I’ve lost my Notice of Admission (NOA). What should I do?

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The Notice of Admission (NOA) is an important document issued to you by PRC upon applying for the licensure exam.

After taking the exam, you need to present it again to the PRC either to enter the premises for the initial registration or to apply as a repeater after failing the exam. 

In case you’ve lost it, there are three ways to ask assistance from PRC so you can get a new one:

  • Personally go to the PRC office or service center where you applied for the exam.
  • Reach out via email: [email protected] (PRC Help Desk), [email protected] (Exam Application), or [email protected] (Initial Registration and Renewal of License).
  • Call the PRC hotline numbers at 310-00-26 or 310-10-4 during working hours (8 AM to 5 PM), Monday to Friday.

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