Can I Go Back to the Philippines Without an OEC?

Although you need an OEC to depart from the Philippines, it’s not needed when you fly back home. Thus, you don’t need to get an OEC to travel back to the Philippines.

However, you should apply for a new OEC or get an exemption through BM Online (if you’re eligible) or the new POPS-BaM System while on vacation in the Philippines before you return to your host country. This way, you won’t experience problems with the Immigration at the airport on your departure day.

OFWs are required to present their OEC at the airport each time they leave the country to work abroad. As an exit clearance, this POEA-issued document can be used just once to exit from the Philippines.

Ideally, you still have your previously issued OEC, so you can easily get a new OEC online. The last-issued OEC number is required for verification when you secure an OEC through BM Online. If you lost or forgot this number, the system will prompt you to set an appointment for in-person OEC processing at the POEA office.

Furthermore, if there are changes in your employment contract (new employer/jobsite/position),it’s advisable to get it POLO-verified first before returning to the Philippines1. You can still go home even without this verification but it will be difficult to get OEC here in the Philippines (and return abroad) if your new contract is not POLO-verified. 

UPDATE: As of June 30, 2021, if you don’t already have an existing BM online account then you have to use the POPS-BaM system instead. Check out our guide on how to get an OEC through POPS-BaM here.

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