Can I Get My PRC License Without Oath Taking?

Oath taking is a mandatory procedure that every registrant needs to participate in order to be issued his/her PRC license and certificate of registration.

However, due to the steep cost of joining the ceremony, work commitments, or some unforeseen circumstances, a lot of successful examinees fail to attend the scheduled mass oath taking. 

If you’re one of these registrants who are unable to attend the mass oath-taking, you can still claim your PRC license and certificate.

Simply proceed to the PRC office after 5 working days from the date of the mass oath taking. Head over to the designated window/office and request for a special/individual oath taking to the Board concerned.

After citing the reasons for your failure to attend the mass oath-taking, you will be asked to provide the required documentary requirements like your claim slip (if you’re already registered) or the notarized Oath form (if you haven’t registered yet).

Afterward, you will take the special/individual oath-taking in front of the PRC officer. Depending on the PRC branch, the oath-taking ceremony will be held either inside an office or in front of a window designated for this purpose.

Once the ceremony is done, you will then be issued the PRC ID and COR.

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