When is the best time to visit the Philippines?

The right time to visit the country depends on your purpose, preference, or priority when traveling.

If you want good weather, especially in a beach destination, schedule your trip in the dry season from November to May. The wet season starts in June and ends in October, so avoid this period if you don’t want the rain to ruin your trip.

Looking to experience how it’s like to have “more fun in the Philippines”? Visit during the summer when most festivals and events are held, and when beaches are at their most beautiful.  

For those who want to avoid the crowd and score cheaper travel deals, avoid the peak season. Christmas, Holy Week, and other holidays and the summer months from March to May are the busiest tourist season. 

The top tourist spots in the Philippines also tend to get crowded with tourists on weekends. While it’s good to visit in the off-peak season, it’s better to schedule your visit in the shoulder months of May to June and October to November for a lesser chance of rain.

The rainy season in the Philippines is an ideal time to visit for surfing (as waves are stronger) and visiting waterfalls (as the water isn’t dried up). 

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