How to Change Membership Status in SSS Online

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To update your membership status to voluntary or OFW, you don’t have to go to an SSS branch. Just access your online account through the My.SSS portal and choose “Voluntary’’ or “OFW” as your membership type when generating a PRN.

After paying the contribution, your membership status will automatically change to voluntary or OFW.

However, if you’ll pay contribution as a self-employed member, fill out the Member Data Change Request Form (Form E-4).

Member Data Change Request Form (Form E-4) how to change status in sss online 1

Put a check mark next to “Change of Membership Type” and “Self-Employed.” Indicate your profession/business, the year it started, and your monthly earnings.

Submit the accomplished form to the nearest SSS branch.

For those who wish to pay as a non-working spouse, the procedure for updating the SSS membership type is similar to a self-employed member.

how to change status in sss online 2

On the Form E-4, put a check mark next to “Non-Working Spouse” and provide your spouse’s CRN or SSS number and monthly income. Have your spouse sign over his/her printed name on the form to prove his/her agreement to your SSS membership.

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