Birth Certificate Validity: Does PSA Birth Certificates Expire?

Civil registry documents such as birth, marriage, and death certificates don’t have expiration dates.

The birth certificate is a permanent record of one’s identity. Therefore, the entries on this document will remain unchanged unless it goes through an administrative or judicial proceeding for birth certificate correction.

The misconception that the NSO/PSA birth certificate expires after six months of issuance is probably rooted in the fact that it changes color every now and then.

PSA birth certificates are printed on a security paper (SECPA). Once the PSA is able to print its target volume of birth certificates, it starts printing another set of birth certificates with a completely different color.

The color switch is a measure implemented by the PSA to prevent the proliferation of counterfeit documents.

Every time it changes color, the PSA coordinates with other government departments so they’ll be aware of what a PSA birth certificate looks like should they require their applicants to provide the latest copy.

In other words, while the PSA birth certificate doesn’t have an expiration period, it’s up to the other government agencies like DFA, Embassies/Consulate, SSS/GSIS, etc. whether to require the birth certificate in new or old SECPA. 

As we all know, most of the aforementioned government offices, as well as the majority of the employers, require applicants to submit a new PSA-authenticated birth certificate. They prefer newly issued certificates because old ones are more likely to contain damaged sections or tampered entries.

However, getting a fresh copy of one’s birth certificate is not that easy. Just like any other government document, you have to pay and wait in line for it. 

For this reason, Senate Bill 24501 seeks to provide permanent validity to birth certificates. If passed into law, LGUs, schools, GOCCs, and even private companies will now be required to accept birth certificates, whether it’s a new copy or not. This means that you can now also submit your birth certificate even it’s obtained from the NSO, local civil registrar, or Philippine Foreign Service Post. 

This bill applies permanent validity not only to birth certificates but also to marriage and death certificates. 

However, this bill also states a few cases where government and private institutions may be allowed to require applicants to submit a new copy instead:

  • If the information written and security features are unrecognizable
  • If the document is extremely worn out
  • If the document contains clerical errors

To sum it all up, you can’t “renew” a PSA birth certificate because it doesn’t expire. However, you should request the latest copy of your birth certificate if required by your employer or the government office you’re transacting with. Once Senate Bill 2450 becomes law, then there’s no need to acquire the latest copy unless your birth certificate was damaged or has clerical errors. 

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