How To Get OEC at the Airport (NAIA Terminal 3): A Guide for OFWs

Do you need an OEC or an OEC exemption number, but you’re already at the airport? Here’s what you should do to get them even during your departure date. 

Can I get an OEC at the airport?

Only OFWs who are on an emergency leave of one week or less1 or those with visas that are expiring within the next seven days with confirmed flight booking can get an OEC on their departure date.

If this is your case, get an OEC at the Labor Assistance Center (LAC) at the NAIA, Cebu-Mactan, or Davao International Airport. OECs issued by LACs at airports are valid for only one day and cannot be reused.

How about OEC Exemption Number?

You may still get your BM Exemption Number through BM Online even during your departure day. Use your smartphone and connect to the internet using mobile data (Connecting to the public Wi-Fi at the airport could be risky, as hackers might access your confidential information).

However, if you’re already at the Immigration counter, the officer will refer you to the POEA Labor Assistance Center (LAC) for evaluation to determine if you may be cleared for departure or have to submit additional documents. 

To facilitate your departure, the LAC officer will encode your personal data including your name, birthday, position, employer, and job site, among others.

Once you get the clearance, you’ll be asked to return to the Immigration counter for your final departure.

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