12 thoughts on “How to Register Your SSS Account Online: A Step-By-Step Guide

  1. I am trying to register my account online however I cannot access since every time it is giving me information that my mother’s maiden name is invalid. What should I do?i am OFW

  2. I am using windows 10. How can I access the link to verify my account and to continue creating my password? 🙁

    1. Did you already receive a link to create a password? If yes, did you see a blank page upon clicking the said link? If it’s a blank page, sorry but the only thing you can do now is either find a laptop or desktop computer with Windows 7 or proceed to the nearest SSS branch to ask assistance with your registration.

  3. i havent receive any email from sss for verification of my account for 2 days already.
    do i have to start my registration all over again?

    1. If you already checked your SPAM folder and there’s no message there, you have to go to the SSS office personally to do the registration. There might be some inconsistencies with the information you’ve provided and an SSS personnel can help you settle it.

    2. You can start all over again. Until you receive the email. Me? I think I did it 3 times.

    3. Hi, i can’t open the verification on the email and can’t create a password as well. Need help. Thanks.

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