Why can’t I get an OEC exemption if I’m returning to the same employer and job site?

If you’re trying to get an OEC exemption but get automatically redirected to the Appointment page, it means you’re not exempted from securing an OEC in the first place.

And this can happen even though you were issued an OEC previously and is returning to the same employer and job site.

Is this even possible? you may ask.


You’re not exempted from getting OEC and is therefore required to secure an appointment with the POEA if you’re one of the following:

  • BM workers returning to a different employer and/or job site
  • Watchlisted worker and/or OFW with a watchlisted employer
  • OFWs returning to the restricted or non-compliant country
  • Workers without POEA records / No record found / Discrepancy in
    any record
  • Undocumented workers (i.e., Tourist to OFW, Dependent to OFW,
    Student to OFW, etc.)
  • Sea-based workers who changed position to Landbased Worker

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