Click the Make a Payment button to pay your contribution.
  7. Check your email for a payment receipt confirming your successful transaction.


How to pay Pag-IBIG contribution through Ventaja:

  1. Fill out a Remittance Application Form. The payment amount must be converted to Philippine Peso using the exchange rate as determined by Ventaja’s remittance partner.
  2. Pay your contribution.
  3. Get your official receipt.

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