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Kareen Lucero is a lawyer previously doing litigation before working for different agencies in the government and for a multinational corporation. She has traveled to 52+ countries including a 3-month solo backpacking in South East Asia and more than 1 year of solo traveling across four continents in the world. As part of giving back, she is passionate about sharing her knowledge of law and travel. She is currently doing consulting work for a government agency. For inquiries, you may reach her via Facebook Messenger ( or email ([email protected]).

123 thoughts on “How To Get Special Power of Attorney in the Philippines: A Definitive Guide

  1. My Authorized Representative, SPA, was about to file an eviction case sa Municipal Court. Their requirement ay kailangan magdaan muna sa Barangay. Pero ang Barangay Council ay hindi kinikilala ang Special Power of Attorney that I have granted to a friend? Kailangan daw ang personal appearance. Para ano pa ang SPA kung ako ay kailangan pang umuwi mula USA.

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