How Do You Get Around in the Philippines?

The most popular and cheapest transport options are jeepneys and tricycles. Habal-habal (motorcycle ride) is common in the provinces, too. 

However, if you’re traveling with a group (especially with kids and elderly), go for convenient modes of transport like taxis and ride-hailing services like Grab (available in certain areas only). These vehicles are typically used to get to the city or town proper from the airport.

For short distances and areas where public transportation is almost non-existent, you can explore places on foot.

Buses and vans are the common transport choices when traveling to one town or city to another, while boats are used for traveling to different islands or beaches.

To get to a province in the Philippines from your home country, the usual jump-off point is in Manila. You have to fly to Manila to reach Palawan or Davao, for instance.

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