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87 thoughts on “How To Get OEC Online in 2023 Through POPS-BaM

  1. Hello!, why can’t I go to the next page after updating my profile, I followed the instruction too but,it replies me I cant reload this page… Please help me, my flight is August 11, but i don’t have yet my OEC..Thank you for your reply.

  2. Hi hello have a nice day.. Concern ko po balik mnggwa po aq.. Pero wla po aqng acc sa bm online.. Saan ko po ba mkkita or mhhnp ung oec number ko or oec exemption ko.. Nkblik n po aq ng oman feb this year po aq ng bkasyon.. Slamt sa tugon

  3. I acquired my OEC last June and successfully came back to my jobsite, now I need to go back again for some things, when i clicked Next, it will go to may previous OEC page, and there is no button to get a new OEC, any help? thanks

  4. Hello. I was not asked if I’m returning to the same employer and job site. Is that normal?

  5. How can we extend the validity of an unused OEC? We applied for the OEC too early by mistake.

  6. Hi sir ask ko po sa newly processed ko po na oec pagkaprint ko po nafind out ko po na mali yung position ko po pano po mapapachange

  7. My wife’s old BM online records didn’t migrate automatically to the new POEA Eregistration. We tried to do it manually through POEA Helpdesk (Transfer Old BM records) but unable to proceed due to name mismatch error. Her BM online account’s surname was still her surname when she was still single. How can we migrate her old record so that we can proceed to get an OEC number? Thanks!

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