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Kareen Lucero is a lawyer previously doing litigation before working for different agencies in the government and for a multinational corporation. She has traveled to 52+ countries including a 3-month solo backpacking in South East Asia and more than 1 year of solo traveling across four continents in the world. As part of giving back, she is passionate about sharing her knowledge of law and travel. She is currently doing consulting work for a government agency. For inquiries, you may reach her via Facebook Messenger ( or email ([email protected]).

123 thoughts on “How To Get Special Power of Attorney in the Philippines: A Definitive Guide

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  3. I have a relative in the U.S. (California). He gave me a Special Power of Attorney (without limitation of time or expiry date) several years ago. This is for the sale of his property in the Philippines.
    For some reason, I lost the notarized SPA coupled with the fact that I am also currently an OFW.
    If my relative wants to make another SPA for me (same contents), is the Philippine Embassy in California U.S.A the proper venue to have it consularized (notarized) before sending it to me via courier?
    Thank you for your competent answer.

  4. I have SPA done to be used in the Phillipines but I am not a Filipino citizen anymore. In the SPA, ot says there, I am still a Filipino and residing in the Philippines. It was just sent to me to sign. I just sign over my name and send back to PH for signing by witnesses and to be notarized.

    Is it null and void if it is not notarized in the country where I am already a citizen.

    1. You need a Consularized SPA if you’re the principal. Depending on the country where you’re currently residing, you may or may not be allowed to have a Consularized SPA even if you’re no longer a Filipino citizen. For a more detailed answer, please check out the updated FAQ section at the end of the article above.

  5. Meron po ako SPA sa brother ko and walang expiration date. Bumili po ako now ng condo sa Philippines and humihingi po and Developer ng Consularized SPA? Sarado po ang Consulate….yung existing SPA ko po sa Kuya ko was executed when I was in the Philippines and nkaharap kami pareho sa Attorney nung nagpagawa ako ng SPA for him…Di po ba valid yun at enough na yun para execute ung SPA ko sa Philippines? Di ko na po dapat need ng Consularized? Kasi mas valid un SPA ko made in the Philippines kasi we were both present in front of the Attorney when I executed the SPA?

    1. Both are still valid but the latest SPA is the most preferred since this is a risky transaction. For a more detailed answer, please check out the updated FAQ section at the end of the article above.

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  7. May property po na gusto kung bilhin , ang owner ay nakatira na sa amierica, bali po may caretaker sya na may spa , tama po ba na sa Deed of Absolute Sale ay sya pa din ang pipirma sa harap ng consul? then ipadadala nya sa pilipinas saka ko pirmahan? thank you.

    1. The purpose of the Special Power of Attorney is to enable the representative in the Philippines to act on the property owner’s behalf. Hence, the same representative can sign the Deed of Absolute Sale. No need for the owner to sign the same document at the Consul. For more information, please check out this article:

  8. Hi. I am a US citizen currently residing in the US. Can I get an SPA drafted and notarized by a notary public other than a consular lawyer? I don’t think the consulate would even entertain me since I am not a Filipino citizen. Thanks. I admire what you do.

    1. Have you confirmed that non-Filipino citizens are not allowed to get a Consularized SPA? If so, yes you can get it notarized and secure an Apostille certificate instead. For a more detailed answer, please check out the updated FAQ section at the end of the article above.

  9. hello anyone,

    nirerecord ba ang Special Power of Atty. sa Pinas? Saan ako makakakuha ng copy ng SPA at Absolute Deed of Sale? Totoo ba na electronically filed ito?

    maraming salamat

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