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206 thoughts on “How To Register SSS Online: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Paano po maggawa ng online account if wala pang umid and savings account? What should I click ss registration preference po?

  2. Paanu po mag register sa Web e wla pko umid then savings account tapos nung nag register ako unsuccessful daw kc yung name at bday ko d tugma sa sss account ko tapos sabi d daw register sa sss yung mobile number

  3. registered online and didnt recieved any sss notification to confirm my registration, now im trying to register again but i wont get through… please help me with this….

  4. mag tatanung po sana ko pano kopo malalaman yung user i.d at password ko ang hawak ko lang po ay ss no. lang. front page nawala ko po kase ang static ko.

  5. After clicking the CONFIRM button right after filling up the information it doesn’t even load for the next step which is email verification what should I do? Thank you

  6. Prn generated is BLANK, hirap bayad pag wala prn… Wala ba simple system like PAGIBIG.. NO HASSLE.

  7. My prob mam is after providing All information of the deceased member,my husband–funeral claim application.
    The answered my application for funeral claim was rejected because the deceased was not reported for coverage by his /her employer.what does it mean?my husband is voluntary member

  8. 65 years old na po ako going 66 i want to avail lump sum benefits. do help me how. Hard to go online/

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