How to Claim PhilHealth Benefits: A Quick Guide

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You’re eligible for PhilHealth benefits if you have paid the required number of contributions before confinement, are confined for at least 24 hours, and have not used up the 45-day allowance for room and board for the current year.

When filing a claim at the hospital, submit the following documents to the hospital before discharge:

  • Filled out PhilHealth Claim Form 1 (For employed members and sea-based OFWs, the employer/HR or manning agency should sign the Part IV – Employer’s Certification on the form.)
  • A copy of MDR (Not required if the hospital has a My PhilHealth Portal account)
  • Proof of contribution payments such as official receipts (If the information is not indicated on the MDR)


Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Can PhilHealth be used abroad?

2. I’m a senior citizen/authorized representative of a senior citizen. How can I claim the PhilHealth hospitalization benefits?

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