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60 thoughts on “How to Register Your SSS Account Online: A Step-By-Step Guide

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  2. Hi,
    I am the new payroll accountant for our company and part of my job description is to pay Govt contributions like SSS. My problem is that the former accountant handling the job didn’t leave the password and user ID for the company’s SSS and even for the Philhealth. May I asked is there in any way I can pay the SSS without the employer’s user id and password? or should i opt to create a new account for the company since the said accountant cant be traced?

    I hope you can help in this one.

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  4. good pm binigyan ako ng sss ng aking user kg pass. sabi nila pwede ko mka open sa internetan . then i try d naman ako mka open sa na binigay nila. ano gagawin ko?

  5. How can I register online if I dont have a UMID Card? They said that I must register online first before I will go to the SSS office. Im confused… Can somebody help me?

  6. i put my home address in my online registration but they did not accept it,please help me access my account

  7. I tried registering but the feedback was my name and birthdate does not could that be??

    1. I suggest going to the SSS office personally so they can address the issue and help you with the online registration.

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  9. I open sss on line i want to add name of employee, how can i add additional employee and terminate employee, i cant find, please guide me and help me.

    1. Read this for more info:

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  11. Happy new year!

    My problem is that I can log with the sss web portal but not with the sss app. The app always states that I have an invalid username and password. I tried to change the password and I was instructed to check my email for further instruction. But when I checked my email, there is none.

    I installed the app multiple times. But every time I open it, the problem remains.

    I hope you can help me with this one. Thanks

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