Is PRN really required when paying SSS contributions?

The PRN is required for the instant posting of your monthly contribution. A payment without PRN is refused at SSS-accredited payment channels.

According to the SSS, however, payments without PRN are accepted at SSS tellering counters only under any of these conditions:

  • Members with limited internet access and who have not generated any PRN before. When paying without PRN, they’ll be asked to provide their mobile number for updating their SSS records and automatic sending of PRNs through text for their next payments.
  • When SSS eCenters are offline and PRN can’t be generated
  • Delinquent employers paying late contributions
  • Employers and individual members settling contribution underpayments
  • Employers whose case requires submission of the collection list


Should I get a new PRN each time I pay a contribution? Or is a PRN used in all payments?

Each time you pay a contribution, you must generate or request a new PRN. The PRN can be used only once because it expires five days after the due date.

If you’ve generated a PRN for this month but failed to pay it, you’ll have to get a new PRN for your next payment.

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