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88 thoughts on “How To Get OEC Online in 2023 Through POPS-BaM

  1. I tried creating my BMonline but I click sign me up there is no pop-up message. No email for verification too. What to do po? Please help.

  2. I thought this is an “ultimate guide” on how to get such and such needed requirements for OFW’s departure. However, I don’t see in your blog the expiration dates of both PEOS, PDOS as these are needed on the Phase 2 uploading of documents. Also, what will happen if the medical certificate has already reached its expiration since this was used also for the application of a work permit. Will that still be valid?

  3. This has been very helpful.
    You covered all the missing info that POEA is supposed to convey like waiting for 24 hours for your data to be updated to Balik Manggagawa portal. Thanks for the effort. God bless.

  4. Do I need to get new Registration for oec ?
    I work as OFW for more than 10 years and currently same employer for 5 years.

  5. Why cant you make a correction on your own name what is wrong with this system its honestly wrong if you are putting inputs of your details and make an honest mistake how come its not possible to make correction why why why is this impossible to do with this system i dont understand please enlighten me for your reason i cannot log out and i want to correct my mistake !!

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