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139 thoughts on “Special Power of Attorney Philippines (Free Sample Template)

  1. If the seller/s is/are married, do the spouse/s have to sign the SPA? Thank you

  2. hello po. ano po yong gagawin kung ang principal po ay citizen na kasalukuyang nakabase sa canada while yong attorney-in-fact naman po ay filipino, kasalukuyan nakabase sa pinas. (the SPA is to do small claims po sa pinas). Ano po yong hakbang na dapat gawin ng principal tungkol sa pag asikaso ng SPA nya?

  3. Hi question. What if the owners 1 foreigner and 1 filipino, owners of the title were married at the time they bought the property but later are selling the property after their divorce? We have apostille of both owners from their country of residence but there is only 1 SPA from 1 owner. Is that sufficient or need SPA from both owners? Thank you attorney!

  4. hello po,question ko po is papagawa ng SPA/GPA ang father ko pra sa pag benta ng properties sa philippines, sino ang lalagay nya na wife dun?yun asawa nya sa USA or yun nsa philippines?thank you po

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  6. Hello. Anu po ba ang dapat kunin pagkukunin ang anak ppunta sa ibang bansa? Father Consent to travel o Costudy docs? Hindi kasal ang ina sa tatay ng mga bata pero nakaapelyido sa father ang mga bata. Para po sana dun sa SPA naipapagawa nmin para sa tao na magpprocess ng mga docs ng mga bata sa pinas. 13 at 14 yrs old ang edad ng mga bata. Thank u in advance po

  7. Good Day,ask ko po if am granted aCONSULARIZED SPA is it accepted in the phillipines?

  8. Hi. Sino po kaya ang ihohonor ng DFA na affiant in an affidavit relating to certificates of employment to be apostillized? the owner of the document (employee) is abroad. thank you!

  9. As stated on FAQ #5 it is okay to make one SPA for the whole family, but is it okay to include representative that is not part of the family but a close friend of the principal? Can the agents be the mother, the cousin, the mother in law and the close friend in one SPA?

    Thank you for your very informative article attorney.

    1. Yes.

      As stated in the article:

      Who can get a Special Power of Attorney?
      ANYONE who for some reason needs to assign a representative to sign papers, manage assets, or handle money on his behalf, among others, can execute a Special Power of Attorney.

      Who can be your agent or attorney-in-fact?
      You can appoint ANYONE to be your representative as long as you fully trust the person. He/She should also be of legal age.

    1. Yes, so long as the document itself is within its validity period. For a more detailed answer please see #16 in the FAQ section above.

      1. can a person with an SPA execute another SPA for another person

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